Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cardinal Videoed Worshipping Demoness

You've got to see this pathetic yet nonetheless evil performance by Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi via Rorate Caeli. "For the gods of the nations are idols." Psalm 96:5 (NABRE). Or, as the Douay Rheims more colorfully puts it, "devils."

Odd, most cultists with whom the Bear has been familiar always process sunwise in lodge. Perhaps they are processing widdershins because they are south of the equator, like water circling the drain opposite the way it does in the north? Or perhaps, simply they're extra evil? Why is the Cardinal not telling them they should be worshiping Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church and not the goddess Pachamama by walking glumly around a blanket?

But who is the Bear to judge, eh?

Then again, the Cardinal is the President of the Pontifical Council for Culture, so it's not like he could have refused to worship the goddess Pachamama. When in Argentina, do as the Argentinians.


  1. Hey, stop judging and get ecumenical. Remember, we are not allowed to proselytize. After all, we don't want devil worshipers (unwitting or not) to convert to the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Faith, do we? Don't the Freemasons say all pagan gods get you to heaven?

    1. Sorry, I get kind of all crazy and stuff after Mass on Sunday.



    Some use vernacular
    The next day Latin
    Many charismatic
    Some use a paten.

    Then there are the ministers
    Handing out Our Lord
    So you can have your pick.

    Liturgies diverse
    Assembly on their feet
    Holding hands in the air
    Kneelers obsolete.

    One Holy Catholic
    Apostolic Church -
    Good for some let others run
    In circles as they search.

    For we are all approved
    Don't ever rock the boat --
    Like those who open schools have classes
    Teaching souls to float.

    Saintly Thomas More
    Could’ve had it all
    Private Latin Masses
    Behind a purpled wall.

    But no - he chose the scaffold
    Where truth and lie collide

    Heads were cut --

    Entrails gut -

    Ambiguity couldn’t hide!

  3. Your post title is better than Rorate's.

  4. Now, now, didn't the Pope just apologize for converting the poor Indians to Catholicism in the first place? (I exaggerate, but only slightly.


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