Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Islam is Satan's Invention

Somebody's got to say it, and that's why God made a Bear.

Islam is a counterfeit religion inflicted upon benighted warrior tribes by Satan to destroy God's true religion. Which it nearly did. It has not wavered from that original mission. It has no place in the 21st century. It is a cancer on the West. The Crescent is the symbol of hate: hatred of the Holy Trinity, hatred of the Church, hatred of Jews, hatred of the West and its institutions.

It is a religion of works that exalts the sovereignty of their god in a way that would make Calvin shake his head in wonder. It is a religious intoxicant to its excitable adherents, who sometimes leave their Friday worship service mad on hatred, breathing murderous threats, stirred up against Christians by some half-educated cleric.

Islam means failure in the modern world. Muslims find this hard to accept, and so will believe the most fantastic conspiracy theories; anything but the truth: Islam does not equip anyone for success in peaceful competition. The Arab Spring quickly becomes a long Islamic Winter because Islam cannot tolerate freedom.

Islam is a poisonous plant that chokes off all good, all beauty, all freedom, and all progress wherever it is planted. Islam is the religion of the Antichrist. Allah is not the Holy Trinity, but the stark and blasphemous unity of Satan, who demands total, abject surrender.

It is unfortunate for the Vatican to pretend that Islam is worthy of anything other than utter, peaceful, destruction. The sooner the Vatican picks up the Gospel in one hand and tells Muslims that they must convert to the true religion, the sooner the world shall begin to regain its senses.

The Catholic Church is either the true faith or it is not.

Consequences follow from how that question is answered by the Pope of Rome.

We see Catholics "together for prayer" with Moslems. This presents scandal, and confirms Moslems in their damnable error. If the Catholic faith is the true faith, it is time to say so, to start evangelizing. The Church has lost her mind and all of her sons and daughters must join to lovingly, and respectfully -- she is still the bride of Christ, after all -- start telling her that she is unwell, has forgotten herself, and needs help.

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