Tuesday, December 22, 2015

There's a Wild Child Coming

The Bear's sole remaining military son is driving up from Ft. Hood tonight. After a spate of blogging in the past couple of weeks, the Bear will probably be taking it easy and enjoying his family.

The Bear wishes to take a moment to thank his benefactors of the past year. Your efforts really made a difference in more ways than one. It's easy to hit the donor button and provide some salmon for the Bear if you appreciate his work.

Two pieces broke into the all-time top-ten list within a few days of one another. The Aqualung Code is pure parody with no particular point other than a fun could-have-been by a Jethro Tull fan. And some of the things Pope Francis says do sound like lyrics from Aqualung.  The Most Dangerous Man in the World evidently resonated.

These are dark times. But don't be fooled. They can't change the truth. And what they do is on them. We cannot go wrong by putting our heads down stubbornly and living like Catholics despite all the madness going on around us.

And with all due respect to those who may prefer a different style of Catholicism, the Bear believes we can thrive as ordinary Catholics in our banal parish churches, punished by the usual nauseating sing-a-longs. Suck it up, dear friend. This is the Church we get in our day, and it is our job to make the most of it. Take your finger off that eject button, and nail your foot to the floor in front of your favorite pew and die there.

The elderly gentleman from Argentina will have his day, and who is to say any of it will stick?

Christ is coming!

There's a track from Ian Anderson's very latest album, Homo Erraticus that the Bear likes. It's called Puer Ferox Adventus. There's a Wild Child Coming. There is something wild about the Child who will be with us shortly. The Bear somehow finds hope and excitement in that description. We could use some wildness.

But then a Bear would say that.


  1. Merry Christmas Bear to you and your family. We will all be looking forward to 2016--The Year of the Bear with lots of insightful musings and plenty of fresh salmon to keep him satisfied.

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Bear, your Bear family and all the woodland creatures. I've enjoyed your blogging and I look forward to more in the New Year. You've helped me keep my sanity throughout these dark and crazy times.

    1. Merry Christmas, Laurel! The Bear is glad he helped.

  3. Happy Christmas to you and yours, Bear, and on the joy of having your son in the military return home. No one in my family serving since 2004 in Fallujah.

    Would your son be an Ursus Major, Bear? God bless all of you and grant you His Peace.

    1. Merry Christmas, Your Honor! Not a good feeling having loved ones in harm's way. The military tradition runs strong in the Bear Clan, though.

  4. Merry Christmas Bearesq, Bearoness, and bearette (and please thank him for his service to our country for me!)
    Thank you kindly for your blog. (And I would donate but I have nothing.)
    God bless you.

    1. Your good wishes are donation enough. Merry Christmas!


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