Divine Beauty

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pre-Painted Easter Eggs!

Araucana Egg

Our rescue chicken Sophie showed her gratitude by laying her breed's characteristic blue-green egg. City folk miss out on a lot of God's little "Easter eggs."


  1. Oh, it is ravishingly beautiful. My favorite color -- celadon with just a hint of blue. Please post a picture of Sophie!

    1. Sophie was a bit hen-pecked when we got her, and is not at her best But we will later.

  2. We raise Swedes [ducks] and they often give us black and white speckled eggs! :)

    1. I far prefer duck eggs to chicken eggs. We had Pekins at one time. I couldn't tell you why we don't have any now... but now that you mention if, that is something I'll have to bring up with the Shepherdess! I told Father about the blue egg after confession today (we keep him supplied) and he seemed so excited I guess we'll have to include it in his carton.


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