Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Francis Fatigue

So, woodland creatures and visitors. The Bear must confess that he is just tired of Pope Francis.

The Bear can't even muster the creativity to deal with his ennui in some entertaining manner. Pope Francis doesn't hold any mysteries anymore, not even dark ones. If tomorrow he announced that he were an alien, our reaction would be, "meh, can't say I'm surprised," and we'd go back to our Words With Friends game.

Francis has an uncanny way of telegraphing his intentions in the clear, while relying on their very outrageousness to protect him.  It was a colossal mistake to try to "read Francis through Benedict."

Here's the thing about Communists and prostitutes. If your explanation starts out "Well, he's not exactly a Communist," or "she's not really a prostitute," he is, and she is. So the Bear has not the least doubt that Pope Francis is a Communist of the pernicious Liberation Theology variety with a dash of Peronist confusion. His eyes are fixed firmly on the world, and we must make sure eyes are not fixed firmly on him, but on Jesus.

This has been a very spiritually damaging papacy. Somehow the Bear needs to place the Catholic religion front and center. Writing about the Francisphere every day has not been consistent with that.


  1. Somehow the Bear needs to place the Catholic religion front and center.

    And yet part of that Catholic religion is--persistently so, undeniably so, annoyingly so--filial piety in the form of devotion to the papacy, necessarily covering the person who currently fills that office, not simply the office itself.

    Perhaps you have discovered that the best way to achieve that piety in this day is, ironically, not to think often on its current subject. It's amazing, in fact, how much of the Catholic faith can be lived with absolutely no knowledge of what the Pope has said today...or during his entire papacy for that matter.

    1. That is an ideal, but it is a sin not to show filial devotion one does not, indeed, cannot feel, due to the reprehensible character and actions of a Pope? The Catechism describes "totalitarian states" in language of secrecy and dishonesty that could be fairly applied to the Vatican. We are told to resist those. So while you are certainly correct to some degree -- in the "everybody knows that" way -- is it possible the issue is more nuanced than that?

    2. I told my confessor that I thought Pope was an idiot. I confessed it as a sin of pride, a sin of lacking proper fixation on Christ, and of a lack of charity.

      My confessors reply was for me to stop listening to the pope. Stop reading about his words, stop reading the article. He is frustrating and confusing, my confessor said.

      So I have been trying to avoid the occasions of sin by not reading. It is incredibly difficult to do so with this pontificate. But I suggest you try.

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  2. I share your sentiment, though I still can't tear my eyes away from this slow-motion multi-vehicle trainwreck, spiritually damaging as it is.

    We may have crossed another perception threshold with the whole Bolivian thing. People won't easily forget the demagogic speeches, the homage paid to Marxist priests, the warm relationship with a ruinous anti-Catholic dictator, and the happy acceptance of a blasphemous object. They also won't forget our Mottramist betters in the Catholic media who instructed us to believe their serial false representations of those events, only to be undercut by the pope himself. In a sane world, their credibility would be irretrievably trashed.

    But to your point: OK, so an increasing number of lay Catholics recognizes the nature of the unfolding disaster. But so what? Where do we go from here? It's one thing to read the signs of the times; another to obsessively scrutinize those signs over and over again.

    On the other hand, Newman says the laity saved the Church during the Arian Crisis. But where is our Athanasius? No-one is standing up.

    1. In our case Arius it the Pope. The Bear is going to play a little game we bears call "running down the clock." His spiritual and mental health can no longer take WFRS, All Francis All the Time. I'd be lying if I said my stats didn't matter to me, but I also know that is my ego. So, I'll go back to my 14 views a day writing a about chickens and goats.

    2. I understand completely. When I contemplate the rapidly accelerating pace of events associated with this papacy, Wordsworth comes unbidden to mind:

      The world is too much with us; late and soon...

      To mitigate the pretentiousness of that last graf, I offer this thought from someone on Twitter:

      Oh crap, I live in interesting times.

  3. Just when we thought the so called 'peace and justice' movement (which never brought any peace or any justice but only dissent) was on the way out, the aging ones are back on the stage and in control!

    "we must make sure eyes are not fixed firmly on him, but on Jesus.
    This has been a very spiritually damaging papacy"

    I had also come to the same conclusion. It is SO very distressing to read and see what the pope is doing and saying and allowing and embracing and appointing. I am trying to keep my focus on the Lord! Trying is the word there. But I love the Church, the Mystical Body of my Lord, and to see what is happening to her is so wrong and so upsetting. And I ask myself how would an anti-pope behave?

    And as to the 'fruit' of Vatican II: Fr. Carota does an analysis and the 'fruit' is still very very much with us:

    1. What is and what we can do about it don't usually have much overlap. And Francis is just part of it, although he might be likened to the soft white head of an inflamed boil.

  4. Bear, pray for the difficult virtue of perseverance. Are you praying the daily Rosary and going (if possible) to daily Eucharistic Adoration?

