Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Yeah, That's Heresy

This never gets old. "Wait. She looks a lot bigger up close." This is just to make you smile. The Bear reckons you might need one.

The Bear could not sleep last night, as his 450 gm. ursine brain was spinning like a top. A top shooting flaming nails out of it. It's been a bad month.

The Bear is not learned. He can't define all the degrees and kinds of heresy. But like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said of pornography, "I know it when I see it."

First we had the January Intentions video. Sure looks like heresy to the Bear. 500 years ago somebody would have had some 'splaining to do before the Inquisition.

Then we had Cardinal Koch's New Jew View, "The Gifts and Covenants of God are Irrevocable," from the Commission on Relations With the Jewish Faith. The take away is that the normal method of salvation for Jews is to reject Jesus Christ. Ha! But we put one over on them! They still benefit from from some sort of impersonal salvation process through Jesus, even as they reject Him. But that's a mystery they did't even try to justify. The ADL said, "whatever" and issued their press release that Jews don't need Jesus, but the Church can't exist without Jews. The Bear hastens to add that it is non-magisterial; just a glorified press release. That does not matter, however, because to everyone, it's "the Church says." This was to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Vatican II's Nostra Aetate

Yeah, that's heresy.

Arte Johnson from "Laugh-In"
Then our Pope thought of another "biggest problem." The biggest problem today is that people feel overwhelmed by their sins. And fortune telling. This is like telling Americans their biggest problem is that they don't eat enough. We need more awareness of sin! Everybody's fine with their sins. They even wave colored flags to celebrate them and inform everyone of their nature. Repentance, then Mercy! 

From behind the foliage, wearing a German helmet and smoking a cigarette, "Not heresy, but shtupid."

We're far from over. The Pope visited the Great Synagogue in Rome. He's never happier than when he's as far away from Catholics as possible. He said this: "The Church, while professing salvation through faith in Christ, recognizes the irrevocability of the Covenant." Huh? Perhaps a kind reader will explain to the Bear what that even means. The Bear suspects it means, "Now I'm going to say something that will make you happy, but will sound like I'm still a Catholic."  But it is an incomplete thought, so the Bear cannot determine if it is heresy or not.

"Whatever you said, it sounded good to us. We've got our covenant. End of story."

Then there were the priests giving communion to Lutherans (whether they wanted it or not, according to some reports), with knowledge and approval of the Vatican. A harbinger of things to come? Certainly sacrilege, but the Bear doesn't know if it is heresy. But the Bear would have scattered everyone with a terrifying roar just in case.

Too short? Who are you to judge?

Then the Pope changed the rules for Holy Thursday foot washing to include "those from among the people of God." He encouraged the choosing of those reflecting the diversity of the parish: men, women, children, ill. While it is not heresy to change the rules (he can do that) it does destroy the symbolism of Jesus and his (male) Apostles. Now it is just a general gesture of humility. Two totally different things. Generally, the Bear has noticed that the Church over the last fifty years just doesn't understand symbolism or how to design effective rituals.

According to a study of erogenous zones of 800 Brits, none were reported. Relax, the Bear is joking. In reality, "feet scored surprisingly low." (This is the kind of in-depth research that sets SCB apart.) So if you are just kind of creeped out by the above picture, that's on you. But the Bear still has little confidence in the good sense of many pewsitters on the distaff side, and cringes at what might occur. (Sorry ladies, but you know what the Bear is talking about, especially at parishes with the newer liturgy.)

Then came the big news. Pope Francis would make a Halloween pilgrimage to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation with a joint Lutheran-Catholic liturgy. (The Bear has already seen the spin: it's a "commemoration," not a celebration.) The Bear honestly cannot believe how a Pope can do that. Won't his Popeliness just disappear? If he despises the Catholic Church so much, why doesn't he resign and become a Muslim on Friday, a Jew on Saturday, a Lutheran on Sunday, and Orthodox, Evangelical, Buddhist and atheist on the rest of the days? Heresy? 

