Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Zoo Bear Smashes Exhibit Glass With Rock

According to a story in The Pioneer Press, a grizzly bear repeatedly bounced a basketball-sized rock against his exhibit glass -- catching it on the rebound each time -- until the glass cracked.

[Warden of the Apple Valley Bear Prison] Tony Fisher said, "He was just being a bear. They're always doing something, and that's what makes them fun to watch." (Funny, that's what bears say about humans.)

Nice spin unless you know "just being a bear" can mean ripping your lower jaw off.

Visitor Robin Ficker heard the first crack and turned to find the bear holding the rock, looking at him.

"And then he continued," Ficker said. "It bounced off the wall and he caught it and did it again. He did it like five times," Ficker said. "And I thought, 'These bears are coming out of there.' "

Sounds like loads of fun for the whole family, Tony Zoo Man.

Bears, even the ordinary brutes, are smart. This Bear has no doubt that that bear knew exactly what he was doing, and it wasn't playing bear handball. Fortunately for Mr. Ficker, grizzly bears have notoriously short attention spans. What do you want to bet the Zoo has since gotten rid of the rocks?

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