Friday, October 23, 2015

Is "Failed Papacy?" Most Confusing Vortex Ever?

Michael Voris and Another Reason not to Criticize the Pope

This is what the Bear took away from Michael Voris' latest "Vortex." This may not make sense.

The bad guys -- who appear at the moment to be a small minority -- need the "hope and change aura" of Pope Francis to promote their heretical agendas. At the same time, the Holy Father has frequently talked about the devil and condemned homosexual unions. (The Bear confesses missing the latter, but will take Michael's word for it.) So it appears that the Pope is actually against the "reforms" promoted by heterodox bishops.

Yet the Pope has a habit of promoting people on the basis of whether he likes them. Hence, if he likes heretics, they get the jobs, while more orthodox men don't. The Pope is probably grieved by their heretical positions, but is psychologically incapable of doing more than wringing his hands in private. The Bear supposes we are to take from this that we are not to draw any conclusions from the heresy of men in Pope Francis' circle. Hey, he just likes the guys and can't help himself.

Add to that a terrible press office that every day rams homosexuality down our throats through the person of Fr. Rosica, who seems to favor that agenda for some reason. (The Bear wonders if it is because Fr. Rosica is himself homosexual. The Bear has no evidence besides Fr. Rosica's constant promotion of the gay old lifestyle. That, and "sodomite" is a resume enhancing bullet in the Vatican.) The result is that, thanks in large part to Fr. Rosica, whom the Bear is definitely not actually calling a homo, the official Vatican policy seems to favor a pro-homosexual agenda. But, remember, that does not reflect Pope Francis' ideas. Once again, Francis -- the Pope -- is powerless to change this. (Perhaps he really likes Fr. Rosica.)

So, the press (using careless statements made by the Pope) has created a false image of Pope Francis that he will not and cannot live up to. In one sense, one may begin (and some are beginning) to talk about Pope Francis' papacy as a failure. Michael Voris is totally not discounting the possibility, by the way, just shrugging it off as a matter for some future determination. The problems are exacerbated by poor personnel choices (made by the Pope) that represent a heterodoxy not shared by Pope Francis. 

Pope Francis is only now realizing something he could not know in Buenos Aires -- just how big the Roman Catholic Church is. (Yep, that's on the Vortex.)

Therefore, while Pope Francis is clearly vulnerable due to his own incompetence, by criticizing him, we are helping the bad guys. Perhaps because they can point at evil conservatives as the ones who are doing the criticizing, while the heterodox can position themselves as upright defenders of Francis. Because they want to tie themselves to a failed papacy. For some reason.

Or something.

The Bear doesn't either.


  1. More like most laughable Vortex yet......

  2. Father Rosica is highly effeminate, which may not be a meaningful data point. Gayface status: Uncertain. He is a Basilian Father, whose Toronto chapter has quite the storied history. And he's oddly, persistently obsessed with the homosexual issue, to the extent that he's become quite a bore, like (to pick a completely random example) Terry Carroll, or that guy who misses no opportunity to tell you about his back problems at enormous length.

    Poor old Michael Voris, eh?

  3. I think this can explain his reasoning:

    Interestingly enough it was posted almost exactly a year before the "Failed Papacy" post relating to the last Synod. For him, especially in the worst case where most Bishops and faithful and even the Pope are outright heretics, it's especially important to cling to the Faith and Pope and become more holy since they are the guaranters of the faith and what it means to be Catholic. This is true, even if we have a Pope that outright denies Christ, his nature, or lives as a in the Papacy of the Pornacracy.

    1. I thought that "Let's Just Say" was possibly the best Vortex ever, and I think I even wrote that at the time. It was clear and realistic. I can't say the same about "Failed Papacy?" which is a confused mess.

  4. Voris is unbearable -- his intellectual contortion act is becoming more and more absurd. Why does he persist in publicly going on record as being out of touch with reality....??

  5. What a dumarse. Francis only appoints and promotes people he likes? And those people all just happen to be heretics with probable lavender leanings? If Francis was discovered naked in a gay bath house surrounded by young men, Voris would say he was just teaching the catechism.

