Monday, December 21, 2015

Vatican G-Spot Conference

Okay, the Bear knows the Vatican is just leasing out some unused space in the center of all that is holy. It's not like Pope Francis is going to get in front of a microphone and elaborate on the glories of the G-Spot. Probably.

If you haven't heard, the Vatican is hosting a medical conference revolving around the uses and medical enhancements of the G-Spot, and the even more mysterious O-Spot. Apparently, the festivities will include a meeting with Pope Francis.

Could it be "Growl Spot?"
In full disclosure, the Bear has no idea what a G-Spot is, much less an O-Spot, and, as usual, can't be bothered to research his slipshod articles. Does the Bear have one? He wants to know, especially if it can be useful in tearing people's jawbones off. Right now, he simply has no idea if "watch out, or I'll attack you with my G-Spot" is a credible threat. The Bear suspects that if you're having to use your G-Spot, it's a situation where you'd better know what you're doing.

Whatever this mysterious G-Spot is, the Bear is glad that Pope Francis is on top of it. Now we just need to get him into an airplane so he can it explain it to us.


  1. On a related note,

    1. First, that is one of those wood pulp vehicles of ephemeral literature from old time days, isn't it? As for the advertisement, t-a-c-k-y.

  2. Youth unemployment, the loneliness of the old, , and unenhanced g-spots are some if the world's greatest evils.

    Seattle kim

    1. LOL -- although the Bear will reserve judgment until he learns more from this conference. Now he's thinking it might be a point on opponents that when struck disables them. A bear can't have too many tricks at his disposal.

  3. "Whatever this mysterious G-Spot is, the Bear is glad that Pope Francis is on top of it."

    I just screamed.

  4. I haven't laughed that hard in quite a while.


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