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Bergoglioism and the Catholic Church

Not so long ago, the Bear asked if the Pope were Catholic. The Bear concluded that Pope Francis's engine was leftist humanitarianism rather than Catholicism. As long as you attempt to view him as a religious figure, the image will remain fuzzy. But understand him as leftist humanitarian, and suddenly the image pops into focus.

Knowing who Pope Francis is does not tell the whole story, though. He may have a secular orientation, but he's still Pope. He has a reformer's spirit. He's not happy with the Church, and wishes it were very different. The Bear would like to explore Francis the Reformer.

There'll Be Pie In the Sky When You Die

Communists used to deride Christianity with the song, "There'll Be Pie in the Sky When You Die." In other words, religion wasn't much use to the unemployed, the hungry, those without safe drinking water, the lonely elderly, the refugee. The less fortunate need help in the here and now. In the latest episode of Terror at 20,000 Feet, Pope Francis deflected a moral question about the use of condoms by, essentially, singing a few mocking bars of "There'll Be Pie in the Sky When You Die." Tut-tut, let's eliminate all injustice, then we can worry about silly religious questions, if you must. 

The Bear's breath is is still taken away by the audacity of that answer. "Casuistry," as Francis calls applying doctrines, has no place in a Church as long as it has not yet accomplished its mission. That mission is first, last and only bringing into existence an environmentally sound, one-world government presiding over a single brotherhood of man, where wealth is evenly distributed. (To be sure, the Church will be rewarded with its own special role as moral guarantor.) This is the long game.

And Pope Francis is not shy about pointing out how the needy must be helped. He said 17% of the world's population has 80% of the stuff worth having. Obviously the Church should be involved in the redistribution of wealth. Pope Francis always insists "that's not communism," but the Bear doesn't know what else you would call it.

Bergoglioism and Doctrine

Pope Francis has said he doesn't believe "in a Catholic God." He calls proselytism "solemn nonsense." The Body and Blood of Our Lord are dismissed as "a little bread and wine do no harm," if a divorced and remarried woman wishes to receive communion. Doctrines should be soft, and yielding, like the flesh of Jesus. If you believe in absolute truth you are a "fundamentalist," of which the Church has "so many." Pope Francis has made it clear that these are the enemies of the Church.

If there is a principle in Bergoglioism, it is this. "The exceptions swallow the rules, and, anyway, let's get back to helping the needy."

Pope Francis takes ecumenism and interfaith efforts seriously. Muslims who die trying to break into Europe "are with the Lord now." Well, then, says the Bear, so much for the role of the Catholic Church. Ah, the Pope would reply, the poor who perish on the sea enjoy special grace. They are in Heaven because they were refugees on Earth. But the Church still has much work to do for The Prince of This World.

Muslims, said Francis, “worship the one living and merciful God, and call upon him in prayer.” That has been such a commonplace in the Church for so long he really can't be blamed for that one. It is still wrong, though.

It is doctrine that so unnecessarily separates Christians. The Bear thinks Pope Francis believes this. What moldy old doctrine is worth keeping if it prevents us from communion with the Anglicans? Indeed, Muslims are fellow children of Abraham, our brothers. Mankind should be one, and it is my role to show the way.

Like any good reformer, the Pope attacks doctrine. But his genius is not to single out particular doctrines as objectionable. The very idea of doctrine is being gently separated from the Church. Think of the vast corpus of statements we already have in this pontificate. The Pope says what Jorge Bergoglio thinks and wants.

The human personality of Jorge Bergoglio has swallowed the papacy in a way we have never seen.

So we are witnessing a new phase in the age-old war between the Church and the Adversary. The Church is being re-purposed from the Church Militant to temperature-regulated planetary Mother, suckling each person at her abundant breasts with material aid and mercy.

You don't have to destroy the Church. You just have to put the right men in place who will give the Church a new meaning. The silversmiths of Ephesus will soon be back to work.

"Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!"

The Tragedy of Jorge Bergoglio

The tragedy is that it is good to hear about mercy, and helping the needy. By presenting an unbalanced and eccentric message that just sounds like Jorge Bergoglio ruminating over his personal obsessions, however, that message gets lost. Many Catholics are merely dazzled, while others are confused and frightened by this Pope. We could do better.

It is important to remember that the Pope is not the Church. We must carry on as good Catholics and recognize that the Church is protected in ways that even someone as scary as Jorge Bergoglio cannot subvert. Nail your foot to the floor in front of your favorite pew, for now, and wait for the new pope.

Go HERE to see a bill of particulars against Pope Francis from The Remnant. While a little of it will be of more interest to traditionalists, it is still a remarkable document. It was, by the way, produced in connection with a petition for the Pope to resign. The Bear has no advice about that at the moment. It might raise your information-action ratio.


  1. My first response to news of the petition was "why bother", but reconsideration caused me to sign it, if for nothing more than as a small record that I stood up to the Deluge.

