Monday, January 25, 2016

Francis to Mark Reformation in Sweden -- Common Liturgy With Lutherans

"Hey, Antje, let's do Halloween together in Sweden.
I'll bring both the treats and the tricks. You can tell me what you think of my book."

This Halloween, Pope Francis is traveling to the Swedish city of Lund for a joint Catholic-Lutheran celebration of heresiarch Martin Luther to kick off the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. This according to Vatican Radio. Other Protestants will also be participating in the event.

"Excellent! Another photo op! And all I had to do was admit the Church
was wrong all along! Man, this is so easy." Cardinal Koch.

There will be a worship service using a common Catholic-Lutheran liturgical guide ginned up by the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. Cardinal Koch, is the president of that council, and seems to be caught holding a sledgehammer behind his back whenever the Church is attacked from within. (His finger was in the poisonous "Gifts and Calling of God are Irrevocable" pie about which the Bear has written extensively.) "By concentrating together on the centrality of the question of God, and on a Christocentric approach, Lutherans and Catholics will have the possibility of an ecumenical commemoration of the Reformation," Cardinal Koch said.

Which begs the question: why?

Once again, we see Pope Francis eaten up with the cancer of Modernism. That's the charge. The specification is Indifferentism. One might conclude he no longer wishes for Lutherans to return to the Church. He just doesn't see the need. The Catholic Church isn't really any different when it comes to "the centrality of the question of God," or whatever smokescreen Cardinal Koch is laying down for this travesty.

Oh, the world will laud his vision and courage for participating in this historic celebration of a man unfit to have a dog pound named after him. The Bear is glad he isn't responsible for deciding just where Francis is on the continuum of legitimacy. But, how could any true Catholic purport to celebrate a "joint liturgy" with heretics to laud an apostate priest whose ignorance and pride rent the Body of Christ? Pope Francis will be approving, promoting, and, indeed, participating in the worst disaster to befall Christianity.

If Martin Luther was a heretic in his ignorance, what do you call someone who celebrates Luther's heresy with full knowledge of its worldwide consequences during the last 500 years? Who will revel in photo ops while 800 million Protestants are living a faith that is maimed, at best? You call him the hireling who will not go after the lost sheep. The bad tree that bears bad fruit. The foolish servant who buries his Master's talents. A man who takes the candle from its candlestick and hides it under a bushel. A scandal. A fraud. A false prophet. Possibly, even anathema.

We must pray that this Halloween devil's prank does not happen. For deliverance. Whatever else he is doing, Pope Francis, who seems to hold real Catholicism in such contempt, is teaching us to rely on prayer, no matter what the earthly prospects.

If Francis is right, the Catholic Church is wrong, and always has been.

If the Catholic Church is right, Francis is wrong.


  1. Intriguing theme, Bear. I gather there are quite a few scimitars swinging around the streets of post-Lampedusa Sweden.

    May I offer a link to a theme for these times of ours which has a nice sentiment to accompany the apocalypse.

    Hoyt Wayne Axton (19710 "Have a Nice Day" (aka "When It All Comes Down I Hope It Doesn't Land On You")

  2. Replies
    1. The proliferation of scimitars in Sweden or the song, Bear?

    2. Europe is cutting its own throat. The Bear finds it difficult go summon much sympathy for cultures that have lost the will to live. Bears do that. They'll just walk off into the forest and you never hear from them again, Your Honor. There's nothing to be done. We call it the Long Walk.

    3. I would suggest, Bear, that there are any number of cultures within the EU (traditional Catholics among them) who are desperately clinging to life by whatever scant means are yet available within this godless and self-destructive bureaucracy. Dry martyrs, you might say, as Lot and his family were when surrounded by the culture of Sodom and Gomorrah (or as in Ireland, Sodom and Begorrah).

      Save a dram of sympathy for your co-religionists who suffer and await the inevitable.

      We are not even permitted to defend ourselves. Best keep an eye on your own backyard there, Bear. It's coming to a theatre near you soon.

    4. The tide of opinion is turning. Unfortunately, much of it is at Europe's expense as it becomes increasingly clear to everyone that Muslims immigrants are problem children. We'll have isolated terrorists attacks, which will only accelerate saying "ma'a salaam" to a unassimilatable, and unreliable group that holds to a religion that has little in common with what we in the west understand as a religion, and will always be a danger. But, God willing, American common sense will not make a policy of national suicide.

