Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Siri Acts Coy

Today the Bear was practicing with his iPhone and asked Siri what her opinion of gay marriage was. (Siri is Apple's voice-control personal assistant.)

"My name is Siri, and I was designed by Apple in Cupertino, California. That's all I'm prepared to say."

Somehow, the Bear got the impression she was leaving no doubt as to her opinion, but didn't want to risk being thrown against the wall. Bears hate gay tech.

The Bear learned that Siri can tell jokes, make appointments on his calendar, conduct web searches, and make phone calls. For example, the Bear located the nearest Petco, called for an appointment for Buster and entered it into his calendar completely via Siri.

Yesterday, he found his old day runner planner on top a bookcase, covered in dust. Yeah, it got the job done, but who can deny we're more efficient and fun today?

On his iPhone, the Bear also has two different apps for Liturgy of the Hours: Universalis and Divine Office. He has his Douay Rheims and NABRE, as well as many other books. He has the EWTN app, the Ignatius Press audio Bible / talks app, and even a Confession app. There are a lot of good resources out there for all the perils of tech.

And you'd never fit all of them into a day runner.


  1. You need to get Laudate. It has links to Universalis, daily readings, podcasts, Latin mass, daily meditations, various devotions, church calendar....you name it.

    1. Laudate is good. I used to have it. For my tastes it seemed a little eclectic and sprawling. I get distracted and confused easily, so I prefer single-purpose apps. But there is no doubt that Laudate easily packs more in than any other app.

  2. you guys are helping to make the bad guys very very very rich....and they use that money, in big sums, to persecute Christ and His Church...this sodo-juggernaut was funded by a lot of prog-tech million-and-billionaires. Cut the cable.....and go back to your dayrunner...you won't be helping to fund the pogrom. Just a badger's 2 cents (which I have more of since I cut the cable :)

    And for the love of all that is good and holy, stay away from Chipotle...they are ALL-in......

    1. Fair point. I have not abandoned hard copy materials myself.

    2. Can't run a blog on a day runner. (Can't read one, either.) And SCB is hosted by Google. It's all capitalism. No one would be pro-homo if it was going to cost them significant revenue. They're just tacking their sails to the prevailing wind. The internet and necessary hardware are a VERY GOOD ThING for us to have at this point in history.

    3. I hear what you're sayin' Bear....reading the good blogs on a PC (albeit a very VERY old one) helps keep my sanity; but I guess I would disagree on one point; this isn't 'merely capitalism' anymore. It is something much more, and much more sinister. These are true believers, and if it means losing money they would still push this crooked and perverse agenda. We've seen it on full display in hollywood for a long time now. This has a spiritual foundation , and the enemy has MANY living souls in his camp...it's not all about the money now.

      I guess I'm just sayin' that Christians should support businesses with hands in the diabolic only whenever necessary (i.e., I haven't stepped foot in a McDonalds, Target, Chipotle, Home Depot, etc. for some years now....we cancelled cable and now read a LOT more and watch good Catholic DVD's (best thing we've ever done)).

      When I see the damage they're doing, and the evil agenda they're pushing, especially on the kids (look up 'Fairfax County Schoolboard votes on gender issues' to get a glimpse of what happened up the road from me), I get more and more resolved to keep as much of my money from them as possible. It's not easy, cause SO MANY have sold their souls, but living with the awareness helps me witness in my support (or lack thereof). It's not much, but it's somethin'.

      We're watching the spiritual warfare, nearly with the veil off. The speed (in fact acceleration) of the downfall is breathtaking.

    4. American Airlines unveiled their gay logo for their website. They have a gorgeous red, white and blue flaggish livery for their planes, but I will never fly American again.

      I do get what your saying, but I think you need to realize just how out of the mainstream we are. It just isn't a big deal for big corporations to fag it up. They get good PR. So what if a few throwbacks to I Love Lucy days get upset? We're not organized enough to boycott.

      We got rid of sat tv. Now we choose what we want to watch on Netflix or Amazon. Infinitely better. The one business I intend to support next is whoever will sell me a Confederate battle flag.

    5. P.S. I really like my new Macbook. Lighter than my iPad, no fans, runs OS X Yosemite like a top. It furthers SCB, which furthers the Bear's ego, so completely justifiable. I'll admit I could have stuck with my old computer, but it is really big and heavy, and Bears are attracted to shiny objects.

    6. "The one business I intend to support next is whoever will sell me a Confederate battle flag."

      Thanks for making me laugh :) ...it's been a while.

      this is a good read...thought you and the forest critters would find it rather profound....


      Happy 4th everybody...enjoy it while you can. God bless us all.

  3. Susan: I was in Old Town Alex for several years. The Catholic parish, St Mary's, is strong and orthodox there. I miss it immensely here in Southern IL. (We're near family.)

    I flip cable channels. Rachel Maddow had a guy on who was explaining how they would bring us along and get us to accept their way of life. It's changeable to them. The religious and moral beliefs mean nothing to them. Well, none of it does, except a Teddy Bear (as opposed to BIG Bear) kind of Jesus to hug when things go wrong. It's a one way street. I hear homosexuals say this is God's work, or that they were meant to live (survive accident, eg) to help another homosexual accept who he is and live it, etc. It's very twisted way of thinking. But lots of people have that thinking to justify whatever sinful way of life they are in.

