Sunday, January 17, 2016

Found ONLY at SCB: Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Yep, that's right, no one else has this great SCB feature! The Bear is nothing if not original! So, tell us how your sermon went today. Feel free to include the BAD, as well as the good.

The Bear's wasn't horrible. It did mention the gospel, briefly. "We, too, like the waiters, should be ready to do whatever He tells us to do." Then Father mentioned a few ways people can help the parish. This was a lead-in to a long plea about a joint mission with our campus Newman Center, and how we needed to have a meeting to plan for it. He also told us how fortunate we were to have several Martin Luther King, Jr. celebrations to attend.

The Bear might have observed that Jesus obeyed Mary, who trusted that He would even when He seemed to object. Turning water into wine foreshadows turning wine into blood. The remark that most people serve their best wine first, but here the best wine was saved for last, shows that the New Covenant is superior to the Old Covenant. (Priests are probably not allowed to say that anymore.) Jesus showed charity, and saved the wedding. And  contrary to Baptists, Jesus didn't change the water into Welch's grape juice.

His first miracle was at a wedding, perhaps relating to His role as Bridegroom, and the Church as Bride. We don't hear much about Christ as Bridegroom, for some reason, at least the Bear hasn't. Perhaps the idea of a specific, identifiable, one-and-only Bride makes certain people uncomfortable.

So, woodland creatures, the Bear is interested in learning about the sermon in your parish this fine, clear, crisp day with a few decorative snowflakes.

The Bear is going to turn off moderation for awhile and see how things go. Readers know that we talk only about the plain old Roman Catholic Church only. No links to SSPV sites, no separating the "Novus Ordo Church" from some "real Church." If you can talk about sedevacantism without departing from the plain old Roman Catholic Church, you are free to do so. But please don't go off on Pope Billy Bob on us.


  1. But Bear! Did Jesus 'obey' Mary? She did not tell him to do anything. He, of course, knew what she desired and that desire of hers is what over-rode His initial hesitance.

    I think its sweet actually. Wordless communication between Mother and Son.

    Our sermon here at my parish church in the West of Ireland was something about filling our water jars for refugees so Jesus could increase the impact...or something like that.

    1. You're right. I think the intention was implied, but your interpretation is better.

    2. I don't wish to tread on your paw, but I thought perhaps the Bear might like to have a gander at this offering posted today by Monsignor Charles Pope insofar as it is a marvellously detailed exposition of what the Gospel of the Wedding Feast of Cana reveals of the relationship between Jesus and Mary and ourselves as Mary's children.

  2. Our homily focuses on
    1) Correlation between "Woman" of Garden of Eden who would crush head of serpent, and "Woman" form of address to the Blessed Virgin Mary
    2) Her being present at first public miracle and at the foot of the cross

    St Barnabas Cathedral, Novus Ordo, Nottingham

  3. Our pastor also mentioned the "wedding" theme (Christ & His Church) and expanded on it, noting that Genesis is about a wedding (Adam/Eve) and so is the Apocalypse.

    He also said that St John's image of hundreds of gallons of wine (the amount He created there) reflects the superabundance of graces available through the Sacrament of Marriage.

    (Personally, I think the abundance of good wine is also a metaphor for the (potential of/hoped-for) abundance of children, too.)

    SE Wisconsin

  4. Nice discussion of the miracle at Cana as Epiphany.

  5. The priest made a analogy of Jesus turning water into wine as a foretaste of his Resurrection, where he turns death into life, with a strong notation on the Virgin Mary telling the workers to "Do whatever He tells you to do" and this is a example of having trust in Mary's intercession before God as she implored Jesus to act in his first public miracle.

  6. Homily discussed the scripture. Usually does. Mary was a Jewish mother; you do what your Jewish mother says. In looking at the text, I found it was interesting that Mary was referred to as "the Mother of Jesus" or "His Mother." Id don't think she was called Mary or the Blessed Mother, interestingly.

    Of course we could not escape St Martin Luther King mention..."We shall overcome" as prelude to mass...ugh.

    1. At least you didn't have to sing it as the communion hymn, did you?

    2. No, Praise you Jesus!

      We closed w/"THey'll know we are CHristians." The woman will often play a darned guitar. When she does she races through songs. She was really in a hurry today. Ruined the song.

  7. It always encourages the Bear to know that there are sheep who are actually getting fed, even if he's not. We go to Mass with low expectations and leave disappointed. At least as far as the homily goes.

  8. At the Novus Ordo church where I work but no longer take the sacraments, the ultra conservative deacon ( the other deacon is slightly to the left) ignored the Cana story BUT did deliver a solid anti-abortion homily with an entreaty to sign up for the March for Life.

    I am 100 % sure that the priest at the sede chapel I attend during the week delivered a homily solely based on the scripture of that Sunday in the traditional calendar. An anti-abortion homily in a traditional chapel would be pointless because everyone there knows abortion is a mortal sin.

    Seattle Kim

  9. Our homily can be found online (at ) and was given at both the Ordinary Form and Extraordinary Form Masses. Father pointed out that the wedding feast at Cana prefigured the wedding feast of the Lamb, and that as closely as the two spouses are drawn in marriage is how closely He wishes to draw us to Himself.

    Poor homilies these days are easily supplemented with good content recorded elsewhere. If you know how to do a YouTube search you can find something for every occasion.

  10. "THey'll know we are CHristians." The woman will often play a darned guitar. When she does she races through songs. She was really in a hurry today. Ruined the song.

    THAT wouldn't take much effort.

  11. Our homily was on the Wedding Feast at Cana and the priest focused on the sacrament of marriage, the importance of marriage and the family as foundational to the whole Catholic and human enterprise. He spoke about how God Himself sanctified marriage and raised it to the level of a sacrament, for the sanctification and salvation of the husband and wife, and ultimately the family. He pointed out the parallel between the marriage of a man and a woman to the marriage of Christ to his bride, the Church. I was personally so happy to hear the words spoken that sacramental marriage is only between one man and one woman. Perhaps our organist/choir master was listening. He was 'married' to his male partner in September just after being hired. It has gone around that he is a Catholic convert- but how could that be? Our pastor, bishop and cardinal all know of the situation.....


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