Monday, December 7, 2015

Pope Francis' Naked PR Woman Indicted

Francesca Chaouqui in happier days.

"We need a new PR person for the Vatican. Find me a woman who posts playful pictures of herself and her partner online naked! That's just the kind of image we need for the Vatican: a good-looking naked woman!"


What could possibly go wrong?

The Bear will not go into the more sordid allegations, but Francesca Chaouqui fulfilled at least the Bear's expectations by just not quite working out. She is one of five suspects indicted in the Vatileaks 2 investigation. She is charged with conspiracy and stealing and leaking classified documents to writers. The Bear hastens to add that on this blog, at least, she is considered innocent until proven guilty.

1 comment:

  1. Yes Bear, it is time for a TMZ Vatican Gossip Column with it's nice mix of sex, salvation and scandal available daily. It should be a sensation.


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