  2. If we're all saved regardless of creed--except perhaps the worst of us, who are merely annihilated--the Bergoglian program makes perfect sense. If we're all saved, we should focus solely on those things that threaten our well-being in the here and now. Let's eliminate poverty, fight global warming, welcome (so-called) sinners unconditionally, ignore religious differences, welcome immigrants in whatever number, and seek peace at any price.

    On the other side of the coin, we should strive to eliminate the wreckers, those serpents who introduce friction into our earthly paradise-in-the-making: orthodox Catholics, religious "fundamentalists", political conservatives, capitalists, and weapons manufacturers, among others. If such people are allowed to continue to propagate their errors, they will lead many astray.

    1. What you say makes a lot of sense. Old school leftism simply discounts an afterlife. Either way, the here and now is the only thing that we should worry about. The joke is that we have a Pope, and we can only guess at what he believes when it comes to matters religious. How exciting for us!

    2. If I had to hazard a long-range diagnosis, I'd say that he just doesn't believe. Could any faithful Catholic--let alone a pope--ever refer to the Blessed Sacrament as "a little bread and wine"? Could they reduce the Queen of Heaven to an angry little Jewish crone impotently shaking her fist at God? Could they tell a group of dying children that there's no explanation for their suffering? Could they repeatedly dissuade non-Catholics from entering the Church?

      It all points in the same direction, and that direction is horizontal. All that matters is the here and now, the material conditions of earthly life. Even the five references to salvation in Laudato Si (especially "salvation in beauty" and "communitarian salvation") seem to indicate something other than the Catholic meaning.

      Thankfully, he's becoming clearer by the day. He's speeding up, as Archbishop Fernandez predicted he would if he thought he was running out of time. But the more blatant he becomes about his intentions, the less room he leaves for starry-eyed excuses about mistranslations or media manipulation. In the end, everyone will have to choose a side.

  3. Jesus told us "the poor you will always have with you", but pope francis knows better. Jesus must have been short-sighted, lacking the will of this great papal figure. He'll straighten that out, and bring some REAL mercy. (and be humble at the same time) I think back on those nauseating displays of humility and am repulsed.
    He is, to my mind, such a disturbing historical accompanying figure to Obama. They do share some overlapping characteristics.
    We are bad, to deserve these two at the same moment in time.

    1. The Bear would say the West has lost its nerve. We lazily look for Celebrity / Messiahs like President Obama and Pope Francis. They both speak epoch-changing language that it's exciting to believe in. Meanwhile, while basking in the glow of celebrity, they don't actually solve any problems or, to put it plainly, do their jobs.

      The Bear does not see solutions anywhere when so few people see the problems, and see through the flim-flam. We're particularly shut out of the Catholic Church, where the laity was never meant to have a voice, despite all the V2 happy talk.

  4. Bear,
    "The Pope says what Jorge Bergoglio thinks and wants. The human personality of Jorge Bergoglio has swallowed the papacy in a way we have never seen." By Job, you've got it!

    As Catholics know, God has a tendency to rename people when he sets them apart to accomplish his purposes: Sarai to Sarah, Abram to Abraham, Jacob to Israel, and, of course, Simon to Peter. Jorge Bergoglio changed his name, but did not discern the change in himself to be the Pope. Rather, he clings to his old identity and firmly believes (ironically to be sure) that he has the truth. Galatians 2:20 packs a powerful blow against him: "And I live, now not I; but Christ liveth in me. And that I live now in the flesh: I live in the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and delivered himself for me." (yes, it's Douay-Rheims).

    I believe his incessant attacks against us fundamentalist Catholics is purely defensive flailing so as not to confront his own . . . . . . . . pride! It is his pride, the pride of all leftists, that is driving him. The public acts of "humility" are in truth acts of pride. They are his phylacteries (Mt. 23:5).

    I now know what to pray: that Jorge Bergoglio becomes Pope Francis.

    The Troll

    1. Humility can flip to pride so easily. And people with pride are the ones easily nettled -- pardon me -- wounded by word-stones thrown at them. His obsessive complaints against sins of the tongue are meant -- the Bear believes -- to chill criticism of his mistakes. He wants to go through his pontificate as Jorge Bergologlio until it's time to gain something out of being Pope. Then he dusts off the sedia gestatoria and tiara and suddenly he's Leo XIII. And yes, your prayer is a great one. But we knew from the beginning he considered himself somehow greater than the office, when his displays of humility were of greater importance than the traditions of the ancient institution he had just taken over. Now, was that humility, or pride? Humility would have been to be subsumed by Pope Francis, as you suggest, and not insist on changing things from the beginning to suit his own personal style.

  5. I think Bergoglio would find Lennon's "Imagine" to be his perfect theme song for the utopian kingdom on earth he is out to create.

  6. Dude is seriously messed up and perhaps (I say "perhaps" with respect for the office and out of charity) intentionally so. Yet I can't sign that petition. The onus is on the Cardinals, if anyone. This is not our lot, and not likely to do any good. In fact, it is likely to backfire.


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