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SSPX: Don't Go to Novus Ordo Mass

Update: see bottom for Vortex of August 21st, bringing in sedevacantists.

The SSPX is using a Vortex-like format to attack the Novus Ordo Mass as "an offense against God." Apparently, if you're smart enough to know what an abomination the new Mass is, you should stay away. Presumably an ignorant Bear nailing his foot to the floor in front of his favorite pew would be safe.

This is certainly a bold statement. Now, the SSPX gets nearly everything right, in the Bear's opinion. The new Mass leaves a lot to be desired and Vatican II produced some dodgy ideas. After all, there is a reason the Bear has to nail his paw to the floor to stay in the Church. But, then again, there is a reason the Bear is willing to nail his paw to the floor if that's what it takes to stay in the Church.

To say that the Novus Ordo Mass is an offense against God is, in the Bear's view, unwarranted. To advise Catholics to risk mortal sin by sitting at home Sunday morning is unconscionable. The considerable good will the Bear had toward the SSPX has palpably diminished.

Maybe they're right and God has played the biggest practical joke in history by depriving a billion sincere Catholics of a Church and valid sacraments because some hippies took over a pastoral council that issued not one anathema, but, rather, some long-winded, ambiguous love-letters to the world. Let's all run (outside of the Church) to the SSPX, or find a priest of Archbishop Thuc's line, or locate Pope Gregory XVII's cryogenically preserved body, or join the Dimond brothers at Most Holy Family Monastery.

The fact is, some of these possibilities represent a tremendous body of sound Catholic tradition and teaching. They are also all outside the legitimate exercise of authority and ministry of the Roman Catholic Church. The Bear believes the brand means something, and that the gates of Hell have not prevailed against the Church.

It's a Hell of a note when you can be right, or be Catholic. But that, friends, is the dilemma our generation faces and the source of the cognitive dissonance the Bear recently wrote about. Ultimately, the Bear believes you can be right and be Catholic, but he's not saying it's easy.

Anyway, here's Michael Voris on the issue. On this, the Bear agrees with Michael Voris.

UPDATE: "Thin Slice Catholicism"

Today, Michael Voris is on a similar theme, but brings in sedevacantism. The Bear is not a sede, but has sympathy. Right now he is feeling very angry about Vatican II that so unnecessarily wounded Catholics and divided the Church. How many scandals have astonished the faithful since? The style of the council documents themselves brings to mind Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: "Methinks it is like a weasel." The Bear supposes we should be grateful the Council Fathers did not have the guts to put in unambiguous prose what they really thought. Score another one for the Holy Spirit. He didn't let them break His Church, but they sure bent it.


  1. I've been thinking about the upcoming Synod and what a pickle we will be in if the Luciferian wish list of the Kasperites is fulfilled. Will the FSSP priests bless sodomite pairings among other dictates? The only place to turn will be the SSPX. Certainly, for me things would come into clear focus that Christ has preserved His Church in the SSPX as Rome would have lost the faith. Many think Rome has already lost it.

    I am appalled at the goings on at my local Novus Ordo Mass. Circus atmosphere, wretched music, immodest dress, couples fondling each other in the pews--including one person a transsexual. Once, the pastor preached that sodomite marriage is a matter of "equal rights". I wrote the bishop and got a condescending reply. It is a real spiritual assault to attend. I go none-the-less imploring Our Lord for an end to the insanity.

    It's actually not that outrageous that the SSPX is preaching avoidance of the Novus Ordo. For now, I'm going to carry on as usual. Let's see what October brings.

  2. A couple of years ago I would have totally agreed with Voris. Not anymore. I occasionally attend an SSPX chapel where I know the priest is ordained in the old rite. Sadly, the SSPX no longer conditionally re-ordains Novus Ordo priests who come into their order. I also attend a sede chapel.

    Voris currently has egg all over his face because a conservative Novus Ordo bishop he praises highly (Athanasius Schneider) recently came out strongly in support of the SSPX.

    On Aug, 5, Francis declared that what the Church has called adultery for 2000 years, no longer excommunicates one from the Church. "Divorced and remarried persons are NOT excommunicated." We will see what happens at the synod.