    1. Pete, you are so right; St. Mary's is a jewel! We still have quite a few jewels here in the Arlington diocese (with many offering the TLM every Sunday), but for how much longer, I fear. My heart aches for you...the only reason we haven't moved from this increasingly depraved area, is the diocese...for the most part beautiful Liturgy, strong clergy, and good catechesis (we have the Institute of Catholic Culture here & I can teach pure Truth in CCD from the Faith and Life series). Our (ok) bishop resigns soon and I am terrified of what a francis appointment might do here. We are seriously looking at a move to the Lincoln NE area...but no doubt, the demons are clawing there too.

      Do yourself a favor, and get rid of the cable....rachel maddow never did ANYONE any good. We were down to watching EWTN, Fox News, HGTV, and The Food Channel, and when the latter 2 started pushing the sodomy agenda in a big way, and the prior 2 became pablum versions of what they were originally, I said "that's it!”, and we've never looked back. The constant 'drip torture' thru the airwaves, even for one who's spiritual head is screwed on right, has an effect...that's what they count on, and the fact that our dollars were feeding the beast had me reach the breaking point.

      The attack is going to pick up exponentially...hillary made the remark last week that "... deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.", and obama made a similar one....straight out of Lord of the World". They have officially, formally, and publicly made a satanic declaration placing themselves on the throne of God, and will very soon be demanding fealty from ALL of 'their subjects', using sodomy as their cudgel. Instead of helping the poor souls realign their compass with spiritual and material reality, they exploit and abuse them by pushing them further into the dark pit of mental illness and spiritual ruin, while sowing social division, violence, and chaos. I cannot begin to imagine the Particular Judgments of those involved in the front lines of pushing this abomination.

    2. cont......

      This sodomite 'marriage' thing is the greatest affront to God yet...it is an attack on the very essence of His Being; the internal relationship of the Persons of the Holy Trinity, and a mockery of the union of Christ (the Bridegroom) with His Church (the Bride). As horrible as the legalization of abortion was, this is worse...abortion is an attack on mankind and a sin against the 2nd Great Commandment; the state sanctioning/approval/celebration of sodomy in a mockery of marriage is an attack on God Himself and a sin against the 1st Great Commandment. This is only the first step on the path to endgame...forcing the Church to perform sodomite 'weddings'...truly "the abomination of desolation in the sanctuary". And we have, at this very time in history, C. Kasper, Marx, Maradiaga, Forte, inter alia in the VAST ranks of lavender episcopal corridors, pushing the first steps toward that end. Unbelievable. But we know who wins; though it will get very ugly, very painful, very fast.

      We are seeing Revelation unfold before our very eyes. We are a blessed and a cursed generation...this is a time of great Saints, and a time of those given over to major demons. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING, we can do on a day-to-day basis to place ourselves squarely in the first camp is to be done with urgency. I just have an unrelenting presentiment that every action carries massive weight in these times, and every action witnesses and testifies.

      Sorry to have rambled on so...I've been very pensive the past week...my soul is very restless in a way, yet at the same time in a state of peace I can't explain. Awesome and terrible times we're living in.

      Last thing...Fr. Z often talks of 'thinking and meditating on what a soul feels in the first 10 seconds of hell, when it realizes where it is, and what that means"...chilling. I've also meditated often on what Our Lady showed to the Fatima seers...the vision of hell that so affected them for the rest of their lives...again, chilling. Yesterday I came upon a video that chilled me to the bone in bringing those two meditations to life. I 'reflected' all day yesterday on it, and have no doubt it will affect me for the rest of my life. Upon seeing it, one could never, ever, EVER wish that another soul spend one second in hell...and it prompts one to pray harder for the conversion of souls who seem hell-bent (literally) on forfeiting their eternal salvation. Be warned however, what you see can't be unseen...it is powerful.....


      God bless you. God bless Bear. God bless and help us all.


  4. Susan, we were married and our children baptized at StM. I miss Fr Kleinman. His predecessor an older priest always preached on basics, communion on the tongue. The first time a young priest preached against IVF, I was fairly new, and I was amazed at his courage--Fr. Murphy. Fr. Stephan Starzynski presided over our wedding. He is known for being attached to some healing miracles. Google his name. He has a web site and book. I bought a few copies and shared it. How blessed you are to have so many holy priests on hand there! [Fr Heir of Cath Charities resided with the parish in those days. Interesting man...let's just say that...]

    About the cable...I dunno...I'd miss Cardinal games...you may know it's like a religion out here;^D The team is very Christian. Christian Day is Sunday. It'll be interesting.

    1. P.S. We have a Latin Mass 8 miles from our house. Staffed by Institute of Christ the King men. Priests from Germany, Japan, France, all over the world and US! Neat.

    2. Institute of Christ the King Priests!?!?! ahhh...still blessed you are then! And yes, Fr. Kleinman is a good an holy priest; well loved and respected by the flock. He is moved this year to St. Veronica's in Chantilly I believe (another very very good parish). And I know Fr. Starzynski well...had a truly amazing Confessional experience with him...his story of journey to the priesthood is awesome.

      God bless you my friend....a happy, faith filled and family filled 4th to you.


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