Friday, July 17, 2015

The Bear's Struggles With Species Dysphoria

The Bear wants to stop mugging and juggling for a moment and address a serious problem: Species Dysphoria.

Nobody knows how many rational beings SD affects. It is the disease no one takes seriously. Believe the Bear, it is no laughing matter. Allow him to share his personal story.

If you saw the Bear, you'd think, "Oh, crap! There's a freakin' Bear!" How could you know that deep inside, in his most authentic part, he's not a Bear at all, but a Man. He thinks like a man, and dresses like a man. (So, it would be more like, "Oh, crap! There's a freakin' Bear! And he's wearing clothes.")

SD Sufferer in London

Obviously, God totally messed up in placing a human soul in a Bear body. But there is a way to fix it. By means of a long series of complex and dangerous surgeries coupled with drug treatments, the Bear can be transformed into a ghastly, 8-ft tall man covered in dense fur.

SD coupled with Gender Dysphoria. We are not circus freaks!

The Bear's situation is complicated by the fact that he is apparently immortal, having lived 1300 years. St. Corbinian would talk to the Bear in those early years about his nature. He said that, Bear though he might be, his Bear could, just maybe, transform into something less beastly. He said people did that by choosing good over evil, by loving God and their neighbor. By concentrating less on themselves. He assured the Bear that he was exactly what God intended him to be, at least for the time being, and the answer was to be found in the Catholic faith.

But if there's one thing the Bear has learned in 1300 years, being Catholic is really hard. And often annoying. Have you ever had to wake up from hibernation every single week and trudge through six feet of snow to Mass? Without shoes?

So the Bear has decided to go through species reassignment therapy. He will no longer be the Bear, but... well, he can't be "The Man," so he'll have to pick a name. Something manly. Like Cliff. or maybe Rock.

And this blog will sound like, "Greetings, fellow people, this is your commentator, Rock, writing something new about our Pope, Francis the Great. Today, I (wow, a first person singular pronoun!) I want to write 27 things to know and share about Pope Francis' the Great's toothbrush. I know you'll find this just as fascinating as I did, so pour yourself a steaming mug of hot, steaming coffee, and settle down for some fascinating information that I, as a man, not a Bear, just know you will enjoy."

One of the first things they'll do is remove the Bear's snark gland, so might as well enjoy it while he's still got it!

Then we can get to work on the Bear's Yorkie, Buster, who also struggles with Species Dysphoria.

Note: The Bear has no doubt that some people don't feel right about themselves, and that this causes distress. What the Bear finds absurd, and, in a way, cruel and exploitative, is the fact that this mental illness is "fed" in a way similar to the way homosexuality is catered to, rather than treated. Maybe there isn't a cure for either one. Many, if not most mental illnesses are treatable (if you're lucky) but not curable. Somehow, it is only when it comes to sexuality that we must become mad ourselves, rather than treat it.


  1. laughed so hard my badger spleen nearly popped out of my mouth. Hope you stay The Bear though...there is great charm in that destiny.

    And along the lines of your post, this shows that it was never about 'tolerance' or 'live and let live'....all thoughts against the new 'orthodoxy' must be crushed, along with those who speak them...particularly those who speak the simple, immutable, unvarnished Truth. A society that rails against and plugs it's ears in abhorrence of the Truth, is a doomed and cursed society indeed. The arena, or 'the camps', aren't far away.

    If I were Shapiro, I would press charges against this clown of a MAN for threatening bodily injury. He certainly has sufficient evidence.

    1. Glad you were amused. That link made me physically ill. I had avoided actually seeing Lola Jenner until then.

  2. Mr Bear. Maybe you are just stressed out as indicated below.

    Evidently there has been a change in thinking according WebMD. "Gender dysphoria used to be called “gender identity disorder.” But the mismatch between body and internal sense of gender is not a mental illness. Instead, what need to be addressed are the stress, anxiety, and depression that go along with it."

    Interesting what used to be manifestly crazy is now attributed to stress. I think sin has been defined in similar ways.

    Hope springs eternal Bear! Cheer up. It's all a matter of definition.

    1. On July 3rd the Bear commented: "The Bear knows from crazy, and it's not unsympathetic. He is, however, haunted by this man's wife. He may seem sympathetic, but is there an argument to suck it up when you've made a commitment and focus treatment on dealing with whatever depression and other symptoms your creepy feelings create?"

      And all the woodland creatures said: "The Bear Knows..."

  3. You are a bear with a flare for telling it like it is in a most unusual way.

    On another note, the Amazon thing - can we just enter from this site and you get credit or do we have to order what is listed on the ad?

    1. I think you have to order what is offered (don't forget there are multiple pages). I am not bowled over by Amazon's contextual offerings. I'll be studying on how to make it more useful to you, and beneficial to me. You will also be seeing specific items if I talk about them in a piece, say, a book. I'll be posting about the ads when I get them all lined up. (Still awaiting approval on Mystic Monk Coffee and Catholic Supply Company in St. Louis.) I don't like to talk about personal finances, obviously, but this is a necessary evil.

    2. ok, thanks. (I drink a LOT of coffee)


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