Monday, December 28, 2015

Circling the Void

Ms. Mullarkey
As readers know, the Bear hardly ever links to someone else's work, preferring to inflict his own view and style upon his friends. But he is making an exception for this very interesting and timely piece by Maureen Mullarkey.

Whether anyone wants to admit it, the very nature of the papacy has changed through the boomer generation. It is said that St. Pope John Paul II was seen by more people than any other person in history. We saw the throngs of adoring Catholics surrounding the man in white on our televisions. Everyone did.

The change accelerated with the election of the elderly gentleman from Argentina. He has used the media to change perceptions of what the Church believes. Pope Benedict called the Vatican II council's evil shadow "The Media Council." The elderly gentleman from Argentina is creating a "Media Pontificate." He commands the cameras. He speaks into the microphones. It is a living demonstration of Marshall Mcluhan's maxim, "The medium is the message."

And that message is, fundamentally, "The Pope." He is the Church. He has transcended his proper role and become an Oracle, uttering dark imprecations or bright inspirations; answering questions with Delphic ambiguity, such as "who am I to judge?"

But remember, this is a symbiotic relationship between the cameras and microphones on one hand and the elderly gentleman from Argentina on the other. Now get ready for this: the Pope is binding and loosing doctrine and discipline with the help of the international news media.

It is practically inevitable unless our popes realize the danger and exercise discipline and reserve. It seems impossible that the elderly gentleman from Argentina will learn this lesson.

If the Church were an organism, one might be tempted to say that the papacy has metastasized.

But why go on when there is a more elegant explanation that you may read and enjoy.


  1. With all this twitter about the "g-spot" I thought at first you wrote that "the Church is an orgasm". With Francis there is unseemly hysteria and adoration that's for sure! The thought of him certainly dampens my libido, however.

    1. The Bear had to check -- just to make sure. Although he does believe Bernini went a bit overboard on The Ecstasy of St. Teresa, no, no orgasms. I saw on a traditionalist site that they were a sin, anyway. Surely mercied away, though! And keep up with the Bear on his big story. Many fishing lines are in the water, and the Bear is patiently waiting for a big one.

  2. The elderly gentleman is proving how quickly a lack of faith and lots of chutzpah can unwind 2000 years of doctrine and tradition. The devil himself could not have done it any better.

  3. Not a fan of Maureen.

    But, off topic, thought the Bear might be interested in this piece by a fellow defense attorney.

    On his blog, is a recent post about becoming a new gun owner even after having at one time argued for repealing the 2nd amendment. Interesting what the reality of terrorism does to people's views as they confront the reality.

    1. Many defense lawyers are libs, but there are a few rock-ribbed conservatives out there. Glad this gentleman is seeing the light.

      As for Maureen, "De gustibus non est disputandum." Heck, the Bear even hears there are one or two that aren't his fans! Most of them are high-level clerics, though.


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