    Seattle kim

    1. The Bear doesn't think divorced and remarried Catholics are excommunicated. What they are are adulterers (assuming they are not living as brother and sister).

      It's not so much a question of whether SSPX is evil per se. Nor are we talking about any other issue between Voris and the SSPX. Nor is it yet about whether the Novus Ordo Mass is often very good, or it's bad to go to an SSPX Mass.

      The Bear thinks it is incorrect to hold that the Novus Ordo Mass is not only invalid, but "an offense against God," and irresponsible to tell people they shouldn't go to it. This is tantamount to denying the validity of the Mass, and that has schism written all over it. The Bear has always admired SSPX, and still agrees with most of their teachings and shares most of their concerns, and has little doubt their Mass is superior in many ways.

      But being familiar with the issues, he can't agree that the Mass is such an abomination people should stay home. "...let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some." Heb 10:24.

    2. Out of curiosity, who was this SSPX priest who said such? I do agree with you that was way off base and really harmful to suggest such a thing as to stay home rather than go to a N.O. Mass. Outrageous really. Not that SOME N.O. Masses are without multiple abuses and SOME even downright sacrilegious, but that put aside, they are valid. But I just wonder if the SSPX has a few renegades running around just as the Vat 11 Church does. Did this come from the top? Or is this some Priest who has this 'opinion'? I couldn't really tell from the article in the link, although I didn't listen to his podcast, so I wasn't sure.

      That said, I did agree with Voris on THIS one, but his seemingly constant tirade on the SSPX as though they were the Church's number one enemy is so over the top. And for what reason? A mystery to me. We have enough heretics running around INSIDE the Church that are actively trying to destroy Her to worry about, no? At least the SSPX is TRYING to work with Rome to recify their situation. I am NOT an SSPX person, but this seeming vendetta he has against them is offensive, and I must, except for once in a while, go regularly to a N.O. Mass. so am not overly sympathetic to them. There are some bloggers that seem to have a real 'sore spot' with them, and I just don't get why.

    3. The unnamed priest's bad advice was on the SSPX's U.S. website, i.e. featured prominently on the home page. It is not the work of some renegade, unless he's hacked SSPX's official website and they haven't figured out how to fix it. I agree with Voris when I agree with him and don't when I don't. There might have been a case that Voris was unfairly persecuting the SSPX, but then there's this, which makes it look like he was right on the money all along. As for what his animus is against the SSPX, I couldn't say. The SSPX sure handed Voris the evidence he needed on a silver platter, huh? To identify the Church's sacraments as invalid (I will assume that is included in "an outrage to God") and tell people to stay home from Mass is pretty much burning your bridges. The Bear will stay on the Roman Catholic Church's side of the chasm, and must in charity further state that those who imagine a purer Bride elsewhere are putting themselves in danger.

    4. Yes indeed, shot themselves in the foot. As for me, I will stay in the boat (or maybe nail my foot to the floor in front of my pew) but am lucky so far to have a traditional parish that is INSIDE the Diocese that offers TLM on Sunday and even throughout the week. There ARE those around that are faithful to Rome here and there if one does some research.....hopefully they won't be one of the casualties of the modernist leaning hierarchy though.

      That all said, I do remember one of the Priests at the Neumann Center that our daughter attended in College telling them it 'certainly wasn't' a mortal sin to miss Mass on Sunday, so........ you do have heretics inside and outside of the Church. Both (some of) the Vat ll Church and the SSPX leading people in the WRONG direction and putting souls at risk. But you are absolutely correct that we must stay within the Roman Church, and somehow try to steer clear of the heretics that are on the INSIDE.

    5. You are lucky. The nearest TLM is two hours away from the Bear. And some of the criticisms of the Novus Ordo masses over overwrought. We've all seen abuses. But the Bear's priest tries to do it right, and the Bear just has to put up with the "tics." Like old people jabbering before Mass, the "double Nazi salute" when the congregation "blesses" someone, the occasional applause when deemed "appropriate," and some bad hymns. It is harder to stay recollected. But not impossible. It is certainly better than staying home and making "The Church of Bear."

