Tuesday, September 22, 2015

President Obama Meets Some Guy on Tarmac

Washington -- Analysts are trying to determine why President Obama and a large entourage met an elderly man dressed in white at Andrews air base outside of Washington. President Obama shook the unidentified man's hand warmly when he alighted from a chartered passenger jet.

In addition to President Obama and his family, Vice President Biden and his family were among the dignitaries who met the mystery man.

Internet chatter split into two camps. Some sources identified the man as "a pope," who allegedly  heads a religious organization known as the "Roman Catholic Church." Other bloggers maintained this was impossible because there was "no such thing as a pope," and the Roman Catholic Church had vanished fifty years ago under mysterious circumstances.

While no one seems to be sure of the man's identity, he will be meeting President Obama at the White House Wednesday, and address a joint session of Congress Thursday. This speech is said to be the first ever to be made to both houses by a non-entity dressed in a white gown, and will be televised for reasons that are not immediately clear.

[The Bear would have been happy to clear that one up, but nobody asked.]


  1. Ha ha ha! Very funny! You should send this to Eye of the Tiber!!

    Seattle Kim

    1. Glad you think so, Kim! The point is (as I, sure you got) that the Pope is the one religious leader who commands the attention of even the President of the United States. (Obama's motives are another question.) We get to see just how unique the Church and the Holy Father are. Sometimes the Bear worries his humor is too obscure.

    2. Yes, the Seat of Peter, the See of Rome, the person who sits in it commands an amazing amount of attention and respect from the world. Yes, even our current occupant of WH. O gets a boost out of the photo ops, as does Biden. This is disgusting as O does not care for human life, born or unborn. (Yep. I mean both. He has no compassion for suffering of others.) O also lied through his teeth about valuing religious freedom, according to some articles. My blood pressure is at dangerous levels this week. St Peter, St Francis pray for us. Pray for the Holy Father.

  2. The poor Holy Father! He is so misled by the 'new-theology' of the modernists that he can't see how he's being used by 'the world.' My advice to all is turn off (or throw out) the TV, newspapers and magazines and take out a good Catholic spiritual book - preferably one written prior to 1950, and just tune out for a few days until Pope Francis is back in Rome.
    And say an extra decade of your Rosary for those who are so debauched in our world that they would parade themselves in from of the Roman Catholic Pope.

  3. "no such thing as a pope", fifty years ago, or five hundred years ago? ;)


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