Monday, May 4, 2015

John Corapi Naked

Sometimes the Bear enjoys checking out his blog stats. One of the more entertaining is Google search terms. It works like this: someone types in a search, and if Google sends them to SCB, that gets reported. The other day what should show up but JOHN CORAPI NAKED.
The Bear doesn't know which is more disturbing: that someone would Google that to begin with, or that the Bear its running the sort of blog that Google believes might have naked pictures of John Corapi.

Google also sent someone to the blog who had typed GAY BEAR BLOGSPOT. Oh dear. That is perhaps more understandable. The Bear can only imagine their surprise and disappointment to land on a militant heterosexual site, instead of one featuring bulky, hirsute men.

No doubt this post will help cement SCB as the best place to go for naked pictures of John Corapi. So welcome, friends! The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate has brought you here for a reason. The best part is that on the internet, no one will be the wiser.


  1. Laughed so hard I wet myself.......three times!

    Thanks for the laugh....I needed it.

  2. It was probably Corapi that googled that.

    (I'm still stunned and in mourning over the evident successful targeting by Satan of this man.)

    1. Yep, although you could tell he had an ego. Easy to forget how destructive an ego can be.


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