Sunday, December 20, 2015

St. Corbinian's Bear Original Art Rip-Off on Amazon

Victim of Theft and Exploitation

Who would steal original artwork from a poor Bear's blog and slap it on an iPhone case to peddle on Amazon? Lame. They even called it the "St. Corbinian's Bear iPhone Case."

The Bear invites the woodland creatures to drop by Amazon (direct link to offending page) long enough to leave an appropriate rating and brief review, if they have an extra couple of moments (and an Amazon account).

UPDATE: (Oddly enough, it has a 100% 1 star rating.) Best comments so far:

"This store sells terrible pirated merchandise... the Turkish Superman movie had more effort put into  it."

"I'm just curious. Did you feel like a member of Ocean's 11 when you callously pilfered the artwork for your merchandise?"

UPDATE 2: You guys are cracking me up.


  1. Being a lawyer Bear, you probably know more about this than a Sheep, but here's a link if you wanted to complain to Amazon.

    It's very disheartening to find this sort of exploitation and thievery and it undermines our faith in humanity, not that humanity is doing so well lately.

    There seems to be an attitude that anything posted to the internet is up for grabs and ignorance and lazy opportunism are hard to stomp out.

    Other Bears have similar problems:

    1. Cool videos! The Bear did finally figure out how to lodge a copyright complaint, thank you. It ships from China, so, oh well, what do you expect. As a Bear, immediate retaliation is still called for, however. (Poor Bear will never learn to turn the other cheek and all that.)

    2. Unfortunately, the copyright infringement process is ridiculously complicated and requires using a form that does not seem to apply.

    3. I've raised the copyright question just now with Amazon, Bear, and am awaiting confirmation of its publication on site.

      PS I've had some wonderful photos of mine pinched from the web. My fault, I suppose.

    4. I've just had confirmation that my comment/review has been posted by Amazon. It reads as follows (I hope it accurately describes the circumstances, Bear). Alas my secret identity is revealed!

      "This sketch of St. Corbinian's Bear looks exactly like the iconic one used for the St. Corbinian's Bear blog and, as I am given to understand, may be the intellectual property of the blog writer thereof. I should want proof of intellectual and artistic copyright before I'd purchase this item either through or from Amazon.

    5. If it ships from China, a Bear probably could not stop its production. The best a creature could hope for is that Amazon would remove the item from their website. I think the Digital Millennium Copyright Act requires them to do that. However the process is tedious and the obstacles often cause more aggravation.

      The Sheep has had some experience with image stealing (Catholic publishers no less!) and sympathizes with the Bear's feelings of outrage.

  2. Massive Bear Ripoff Exposed
    By Michael E. Dowd on December 21, 2015

    This image is the property of The Bear where authentic St Corbinian's Bear merchandise is sold. Here's how:

  3. Your efforts hearten the Bear and are way more fun than Amazon pulling the item. I filled out the form to challenge it, and Amazon promptly redirected me to the same form to answer several questions that don't fit go with the fields in the form.

    While potential buyers will hopefully be scared off it is unfortunate that the Chinese offenders will be unlikely to to appreciate your wit.

  4. You are a lawyer. You can take care of this.

    Shame on those thieves.

  5. A criminal defense lawyer. For a few more days, anyway. Obtaining relief from Chinese pirates is entirely beyond my competence. Fortunately, my friends have engaged in a shaming campaign which should scare away potential buyers.


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