    5. How's that Southern border of yours holding up, Bear? Have you reflected on the possibility, nay the likelihood, that American common sense is underwriting and facilitating the present collapse of the nations of Europe?

      "Common sense", American or otherwise, isn't so common as you might suppose my furry friend. The jury nullification of the elite trumps both the laws of God and of man these days it seems.

      And if we are up to our armpits in Muslims, I suggest that Pope Francis has played no small part in it.

      I understand that Francis will be celebrating a cross-border Mass during his February 2016 visit to Mexico. Should be a rio grand occasion for an exercise in American common sense by the Bishops of the US and the Diocese of El Paso.

    6. The Bear's southern border is formed by the Ohio and the Mississippi. While Zoar's defenses are classified, the Bear has no worries.

    7. Zoar? Bela! A Lot of good there, Bear. Safe beyond the barbecue pit. But who ever suggested you'd escape it all there? Edgar Cayce?

    8. Worked for Lot. And we're armed to the teeth, plus have weaponized goats. And have that whole Bear thing going for us.

    9. Weaponized goats??? In argyle uniforms?

      Elizabeth R

    10. I suspect the Bear is kidding, Elizabeth. Trying to get your...ummm...

      On a sadder note, and in line with some of the Bear's other observations, save divine intervention Europe is lost. I do not say that despairingly, it is a cold hard fact that anyone with vision can quickly discern.

    11. Even more off topic, I'm watching an excellent series called "Occupied" where the EU has the Russians stage a "friendly," bloodless take over of Norway after Norway's "green" PM cuts off all oil and gas production.

      Of course, I do feel sorry for those countries who have brought this pestilence on themselves, the way you pity a drug addict. I think people in many other countries have no appreciation for just how huge the U.S. is. Even as I had no appreciation for how tiny Israel is until I actually went there. We can take a lot of damage. We have experience European countries have lacked until recently. While our southern border is a problem, Mexicans are benign compared to Muslims as a group.

      I do believe that, even yet, the American people are fundamentally different from many Europeans. Here's an example. After the last terrorist attack in France, a writer from Taki Mag went and interviewed ordinary folks. They could not bring themselves to believe that Muslims were responsible. Some floated conspiracy theories. Americans. Israelis.

      That sort of thinking is reserved here to wackos like 9-11 Truthers.

      Of course, people are going to judge us by the morons who have been running the country in recent years. But outside the cities, America remains an independent, well-armed and confident people. There are really two countries here. If we were distributed geographically, we would have long ago had a second civil war. My money is on Red America. People with a 12 gauge, a half dozen handguns, and concealed carry permits.

      The European mind boggles at that, I'm sure.

    12. I might add, 50% of Americans feel exactly like Catholic conservatives feel about the Church. They agree with nothing that is going on and are sick at heart to have B.H. Obama (Pope Francis) running things and being on television every day.

    13. To no small degree the average European (if there is such a thing) has had his/her psyche shaped either directly or indirectly by the carnage of several world wars fought on their home turf with attendant millions and millions of dead and wounded.

      I know that the States run from sea to shining sea, Bear, and its a big meal to swallow, but there are pythons who would have a longhorn steer for a meal given the chance.

      I understand the gung-ho optimism of most Americans. I saw the 1984 film "Red Dawn" and it was reassuring to see a group of American teens (even if one was Patrick Swayze) defeat the sudden invasion of the States by the Communist Cubans (led by Ron O'Neal of Super Fly fame).

      Wolverines forever, Bear. Are Bears related to wolverines?

    14. So no guns in Ireland? Not even fowling pieces?

    15. No guns in Ireland unless you go through a long drawn-out process of requesting permission to own a weapon via application to the Garda Siochana, taking a state-approved training course before purchase of a weapon, getting approval/registering for the weapon you later choose, agree to a time limited certificate to possess renewable every three years, install a state-approved cabinet or other device for securing your firearm when not in use, and agree to unannounced inspections for purposes of assuring you and your weapon are in compliance with the numerous laws. That's just for shotguns. Regulation of rifles are more restrictive and handguns are nearly impossible to come by.

      Pellet guns are subject to the same restrictions. Catapults are legal though.

    16. Incidentally, Bear, in respect of "Red Dawn" I read that there are 7,000 Cubans tramping up to your southern border even now:

      "Thousands of Cuban Refugees Crossing the Border"

      Perhaps your goats smoke cigars. In any event they might want to take it up.