Oh, yeah, that's a hella heresy. Christian unity cannot be a unity in error. It can only be a return of wandering sheep to the fold. This does not fit in with the world's agenda, though.

Pope Francis also apologized again, which is hardly even news anymore. But not a heresy.

Bear holding a fish up to show
this is important.
The Bear has noticed something about where Pope Francis strays. It is always following the spirit of the age. Diversity. Global Warming, Tolerance. Socialism. Self-Abasement by non-victim classes, and the erasure of established boundaries. These are the virtues and ceremonies of the Prince of the World. In other words, when Pope Francis errs, he errs exactly as the world errs. If he can, he will steer the Barque of Peter into the strong current of the age, and away from the safe course of the ages.

We have a Pope who appears to be informed by the Spiritus Mundi, not by the Church. That is why everything must change.

Death mask of Martin Luther.

All of this happened in one single month. The Bear fears it makes for an exhausting read. The Bear's confidence in Pope Francis has never been lower. Nonetheless, the Bear shall pretend he is Pope, because it gets really messy otherwise. And now, more than ever, he will nail his foot to the floor in front of his favorite pew in his regular plain ol' Catholic Church that must still exist, despite the antics of it's leaders. The Bear can see it, right where it always was. Everything Pope Francis has done can be undone by his successor. Or some pope the Bear shall never live to see. We were born in the age of the world. It will not last forever.

We will be delivered from Pope Francis' many errors, one way or another. We should spend at least as much time considering the state of our own souls, especially as Lent approaches.

And brace ourselves for February's horrors.


  1. Bear, very astute comments and observations. Right now I sense that the church is heading toward free fall. I cringe to think how the church will look like and worship in the future. We must always pray for the Pope and pray that he will lead the church along the path of goodness, truth, and beauty and away from error.

  2. The Pope's an Arian. It took a long time, but Arius has finally triumphed. Arianism is the root of both Islam and Protestantism.

  3. Alas, poor Bear! The honey-pot is always half empty for you.

    1. As a defense lawyer and a creature that is legal to hunt for sport, I tend to look at the glass half empty.

  4. Not pope related but any thoughts on the grand jury indictment of David Daeiden? I've heard this may be a good thing because of discovery?

    1. A Grand Jury can be used by pusillanimous prosecutors to "wash" a case. Let's say suspect may very well be guilty, but for whatever reason, you don't want to take responsibility for charging him. The reason is usually political. Sometimes a prosecutor knows the case is a loser, but the public is out for blood. Other times it may be more purely political. So he presents a weak case to the Grand Jury, and they no bill it. Now he can say, "It wasn't me, it was that Grand Jury!" It seems within the realm of legitimate speculation that PP was "washed" out of an indictment.

      The odd thing is that it seems dumb to charge the investigators. Is that a case they really want to try? Now defendants have the power to subpoena documents, as well as obtain ordinary discovery. It seems to be the smart thing would be to wash all defendants and wipe your hands of the whole thing. I have to believe the investigators will be capably represented and well-funded.

      So yes, Planned Parenthood would seem to be exposed with the indictments. If this case went forward, you can expect much litigation over documents and their relevance. The trial judge might rule that whatever Planned Parenthood may have been doing does not have anything to do with the defense. All I'm saying is that (a) I think PP was washed; (2) I can't figure out why they would indict the others; and (3) there is a lot of tricky legal work ahead for the defense team, and one should not assume this is the golden key to all of Planned Parenthood's nefarious deeds.

    2. More... Maybe the prosecutor acted out of sheer spite in securing the indictments. Maybe somebody wanted their pound of flesh. I have no evidence of that, but it's not unreasonable.

      Go to American Catholic for lots of good coverage on this. (Right column.)

