Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chicken Divorce

All of our hens went missing, having abandoned the lovely chicken coop we made them. The rooster remained. After much of the day spent worrying about our precious chickens, our son discovered them behind the barn. They had established a hen colony apart from the rooster, Hermes.

Hermes is just mean to both fowl and humans. At least to the Shepherdess, whom he spurs mercilessly at every opportunity. She usually takes a large bucket with which to "bucket" him, i.e. put the bucket over him, where it remains until he works himself out from under it.

Napoleon is being weaned, and the whole neighborhood knows it. They're frisky in the chill. We have to do something about way too many male goats! Zoar is cursed with an inability to produce does! Zoar is just petting zoo of randy male goats. Nobody wants that.

We had representatives of all species at the Blessing of the Animals Sunday afternoon.

The attack of the giant goat!


  1. Don't worry, the chickens can still receive the Body of Christ I am sure.

  2. I didn't get my sister/brother cats, Scholastica & Benedict, blessed this year. They are declawed and neutered Benedictines but have dispensations to eat meat on Friday.

    Maybe Hermes could use a visit from a pet psychic. Better yet, eat him and replace him with a new rooster.

    Seattle kim

  3. Cute names! Hermes would shred a pet psychic. He usually does a good job keeping the hens together and we haven't lost a one to a predator. So we put hip with him despite his antisocial behavior. The Bear has seen the Shepherdess streaming blood down both legs in the summer.

  4. I was reading and thought how wonderful. Then I remembered... and went straight for the last paragraphs. The venom is in the tail again.


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