  5. Dear Bear: I totally understand your Francis fatigue. I've had the same malady since about 3 days after his installation ( when he washed the feet on Holy Thursday against canon law) I've always thought that if the very Son of God condescended to obey the laws of Judaism - dedication in the temple, baptism etc. - the Vicar of Christ should do the same if he were His humble servant.
    I do want you to know that your posts have really been a great blessing and encouragement to me because I have to accept the truth about this papacy as disturbing as it is. Since many of our shepherds (including the chief shepherd in Rome) have gone rogue I have been compelled to set my mind more on the Good Shepherd which is a great thing. Although my faith in the Church has been shaken, I believe I have been drawing closer to our Lord through it all. Truly I say with St. Peter - Where else can we go? He has the words of eternal life.
    I will always check your postings even if not Francis related. Actually with his visit to the UN and the US upcoming I really don't think I can take much more of it anyway!
    I am thankful our parish is still fairly orthodox although I can't talk to anyone there about this papacy in even a mildly critical way. Thank goodness my husband is 'on the same page' and we can discuss but not too much as we get depressed. Strangely enough I can talk quite freely with my unbelieving son who told me the other day - ' Sorry about your commie pope'. And he means it because he knows how much it hurts me. He actually saw through Francis early on. So much for the Francis effect attracting atheists!
    My son had a lot of respect for PBXVI however.
    May our Lord be your rock and cave of refuge made just for His servant Bear!

  6. Elly Howard said it all for me too. and I keep the image in my mind of "nailing my feet" in front of my favorite pew. That has encouraged me beyond what you can know. Deo gratias.

  7. Thank you Mr. Bear. Agree completely Yes, the suicide of the West as it progresses day by day, faster and faster. President Obama, Pope Francis leading us to a heaven on earth as they have convinced so many. Leftism is the religion of both of them and of their vast following. Dennis Prager has a great article on how Pope Francis has been infected in National Review Online http://www.nationalreview.com/article/421133/pope-francis-crucifix-hammer-sickle-communist
    I think our job in all of this Mr. Bear is to continue to proclaim the terrible truth as you so joyfully do--most of the time.

  8. Sad to see your astute analysis and good wit leaving the field. You brought much (especially encouragement in the knowledge that we weren't crazy) to the discussion, as eyes are beginning to open; and they need to open as we enter into perhaps the greatest and most epic battle for souls in all the time of creation.

    Peace be to you on the farm....enjoy the goats.

    1. I prefer to see it as the prosecution won the case, and the jurors even wrote a number of new charges. At this point I feel like I'm beating a dead horse. And the damage to me spiritually and psychologically are no joke. Once I regain my balance, I might find something that requires the Bear's special treatment. Besides, Badger, you know how mercurial bears are.

      In the meantime, cards and flowers may be addressed to The Bear, Pope Francis' Field Hospital.

  9. Couldn’t agree more.
    I love my parish, my pastor and the congregation at my church. I will continue with my Catholic duties there until the Pope ruins it entirely for me. At which time I will be broken hearted at the loss.
    Whatever his motives are, he is alienating those capitalist pigs who work hard for a paycheck, and use some of it to feed his coffers.
    And he is pleasing the heck out of non-catholics who will no more become Catholic than they would give a cent to the church. Oh and he’s pleasing a whole load of Liberal Catholics.
    Where is Jesus? We need him ever so much these days.

  10. Since forever the Vatican talks and writes about "relativism" yet the Vatican itself under its Popes is practicing relativism. Catholicism is an answer to God, it's either a YES or a NO. Many recent Popes, if not all, including Pope Francis are answering YES to the world. And since Catholicism is a Yes or a No, their YES to the world is a YES to Satan. It is that simple. Jesus is clear, either you follow Him or you follow the world. There is no relativism in God. And the only job of Christians, especially the Clergy, is to evangelize, that is to lead souls to Heaven. That's their ONLY assignment ordered to them by Christ. It is a spiritual one. Anything else comes from Satan. Bottom line: The current hierarchy (and many previous) has no faith in God. And you're right, because of Pope Francis and his Atheist friends, many Catholics are discouraged and others lost the faith or are about to. Instead of finding strength in the Pope, they found weakness, uncertainty, indecisiveness, dependence on the world instead of depending on God's Providence. They found Atheism instead of Faith from the person who is supposed to be the successor of St. Peter, appointed by Jesus, our Creator. What a Shame!

    1. What a shame, exactly! Church teaching is that an heretic, even a pontiff, immediately loses office, without declaration, and all his decrees are null and void, cf. Cum ex by Paul IV, affirmed by St. Pius V in a motu proprio, and even reiterated by the CDF and Canon Law post-Vatican II.
      Who is going to step up to the plate and hit this one out of the park? They're all effeminate wimps. They deserve the embarrassment Francis generates.

  11. And y'all thought the Bear was kidding when he said the only we we're gonna get through this is to nail our feet to the floor in front of our favorite pew and die there. Probably during a homily from apoplexy or boredom. The poll results are obviously not scientific, and the sample is self-selected, but I continue to be amazed by them. People are feeling personally unwell from, I suspect, the unresolved cognitive dissonance. You can cut it with a knife.


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