  5. Bear I do enjoy your musings from time to time. I too am disquieted by the happenings in he Vatican and apparent/reported happenings involving our pope. One comment said we should pray, that is true. I believe the church is in a state of much needed purgation. Whether our current pontiff is part of the purgation, I do not know. I do know we need to stay close to the Magisterial teachings of the faith, the sacraments, trust in Our Lord and invoke the protection of His/our holy mother Mary during these times. It was the faithful people and rare bishops like Athanasius, not the majority in the clerical state, who battled Arianism.

    Though I agree with Elizabeth regarding the resurgence of Arianism in our times I don't know that there is any "proof" of the pope being a follower. As a side-note for those who don't know the demise of Arius was rather striking:
    and St. Athanasius' letter gives further details about the prayers of Bishop Alexander of Constantinople prior to the demise:
    Dominus vobiscum

    1. Here is a letter from a man who argues against the "Vatican II religion," as he puts it, and cites as one instance the Arianism originally found in the new Mass:

      "the original edition contained the Arian heresy in the fourth eucharistic prayer, by saying to God the Father: “You alone are God,” without any reference to the other Persons."

      (This, he notes, has since been corrected due to its obvious heresy.)


    2. I doubt that was an expression of Arianism, but, rather, carelessness.

  6. There is hope, never lose hope:

    1. Thanks AJON. Good to read, and to do.

  7. Oh hello Bear! A lovely commentary on all things Francis. I was given a link to your site and I'm very happy I visited. I can relate to the sheep at the top of the page thinking the veal is a good place to start. I prefer mine in little juicy disks, lightly breaded with a delicate, lemony butter sauce with few free floating mushrooms swimming about the plate, but on hoof is okay when you can get it. God bless. Ginnyfree.

  8. As a convert from Protestantism I have this to say. We did most of our 8 months of RCIA under Benedict. One day in class the Priest announced who the new Pope would be. In spite of the zeal and joy I had in my conversion, I felt a tremendous sense of spiritual and emotional oppression flow over me. I remember thinking "What should I do?"

    For a solid year I defended every foul thing this Pope did as a mistake of translation or as acts of evil intent by "the media". But with my background {BA in History, studies in Environmental Science and a Protestant seminary degree in Theology and Philosophy and a father who was a Methodist minister and who fought the sodomite supporters and modernists even there} I knew how to read texts and how to find truth in them {after all, that's how I came to the Catholic faith!}.

    And what I was reading in pre-Conciliar documents and in post-Conciliar documents and what I was observing from this Pope was tremendously unsettling. Indeed, recent news for Bergoglio would call into question any Protestant even converting to the Catholic faith...or any move by a Jew or Moslem, either for that matter.

    I no longer try to defend this Pope. In fact, I have found in the teachings and warnings {which are now prophesy} of Pope's Pius IX, Leo XIII, St Pius X, Pius XI and XII, CCC 675 and the testimony of Fatima and of Bella Dodd a totaly satisfactory explanation for what is going on, which I am sure is old news to many Catholics.

    The Church leadership {and laity} has been infiltrated by apostates and apostate teaching. While the CHURCH remains the CHURCH, the leadership is permeated by effeminacy, sodomy, the modernist Zeitgeist and revulsion of the true faith. That appears to be the only rational explanation for the acts and sayings of this Pope as well, tho I really cannot judge him for, "Who am I to judge?"...in the truest sense of that term.

    But I CAN observe, and I can obey what I am called to do, to discern the spirits and judge not by appearances but righteously. And I cannot see how what is going on in the Catholic Church today is not evil attacking at the root the Tree of Life.

    In August of 1940 a Londoner would be in his rights to question the future of Britain. Bombs raining down all around him, the Army on the rocks, the Navy hiding in Scapa Flow, defeat everywhere. But those Londoners kept fighting.

    WE need to be "Londoners". WE need to not give up. WE need to pray, and to rise up and confront WHOEVER may spit on the blood of Christ. And we need to not give up until the Lord returns.

    1. You could read the Bear's articles from early in this pontificate. The Bear defended the Pope for a long time. He had no dislike for the man, or desire for him to fail. The idea that he was a "problem pope" was forced upon a very reluctant Bear, and has only been reinforced by subsequent events.

