Sunday, December 27, 2015

Maureen Mullarkey Withdraws Apology over ESAG Piece

Ms. Mullarkey
Based on research and analysis conducted by the Bear and the Hound, writer Maureen Mullarkey has withdrawn her apology over submitting "The Theology of the Clitoris," to The Federalist. This was her contribution to the body of work sparked by the Daily Mail's revelation that the European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology was holding its 1st World Congress at the Patristic Institute, next to the Vatican. Inevitably it was spread as "the Vatican G-Spot Conference." (Which really irritates the sponsor, so we should probably not use that anymore. But most people don't have any idea what "ESAG" is.)

Mullarkey, one of the most talented writers around, was informed by The Federalist that they had pulled her piece after a complaint by the Patristic Institute, who denied the whole thing, and maybe even used the word "hoax."

Oakes Spalding of Mahound's Paradise made a comment on the Bear's blog that maybe there wasn't a hoax after all. The Bear began snooping around the story like it was a six-pack of garbage cans and contacted Dr. Bader, who is behind the ESAG conference. The Bear can tell you, he is one mad aesthetic gynecological surgeon who feels shafted by the Vatican. Read previous articles to understand why the Bear finds his story credible. (And, the Patristic Institute's and Fr. Lombardi's not.)

Although the Bear has his preliminary opinion, the case remains open. There are certain pieces of evidence the Bear is waiting for, and Dr. Bader has promised a press release that will contain proof.

But you won't want to miss why Ms. Mullarkey has withdrawn her apology, here: "Scrap the Mea Culpa!"

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