Friday, December 11, 2015

Giant Polar Bear Terrorizes Paris

Sure, polar bears. Everybody loves those pin-headed seal-killing machines. But even the Bear must feel a twinge of humiliation on their behalf.

This is "Aurora," (the name of a Greek goddess, in case anyone's keeping score). It is a giant puppet that Greenpeace drags out at climate events. Because the polar bears are trapped on melting ice islands and can't swim back for some reason. They managed to swim out to them, didn't they? (Although polar bears are incredibly stupid, so the Bear can see that.)

In 1918 the Bear was unwillingly employed by the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution. (Russians love Bears, but this Bear's timing could not have been worse.)

He was part of an agitprop circus that traveled by train from town to town illustrating the evils of anti-Marxists. The train, which was called "Lenin's Train," was painted in bright colors, and there was indeed a circus air to its arrival in a town. Masses would turn out to get pamphlets, watch movies, and  (supposedly) receive health care information.

Rare photographs of Bolshevik agitprop train.

The point is, the Bolsheviks had more giant puppets than a Pink Floyd concert. Giant puppets have a long history in leftism. There is a direct line from "Lenin's Train" to Aurora. (This was where the Bear learned the importance of agitprop.) But that is not communism! Sure it isn't.

Leftists never change. It makes them easy to recognize at least.


  1. We should start an agitprop train going around the country. Paint it with caricatures of wicked churchmen and make stops at all the rural parishes.

    1. That's a great idea. We could work in a giant puppet of Pope Francis. And we've already got a Bear. I can ride a bicycle (and a motorcycle), dance, all sorts of Bear tricks. An act! Oh the Bear's heart is beating so fast. I assume you have a train.

    2. Or how about getting several bloggers together to make a virtual agitprop train where each would contribute graphics, entertainment, education which would take about 20 minutes to click through.

    3. We'll call it the Truth Train.

    4. We can write a theme song to the music of "Peace Train."

      Truth Train's comin' at you,
      Better get outta the way.

      Something welcoming.


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