  9. One more thing: I came to the Church directly from Lutheranism. I really have no doubts in saying that the Lutherans the Pope is demonstrating such effusive "solidarity" with would have been prime candidates for the gibbet were Luther to have met them in his day.

    Yeah, LUTHER t least had some theological and moral standards. The Catholic Chruch and the Pope himself these days?

    1. And, as you know, there is no "Lutheranism," but, rather 100+ different synods, councils and commissions, not all of which (most?) are having anything to do with Catholic rapprochement. So even the narrative of the Pope's Halloween visit is misleading.

    2. Which is true. Watch this Pope. In reading the various documents of the Lutheran/Catholic ecumenical movement one is struck by the extreme presumption made by for example the USCCB in asserting that this or that is the "Lutheran" position, w/ salting and peppering of how "close we are".

      How close can the Catholic Church be to those who support legalized sodomite relationships and adoption of children by same? How close can the Catholic Church be to those who profess WOMEN to be Bishops? How close can the Catholic Church be to those who are willing to ordain and advance sodomites?

      Well, er...uh...as for that last one, well, disregard it....

  10. We reposted this on Catholicism Pure and Simple with a thumbs up and link to your great blog.

    1. I love the video! How delightful, all talk and no action. So very sweet!

      Their has been a lot to deal with. But you shouldn't talk about it, because shhhh...you might upset the clergy, the priests and bishops and cardinals who clearly do not want to talk about this situation at ALL. Just look the other way Bear, look out the window, ponder happy things, nothing to see here, move along. There can't be, because it's never mentioned! Surely if there were a problem, our cardinals, bishops, and priests would warn us often. They wouldn't let us follow a bad shepherd.
      Would they?

    2. I call him "Rapid Mood Swing Ram." -- I am so gonna butt you! Nope! I gonna just boop you on your head.

  11. Israel and The Covenant, we know God hates divorces and would never divorce Israel from himself. The relationship has had good times and bad times but the two can never quite let go. God is revealed through Israel, sometimes in a very bad light through their unfaithfulness and wanderings. God keeps showering his gifts upon his chosen that they may be as one. His greatest gift would be himself, par excellence, surely Israel will be ready to enter into her Lord's mysteries, his revealing of his being as a We, his eternal love giving and recieving perfectly in the Heavenly Convenant. The Trinity would manifest the love and perfection of all that is I am. I am the Father, I am the Son, I am the Holy Spirit, face to face with truth, healing and mercy to be accepted and redeemed. Israel your God takes you higher and lets you see his face, hear his voice, know his spirit, the time of visitation is here but must wait for another day. Those who are ready go with the Lord to show the God of Israel, his mission of redemption is now and even death will not bury it. The separation with Israel is painful to those who love her, with St. Paul we look forward to the day of reconciliation.

    1. So a Jew who rejects Jesus Christ, is not baptized, has no faith in Him, is saved by a different way than everyone else? The Church has always taught the unique salvific role of Christ. It has always rejoiced when Jews sincerely converted, such as Alphonse Ratisbonne, who experienced a (Vatican approved) vision of the Virgin Mary at his conversion. And she, by the way, did not tell him, "Child of Israel, you have no need of my Son."

      Even Cardinal Koch's document said how Jews could be saved by rejecting Jesus was "a mystery." Perhaps, however, you could further explain these details that puzzle a poor Bear's 450 gram brain.

  12. Those who accept Jesus and does the Father's will are ready to enter into his glory. Those who are separated from Jesus for whatever reason risk eternal separation. We cannot say who is saved, who is lossed because we are not there when final exam comes. We implore all to be united to the one and only Savior. We raise our voice everywhere so as to aid as many as possible with the good news of salvation. Jesus should never be downplayed or counted as one of many ways to the Father, he is the door we must pass through, unbelief will not open the door, mortal sin will not open the door, My Lord and my God will open the door.


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