Monday, July 20, 2015

Time Running Out for Poll

Only one day left to participate in a poll concerning Pope Francis' effect not only on the Church, but on you personally. The Bear is fascinated (and horrified) by the results so far. Is Francis a hazard to your mental health? The Bear thinks he may be, and has an idea exactly why. Researching it now.

Sure, it's easy to sneer, "Oh, what won't they blame on poor Pope Francis?" And, the Bear admits it sounds a bit silly. Wait, read and decide. It's even got UFOs. Even so, follow the Bear and see if you don't agree in the end.


  1. UFOs? Any real Catholic knows that UFOs are merely the demons showing off to an "enlightened" scientific mankind. And yes, you WILL see Francis ultimately approving of our "space brothers" as the Antichrist calls them. It is they who gave guidance to build the LHC at CERN which does more than just collide paticles.

  2. Yes, it is likely the UFOs in the Bear's story have the whiff of the demonic.

  3. While he has absolutely harmed the Church, I have, with a great deal of anguish, derived spiritual benefit in having my faith tested. In obscuring the faith, and failing to confirm the brethren, he is at least affording those who can spot a counterfeit the opportunity to begin confirming themselves.

    1. Yes, there are some people who have derived a net plus, it appears, and that explains it as well as anything.

  4. Pope Francis with his ambiguous and provocative statements and actions has armed the heretics, the apostates, the lukewarm, the cafeteria Catholics, the atheists, i.e., the enemies of Christ. He has done all this while denigrating conservative and traditional Catholics.

    The result is Pope Francis derangement syndrome with all the effects borne out in the Bear poll.

  5. Bear,

    I recently found your blog and I've enjoyed your postings. I took your recent poll and just wanted to add my 2 cents. I have been troubled since day 1 of this papacy. I have suffered, as many have, through the wildly oscillating statements, reinterpretations, and ramblings coming from this Pope. I can say I have been damaged. At one point, as I suffered through yet another assault on my spiritual self, I came across something in a blog post about St. Benedict and 'turning toward God.' I am on that journey now. I found out that I have to 'tune out' Francis and turn towards God for my spiritual and mental health. I am on this gradual path toward God. I splurged on the 3 volume Baronius Press Roman Breviary and started last Advent to read the Laudes part of the office. I've been going to daily Mass as often as I can. I've been making an effort to read and study the Bible so that I can really understand Jesus and His teachings. There are other things as well. All this has been a result of the negative aspects of this papacy. So it looks as if the Holy Spirit, in sort of a back-handed way, has pointed me in the right direction- towards God and Light and Life.

  6. You are so right. Perhaps God wants to teach us more Reliance and focus on Him than on his vicar, no matter who hire might be. You are very brave to try to learn to pray the hours. We do morning and evening prayers (as they are now called) using the one volume Christian Prayer. If you ever come up with a question about rubrics, feel free to ask. Praying the Hours is very Benedictine. They never get old, nor are the ever exhausted. We're oblates. Sounds like you're doing just about everything an oblates does! Add the daily reading from the Rule of St. Benedict and I bet you've got all your obligations met!


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