Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bear's Brain Boggled

Ha! The Bear complains about a month-long delay on delivery of his computer, and whaddya know? It arrived yesterday. Much getting used to, though.

The Bear hasn't posted in awhile because his poor Bear brain is bogggled. There comes a time when every man must be tempted to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats. (H.L. Mencken.) Amid all the craziness, perhaps the craziest thing of all is that ordinary people sit quietly with their hands folded on their laps as western civilization and the Catholic Church crumble around them. Dear Heaven, is there nothing we should do in the face of mad Lovecraftian horrors who are daily summoned by chanting cultists wearing rainbow robes, robes of black, purple, and, yes, red?

But today, the most important news is Bruce Jenner pretending he's a woman.

Now first of all, what man doesn't enjoy slipping into something slinky after a bubblebath at the end of a hard day? But we keep it to ourselves, don't we? We don't go accepting awards for our "courage" because we know it's a bit rum. A normal man simply doesn't admit to crossdressing and whatnot. That's why the Bear has concluded there is something very wrong with Bruce Jenner.

The man is unquestionably mentally ill. But here is the strange part. When the Bear complains to his p-doc that the CIA is beaming thoughts into his head, does she give him an aluminum foil covered bucket to wear? Of course not! Yet a whole industry is devoted to keeping Bruce Jenner snug in his delusions. "Aren't I lovely? Isn't this dress a treat?" (Pete, the Bear discovered, is currently having similar thoughts.)

It makes the  Bear sick. It's a freak show. And the worst part is that no one is helping a patently mentally ill man who needs honest professional help. Instead we serve him up on a platter for entertainment in the Vanity Fair.

The Bear hopes Bruce Jenner learns how he has been degraded by people ready to give in to his mad demands, no matter what. And the Bear also hopes (without much confidence) that this sick country will realize they're the rubes at the freak show, and feel guilty for gawking at the crazy guy. Classy.

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