    As a former college fag hag, I can tell you that any guy who surrounds himself with sodomites---is usually a sodomite himself. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mike.

    Seattle Kim

    1. Well said. You have spoken the harsh Truth that reveals the ties of moods to motives and hearts to heresies. The scalpel of clarity performs excision and exorcism all from the same murderous burning Love from The Son of Man. He came to save us from ourselves:

      "For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it." ~ Matthew 16:25

    2. Theater? Even worse----musical theater and opera.

      Seattle kim

    3. Exactly the same for my daughter. Musical theater, singing lessons (a fortune) -- biggest fag hag on campus. Now she doesn't go to Mass and is a big homophile. Only my twin Army boys are Catholic, and they are hard-core Catholics who don't miss Mass.

      (Looking for brides for handsome, fit and devout boys in mid-20s. Must be devout, and have a strong desire to bear several children. Send picture, and we will mail bus ticket to Zoar for Zoarian courtship rituals and potential matrimony.)

  6. Thanks Bear. This is what we know listening to Michael Voris: Bishops generally bad, Pope always good but misled by bad Bishops. What does this mean?
    1). The Pope is so simple and holy he sees no evil.
    2). The Pope is stupid and can't recognize he is being manipulated,.
    3). Michael Voris is either 1). or 2).
    4). Michael Voris is being forced by his supporters to withhold the truth.

    Whatever the reason Michael Voris cannot be taken seriously, He cannot handle the truth and he cannot take criticism as noted below.

    Awhile back I made a comment about his untruthful attitude about the Pope and was banned for life from making any further comments on his site. Accordingly, I stopped contributing to him and spread it around to various truthful blogs such The Bear.

    1. I remember the comments about "ecclesiastical porn." What is it when you keep your supporters constantly on the boil about the bishops, but never get close to the whole picture because you refuse to talk about the Pope? You're not solving anything at all. You're drawing an audience and titillating people by showing a bare arm and a bit of thigh, but just when things start to get interesting, down comes the curtain! By Michael Voris' own logic, he is wicked for attacking the bishops and CONSTANTLY running down the Roman Catholic Church. At the end of each and every episode, the watcher can only be left angry and discouraged -- and usually no closer to the truth.

      Between an ecclesiastical strip tease and ecclesiastical porn (since these are the kind of terms the Voris camp likes to employ) the Bear would take less shame in at least delivering the whole enchilada.

    2. ... whole enchilada to his customers. Better to be an honest businessman that delivers a complete product than a smug cheat passing off broken gimcrack items to the rubes. The Bear has been in showbiz in one form or another for a thousand years. He knows Voris has a better gig than his and admires the man's talent and production values. But just remember, the Bear is one multi-millionaire ursophile away from being a media powerhouse, too. Look what the Bear has accomplished on a 32-year-old Kaypro II portable running C/PM out of a cave.

  7. We all know the disaster going on in the Church is all because of those mean papal advisers controlling and manipulating poor little Francis.

  8. This argument such as it is, is the ecclesiastical version of the conservatives covering for Ronald Reagan crying, Let Reagan be Reagan as though Ol' Ronnie did not only appoint his Cabinet/White House Staff but did agree with what they advanced in his name.

    It is quite pathetic to see an argument advanced that tries to convince others that he who has ultimate and absolute authority is really a victim

  9. This is exactly the kind of confusion and insanity that the Father of Lies will spread when faithful Catholics completely misconstrue and conflate the office of the "Vicar of Christ" with the mortal and weak men who happen to temporarily occupy that timeless rank. The office (the rank itself) represents the established authoritative presence of Christ - but very very rarely does the broken man in the office actually embody the immutable infallibility of Christ Himself. The pope is not the strength of the Church - but rather - he is the elevate WEAKNESS that the Church was built upon. The "rock" is the timelessness of the office. But the "Simon" who occupies it at any given time is still the weakest link in the entire chain of temporal fortitude:

    “When Christ at a symbolic moment was establishing His great society, He chose for its cornerstone neither the brilliant Paul nor the mystic John, but a shuffler, a snob, a coward – in a word, a man. And upon this rock He has built His Church, and the gates of Hell have not prevailed against it. All the empires and the kingdoms have failed, because of this inherent and continual weakness, that they were founded by strong men and upon strong men. But this one thing, the historic Christian Church, was founded on a weak man, and for that reason it is indestructible. For no chain is stronger than its weakest link.”

