Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top Ten List

The Bear isn't claiming they're the best, just the most-viewed, thanks to linking to by Pewsitter, or, in one case, Fr. Z. Warning, you might be depressed after reading. So here they are in reverse order:

10 - Yes, the Bear pretty much called Archbishop Cupich a psychopath.
The identifying feature of psychopaths, the intraspecies predators, the Ted Bundys of the world, is their inability to feel empathy. It's all the same to them. When the Bear reads a laundry list of social justice issues that are somehow supposed to be equivalent to the revelations about Planned Parenthood, he imagines cold eyes and a brain that is not processing information the same as his does.
9 - Then there was The Homodemolition of the Church. This is one the Bear still likes.
These gentlemen are in charge. Homosexuals first undermined the Church by their abusivness, and then were held out as the way for it to make its peace with a wicked generation. How sick is that?
8 - Did you know this? Pope Provides Protestant Explanation of John 6? If there is a crown jewel of Catholic apologetics, besides giving Peter the keys, the discourse in John 6 about the eucharist is it. Why casually throw it away by agreeing with Protestants about it?
Today Pope Francis managed to explain today's Gospel reading without a single reference to transubstantiation. In fact, he went one better. He said that what Jesus meant by that flesh and blood talk was the "sacrifice of his very life." That's right. It was not that bread and wine would actually become His Precious Body and Blood. Forget that. Our Lord was merely challenging people with the fact of his coming death, His "failure" as Messiah.
7 - If the Bear has a magnum opus, surely it is The Aqualung Code. The Bear is under no illusions that he enjoyed writing the long low-key parody more than anyone did reading it. But for whatever reason, it was popular. A good game of "spot the Bergogliosims."

6 - Then there was the Bear's reaction to Michael Voris' despicable attack on Pope Benedict, the Bear supposes since his man is no longer defensible. Michael Voris: Claws Out on "Benedict's Fingerprints."
In defending Pope Francis, which seems to be the one and only mission of Church Militant TV now, Voris implied that Benedict lied about his health to get out of the papacy, called his retirement "possibly immoral," called his retirement a "cataclysm" that may take centuries to fix, said Benedict as a father, abandoned his children, and blamed the whole Synod on him, not Francis. The classic SODDI defense: some other dude did it.
5 - Micheal Voris was the subject of another popular post. Michael Voris: To the Left of Me the Church of Nice, To the Right the Reactionaries.  Michael Voris has charted the exact path we must follow. On step off in one direction and you're in the "Church of Nice." (Most ordinary Catholics.) Step off the other way and you're an evil reactionary.
But to adopt a policy of ignoring Pope Francis short of him infallibly declaring the Moon to be made of green cheese is unsupportable in a Western institution. If God wanted robots blindly obeying the big cheese in every tiny detail, no matter how ridiculous or harmful, He would have not a pope in Rome, but an imam, and there would be a great big mosque where St. Peter's sits, around which we would all deliriously orbit.
4 - A Frank Talk About Papa stopped just short of saying Pope Francis has narcissistic personality disorder. "The Pope expects assent to his climate change encyclical. The faithful expect a Pope who is not incompetent. We seem to be at an impasse."

3 - A recent one: The Most Dangerous Man in the World. The Bear's most developed thinking about Pope Francis.
Using his name is not to show the Pope a lack of respect, or still less a rejection of his office, but to acknowledge that the human personality of an elderly gentleman from Argentina has swallowed up the institution of the papacy. We bounce from personal enthusiasm to pet peeve, seemingly at random, loosely linked by a collection of familiar tropes and phrases. Every once in awhile, the irresistible presence of a microphone will elicit an off-the-cuff inanity as connected to Catholic thought as a Marx Brothers movie.
2 - The Bear isn't sure why Michael Voris posts are so popular. But at Number 2, here's Voris to Bloggers: DROP DEAD.  Unless you have a theology degree and extensive secular journalism experience you have no business blogging. Wait, we're saved! I happen to have those same qualifications!
This is where it gets interesting. It reminds the Bear of the scene in Ghostbusters where Venkman tells the guy at the library, "Back off, man. I'm a scientist." Except now it's "Back off, man. I'm a Professional Journalist." 
1 - And the most popular post by a wide margin (thanks to Fr Z linking to it) is In Cauda Venenum. The venom is in the tail. A way of saying that people get to their point only at the end. Pope Francis started with a great defense of marriage. But he ended with this mess of mercy sans responsibility:
"The sabbath is made for man, not man made for the sabbath," Pope Francis said. (Jesus broke the sabbath rules by eating handfuls of grain as the walked; what rules-breaking does Pope Francis contemplate?) Now he's quoting Our Lord about "the sick" and "sinners." "The Church must be a good Samaritan to a wounded humanity," the Holy Father said. (And so the Church is, already!) He quotes St. Pope John Paul II that, “Error and evil must always be condemned and opposed; but the man who falls or who errs must be understood and loved… we must love our time and help the man of our time” The Church must not close its doors; must be a bridge, not a roadblock.


  1. Happy New Year, Bear and all. We look forward to your humorous and spot-on commentary on the nefarious goings-on in all things Catholic, or not so Catholic, in 2016. Hopefully, this time next year, some of the players you mentioned in your top 10 list will no longer be with us. Many Blessing to you, your family and your work!

  2. Thanks to you, Bear, Pollyannaism is in retreat. Keep those bear claws out exposing evil in high places.


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