Wednesday, October 14, 2015


The Bear apologizes for the recent scandals that have rocked St. Corbinian's Bear blog. He asks your forgiveness.

First there was that thing.

Then who can forget that other thing?

And those are just two of the things. There may be many others. Or not.

And maybe what you believe the Bear is apologizing for is actually the opposite of what you think. Or maybe the Bear is really apologizing in order to shame other people or make a point.

The Bear apologizes for not actually telling you what he is asking forgiveness for. It does make the whole unpleasant process easier on the Bear. However, it is also an excellent way to generate confusion. It's always healthy to have everyone speculating on what the Bear means, especially when scandal is involved.

Or maybe not, in which case the Bear offers his apologies.


  1. Apology accepted - at least, unless you are apologizing for that thing, in which case you just made it worse. Though, of course, we will never know.

  2. O Bear...
    ... and a firm purpose of amendment.
    Belloc used the word: 'ronyon' to describe a fish that bit the rudder post
    of the 'Nona'. I looked up the word and it means: 'mangy creature'.
    You are not mangy.

  3. I could not possibly have said it better than Elizabeth. Apology accepted.


  4. Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I'm really sorry. Okay, can I have absolution please? -- New abbreviated confession rules.

  5. Bears don't have to make sense. Woodland creatures just observe the bear and if he happens to be wearing a human's back-pack, well, we just nod nervously and keep our distance. If he assures us he is now a vegetarian and beckons us to the berry patch to enjoy a few juicy morsels with him, we nod and defer to another day. "Thanks, I'm full".

    Bears do, what bears do, and it rarely makes sense, but we don't mind since his paw is bigger and sharper than ours. Everything is awsome, Bear!

  6. I haven't a clue what you are apologizing for!! Remember, I live next to a salmon hatchery and would gladly take you there for a tasty meal.

    Seattle kim

    1. The Pope made a strange, no-details apology at his general audience yesterday. I was doing the same thing to illustrate how bizarre it was, and designed to confuse people and get them speculating.

  7. I am sorry for laughing out loud....but thank you! :)

  8. I also apologize to bear because it's already laughing with hard once, again I apologize obat ispa

  9. Well...okay...whatever makes you feel, er, welcome...

  10. The important thing is that we feel accompanied, so there's that.


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