    6. Absolutely! Our N.O. Masses here are also pretty decent, I must say, and with you I don't sweat the 'small stuff'. I do sometimes worry about the future and what that may look like, but I keep reminding myself that the Lord God has our back:) Pope St. John Paul's affirmation: 'Be Not Afraid' keeps me pretty level too.
      Thanks for this great ministry!

  3. I am sorry I didn't get out of the Novus Ordo much earlier. Maybe my children would have stayed Catholic.

  4. Yes, Bear, the more I think of that video made by the SSPX, the more I do think it was wrong. We know the Novus Ordo is valid and one receives Jesus Christ in the Eucharist there. It is evil to instruct people to avoid Sunday Mass there, because for many, that is all there is.

    More of the diabolical disorientation afoot these days. Maybe we should call it "Bigfoot". A bear can maul Bigfoot handily as evidenced by your blog.

  5. Bear said:

    "Presumably an ignorant Bear nailing his foot to the floor in front of his favorite pew would be safe."

    After a few yrs. that nail is bound to get rusty....hope your tetanus shots are up to date & I'm sure glad St. Athanasius didn't nail his foot!!

    1. Perhaps we should join St. Athanasius' Church, then ;-)

    2. It is true that St. Athanasius was condemned by Pope Liberius though he was the leader of the defenders of orthodoxy against Arianism at the time. Pope Liberius was a weak man (the first Pope after St. Peter never honored as a saint)

      St. Athanasius' Church was Catholic!


      Five times banished
      Exiled seventeen
      Excommunicated champions
      God puts at each scene.

      Saint Athanasius,
      Feast day of worth
      On the second of May
      The month of great mirth.

      Out in the deserts –
      As history has charted –
      You preserved the true Mass
      Great lion-hearted.

      Now Lefebvre
      And the sixties egalitarians
      Like Athanasius,
      His time his Arians.

      For He who abolished
      Death by death
      Sent him to absolve
      Sin width and breadth.

      And yes the same moon
      The same sun we're all under…
      We venal rain - but Lefebvre

      Righteous thunder!!

    3. Worthwhile, as always, LS. St. Athanasius is s worthy role-model, I'm sure we would both agree. As far as I know, however, through his turbulent life and many exiles, he never gave up on the Catholic Church and removed himself from it, or set up shop for himself, no matter how severe the error or persecution. So that's what I mean when I say I will stay with St. Athanasius' Church. The Mass is valid. I can remember when it was "for many" that had everybody excited. That's been "fixed," to whatever extent it was a problem before. Once again, the Mass of Trent is far more worshipful and meaningful, I agree. So is the Mass the FSSP celebrates. But the Mass at my parish gets the job done, and if God has provided me a Church that no longer delivers the goods, that is hardly my fault, is it? I trust God to see us through, and believe he takes care of his own.

  6. This is the OFFICIAL status of the SSPX by Pope Benedict and posted on the Vatican web site:
    " In order to make this clear once again: until the doctrinal questions are clarified, the Society has no canonical status in the Church,
    and its ministers – even though they have been freed of the ecclesiastical penalty – do not legitimately exercise any ministry in the Church." -
    Pope Benedict, March 10, 2009.
    This will remain the SSPX status unless and until change by the Pope in an official document.

  7. This is the link to Pope Benedict's official position regarding the SSPX on the Vatican web site.
    See the 3rd paragraph, last sentence.


    Read it and weep.

    1. Indeed. But it sounds like somebody else has nailed their foot to the floor in front of their favorite pew.

      "Now that the heart is broken, Catholicism is an act of the will performed out of honor, and out of love, but it is love among the ruins. One keeps on going to the gutted Masses with their antic priests, manufactured excitement and cafeteria casualness at Holy Communion, and one closes one's eyes and prays the desperate prayer of the agnostic believer: 'Lord, I believe, help Thou my unbelief!'"

      The point of this blog has never been that things are great in the Church. It has been that things are horrible, and we loyally continue to man our posts, exposed to hostile fire and friendly fire.

    2. Holy stubborness...or perseverence in the Faith. That is why I read the "musings" of a bear who is like most of us, in the trenches, and helps those of us who want to surrender to stay the course. (I am mixing up metaphors...kind of like the faithful have been put through the blender). Anyway, thank you Bear.


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