Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Poll: Catholics As Dumb and Wicked as Rest of America

In addition to the dismal 2011 poll about Catholics' beliefs the Bear wrote about here, there is a new poll on the "Francis Effect" from Public Religion Research Institute.

Thirty-eight percent of American Catholics believe that Pope Francis is in favor of permitting homosexuals to marry.

On other topics, American Catholics believe the same as the nation at large. ("On many important issues of the day, the opinions of Catholics overall do not differ appreciably from the general public.") In other words, the Catholic Church in America is having little impact on shaping its members values. Or, alternatively, the Catholic Church is aligned with the world, and teaching the world's values.

  • 72% believe the government should reduce the gap between rich and poor
  • 73% believe the government should do something about global warming
  • 61% believe the government should provide immigration reform
  • 60% believe homosexuals should be allowed to marry
  • 65% oppose a religious liberty exemption for small businesses
  • 51% say abortion should be legal in all or most cases

That's right, 51% of Catholics are pro-abortion.

The Bear's readers are smart enough to draw their own conclusions.


  1. You just made a badger cry.

    I might argue one point with you (I am a badger of course)....I think according to these stats, that modern day 'c'atholics are waaaaaay MORE dumb and wicked than the rest of 'a'merica. We've got ALL the fullness of Truth; most preeminently, Jesus in the Eucharist, while the rest of the world bumbles around in the darkness (to varying degrees). They at least have that as an excuse for their spiritual blindness; 'c'atholics have to work pretty hard to ignore, reject, and trample upon all the grace of Truth to align in such huge numbers with evil. The harsher judgment will be upon us.

    THIS is why we have francis....and maradiaga; and marx; and kasper; and forte; and cupich; and (insert 'favorite' clerical apostate/heretic/scourge-of-God here)

  2. On the other hand, it could be argued that they're good Catholics. After all, what do they hear about from the Church? It's not abortion. ("We don't need to speak of such things all the time.") It's social justice, Marxism, global warming. Real Presence? Not a clue. But 38% "know" Pope Francis is for homosexual marriage.

    1. Not buyin' it Bear.....aside from the Natural Law written on the human heart (everyone knows, deep down, that abortion is w.r.o.n.g.; homosexuality is disordered and perversion of the good; adultery and fornication are wrong; etc.), there is just too much solid information out there these days, and it gets thru (EWTN, internet, etc). In fact, most of these 'c'atholics would be the ones saying, "the Church has got to get with the times and change it's teaching"...i.e., actively working for CHANGE.

      It's the age-old bug-bear; "I like my sin and I want to keep it, and if I can get get you on board by defending your sin, I'll do it (cause if I judge you, then you can judge me, and who are we to judge?), and anyway, God looks and thinks exactly like me!"

      ...and there is nothing new under the sun.

    2. It doesn't help when pollsters include results from any Tom, Dick or Harry calling himself a Catholic, even if he hasn't been to Mass in twenty years. Interestingly, these poll results reflect the political leanings of the Catholics interviewed. Republicans skew more "Catholic" than the majority of Catholics in the U.S., who are Democrats and carry the unsound ideas of Democrats. The USCCB is pretty much a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party.

    3. Actually, I think I'd argue that if there's one traditional moral issue that people have heard about, have some inkling what the Church teaches, it's abortion. No, it's not talked about nearly enough, or in the right way, in catechesis, etc., but I think the great majority know pretty well that the Church teaches that abortion is a grave evil.

      But many just shrug and decide the Church is wrong about that.

      The failure here is deeper. If there's no proper upbringing in the faith, if there's no basic spiritual formation...rapping out your list of do's and don't's from time to time will have little effect. It's seeds on stony ground.

      And for the vast majority of Catholics, any spiritual formation and prayer life are basically nonexistent now. By contrast, an Italian immigrant grandmother of a century ago might not have been able to rattle off passages from a Denzinger, but she almost always knew how to pray, and she knew right from wrong in the light of Church teaching.

      Of course, the reformers of the 60's didn't care much for Italian grandmothers.

    4. P.S. The USCCB is pretty much a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party.

      Speaking as someone with friends who work as staff at the USCCB...I will say that it's not as bad as it used to be - there are some very good people working there now. The problem is, it really WAS that bad for many years, and the damage has been done. And the the very structure and footprint it still has are counterproductive to good episcopal leadership.

  3. This sounds like a heavily skewed Democrat poll but nonetheless it probably pretty much sums up the report card on the Bishops primary job of teaching the faith to each generation. Particularly since Vatican II has the Catholic Church become a political arm of the Democrat party and in that regard the report card is splendid. Now with our dear Pope we probably see more moral degeneration the next time the survey is taken.

    All of this, of course, is a disaster of unspeakable proportions with negative cultural implications for the entire world and particularly the Catholic Church which is supposed to be a moral beacon of hope but instead is doing nothing to prevent Catholic and others from descending into pit of paganism, corruption and despair.

  4. Where does the Bear get his name?

    1. Merely click on the diamond-shaped Bear patch in the right-hand column, and you may read the complete tale of St. Corbinian's Bear. This is the unofficial story, mind you. Yet it is from the Bear's own paw, and exclusive to this blog. The Bear believes there's a little St. Corbinian's Bear in everyone."Rugiemus quasi ursi omnes!" Oh, and that's not necessarily a good thing!

  5. It is precisely this great apostasy mentioned in the Bible that allows the False Prophet to arrive unhindered and ultimately the Antichrist.


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