Monday, June 1, 2015

Even Bears Face Delays

The Bear's MacBook delivery got pushed back yet again. Now it's into June. It weighs less than the Bear's iPad. The Bear has high hopes that it will foster more regular blogging. Right now he has a choice between scribbling with his claw on his iPad, and lugging his heavy, 17" computer that he sometimes pretends to fly jetliners with.


  1. you are an... Apple user? what's next, blogging about your Apple Watch? :/

  2. Just don't bite off the UPS man's hand, okay?

  3. Actually, I made a mistake. It's JULY. Grrrr. Buster always gets to the UPS man first. Apparently Apple Watches don't work with Bear's.

  4. I want to get a MacBook Pro with retina display later this month, but I'm torn between the 13-inch and the 15-inch.

    The 13-inch is easier to fit in most "laptop-ready" suitcases and backpacks that I have, and would be easier to use while on a bus or a train, and I can always hook it up to an external monitor I have at home. On the other hand, I do a lot of multimedia work (web design, video production, etc), and the extra "real estate" on the screen comes in handy, especially when I'm not at home, and don't have access to the external monitor.

    So, there it is, Bear. What to do, what to do ...

  5. If it's a worker, the price difference probably doesn't outweigh the big screen. 15" vs,13" ID'S HUGE.

    The new Macbook with retina display is adequate for the Bear's humble requirements, although it only has one port, and it's something weird you probably won't be seeing much of for awhile.

    You'll never look back from the 15".

  6. Does Zoar provide its own eggs? I am reading about an egg shortage in the US now? I have noticed prices have gone up.

    1. Oh yes, Zoar is not only self-sufficient, but produces a surplus for Father and sometimes the neighbors.

    2. Excellent. I hope the local farmer down the street will add eggs to his fresh produce this summer.


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