    ~ G.K. Chesterton (Heretics)

  10. It is so shocking that we must point out our Pope's heretical statements, that many just can't bring themselves to do it. Nor to face it. I feel very sorry for Michael Voris. He needs our sympathy because the truth is going to be made very clear very soon. He will have some 'splanin' to do then.

    1. If Michael were to nail Pope Francis his Opus Dei supporters would broom him in a New York minute.

    2. His one about Pope Benedict let babe literally with my jaws agape.

  11. Yes.
    (in answer to your titled question)

  12. Ok, finally I have come to the place where I can get some questions answered. Please!
    I hear what you are saying about CM. I have noticed it myself and can't explain the phenomenon, but maybe you have. Donors? I mean, if we can't conclude at this point that Pope Francis is a bad pope, then when!
    PLEASE tell me, if you all know, where does one go to get accurate and brutally honest commentary? I thought I had found it in CM, but, it appears not due to the apparent allergy to criticizing the pope.
    Please tell me where you all go to get pointed and insightful commentary.

    This situation is bad enough, but without point blank assessments from those in the know, it is getting intolerable. I have noticed a general reticence to criticize that smells like FEAR, from clergy blogs.
    In advance, I thank you for any assistance.

    Oh, and Bear, your blog is superb.

    1. fenfrk.

      Michael Voris has cleared everything up with his latest Vortex essentially blaming Pope Benedict for resigning along with appointing bad Cardinals and Pope John Paul II for appointing bad cardinals. To my knowledge this is the first time Michael has ever been critical of the Popes. Hope he continues as Pope Francis is a real humdinger of a not so good Popes. I take this as a good sign. Go Michael go!!

    2. Thank you. I wish I could know where everybody (faithful) is going to get good analysis of what is going on. I really don't know who is a reliable source anymore.

    3. It's hard. Most seem to be trad or progressive, and each have their issues. Pew Sitter is an aggregator and you might find something you like there. Links from blogs you like might be helpful. Sorry, Kathleen, but I don't have a list of go-blogs, except maybe Pew Sitter, and while they often link to my articles, I would say use at your own risk. They tend to go with the more sensational stories, and if that was your only source you might get depressed.

      The Bear has tried to provide a more balanced, plain ol' Roman Catholic blog, with some criticism in context, but that is hard. "Average" Catholics don't care enough to read blogs. That's why you tend to get a half-pipe distribution of polar opposite blogs: trads and progressives.

      Although I am not a daily watcher of Voris (his latest about blaming Pope Emeritus Benedict for the schism was vile and bizarre, pretty much admitting that he had to blame B16 because he couldn't say anything against Francis.)

      Honestly, and I would take flak for this if the topic were not closed, I would avoid places like The Remnant and SSPX. They have, IMHO, for all their undeniable sincerity and intelligence, one foot out the door of Holy Mother Church. You have to be careful, because it's easy to develop a mindset of schism. That's why I tweaked this blog, so that I'm providing information and analysis in a way that doesn't make people feel like the Church is cracking up, or that they should consider leaving for some other place.

      Sometimes I watch the Remnant's newscast and enjoy it. But I can't give it a blanket recommendation. I am not nearly as pessimistic as trads generally are, nor am I as upset about the Church as they tend to be.

      Hope that helps some. Pew Sitter its where I'd start, keeping in mind the warning.

  13. You can add todays vortex now... Maybe start a list? :)

  14. Topic exhausted: closed. Further posts will not clear moderation. Thank you for the interest.l


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