Saturday, June 27, 2015

He Is Trampling Out the Vintage Where the Grapes of Wrath are Stored

The Confederate battle flag banned as a hate symbol, and the Supreme Court of the United States makes gay marriage legal in all 50 states -- in one week.

Who says history doesn't have a sense of humor?

Full disclosure: Zoar is south of Richmond, Virginia's latitude. The Bear (and his mate) once slept in Jefferson Davis' brother's bed. Not because it was Jefferson Davis' brother's bed, but because it was in our room. Pretty cool, huh?


  1. I lived in No Va for over a decade. When I first went there, I couldn't find a self serve car wash. Being a working class, up by the bootstraps midwesterner--and cheap--that's what I looked for. I had to settle for a wash service where the staff prepped before wash and towel dried afterward. (I had to tip!) When I first moved there, young black men were doing the work. I felt like I was in the Old South. It was odd. Well, over time, I got used to being served, and young Latino men were doing the work...In the end it was pregnant Latino women doing this labor...

  2. P.S. "graps" ?

    Also, I am not big on the confederate flag. I don't begrudge it to others' taste either. I am tempted to buy and fly one big in the wake of the homosexual ruling yesterday.

  3. This speaks volumes on the state of the country....

    Putting up the flag (stars and stripes) upside down tomorrow on my house (sign of distress).

    God help us....we are in the first circle of hell and descending quickly. They are coming after the faithful and the Church now with a vengeance...many will fall away; pray to be among those who don't.


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