    17. Cubans immigrants have always tended pro-American. My guess would be that these are no different.


    18. I agree completely with Bear on this. I am forever mystified by the seeming attitude of Europeans to almost hope that the US is done for. We've come to the rescue of so many nations in peril, and Americans were stunned to find out some years ago that despite that, we aren't liked. Oh well. Since that time I believe Americans have become more self-protective. America first, now a common mindset.
      We have suffered a sham presidency, an evil puppet regime where our president has been anything but presidential. His diabolical torture of Christian America has been hard to take. He has stirred up everything he can, and he's not done. His last coup de grace is, he hopes, filling our nation with Syrian invaders.
      Note, America is not Europe. We suffered 9/11, and since that time, our opinions on Islam have only been hardened and confirmed by attack after attack. We get it, most of us, and Europe is indeed, cutting it's own throat with hardly a whimper. You should be storming your capitols.
      You don't have weapons? Organize and vote politicians out and put in people who support self-defense. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. A life without hope is worse than no life. "Give us liberty or give us death", still rings true and not just for America.
      Again, Bear is right, Mexicans are benign, mostly Christian, family-oriented people. We are a very blended nation and South Americans don't worry us unless the numbers are absurd as they are now, and then it's an invasion. Open borders are stupid and no sovereign nation can have them.
      Cubans are also pro-American and often, conservative. Good folks. They know how lousy living under a dictatorship and Communism is and they don't want it.
      Noteworthy is Donald Trump's popularity. It shows the current American mindset that Americans are fed up with the political class and are even somewhat desperate. We want our Second Amendment rights and don't want more Muslims in our country. If Donald Trump gets in, watch for big change in American policy. Sen. Cruz as well. We are polarized in our nation, very. Each half thinks the other side has lost it's mind. It was not always this way but it is now. It feels like a fight for survival.
      Europe better get going and start to fight for it's future. Whatever madness possessing the ruling elites of Europe has caused them to allow this invasion, when it has had ample time to study history or simply look at France and see what it's dealing with, the people had better take some drastic action to stop this freefall into self-annihilation.
      The political position of the USCCB, our Bishops, promoting open invasion is untenable and I won't support it at all. Francis has done the same and it's all diabolical insanity.
      I'm sorry for the rant.

    19. Maybe a little off-topic, but Netflix has a brilliant Norwegian series called "Occupied" that involves a "friendly occupation" of Norway by the Russians after a "green" PM cuts off all oil and gas production. Compromise after compromise (everybody becomes compromised one way or another) eventually discloses how far the Russians are willing to go. I HIGHLY recommend it as some of the best television the Bear has ever seen.

  3. The God of Surprises just keeps giving, pretty soon will be reconciling Lucifer and restoring him to his throne.

    Someone made this comment on another blog today:
    "At a certain point (perhaps now) we need to deal with the fact that the slippery slope of Francis has become a cliff. And he seems hell-bent on leaping."

    My response: He will leap because he thinks he can fly, us sheep who like solid ground will look up for a few moments to see Francis then gaze down the gorge to see a speck of white no more.

    Protestants and their antichrist mentality might get their prophecy fulfilled except with a reversal of roles as his followers and not detractors, Luther and Francis, together again, the lovefest and mutual dislike of the papacy/ Holy Catholic Church should be a time of great celebrating for the pretenders of union with the Holy Catholic Church. Let all embrace the Church of Christ with the goal of catholism and
    not protestantism, the heresy of corrupt leadership and spirit.

    The Church does not need us to run to the hills to the arms of disenfranchised Catholics for one reason or another but to remain steadfast to her doctrines/ her shepherds who will not do the Francis Plunge. The Church, I'm sure will be eclipsed by the negatives instead of the positives, times revisited again and again with a strangled hold of emotions. To live in the past too often takes away from the joy of living in the present with Our Lord and Savior who puts his hand to the plow and keeps moving forward. The Church keeps moving forward with the Lord, we will not stop and keep looking back, we will keep our eyes focused on the promise land, the journey is not a road of gold but full of snakes and thorns, heat and mountains, distractions and disturbances, the Lord has no short cuts, we must go through Golgotha and believe.

  4. “St. Vincent of Lerins asked what Catholics should do if the entire Church was infected by a “novel contagion”. He explained that, at such a time, the safe path is to cleave to tradition. He wrote:

    "What then will the Catholic Christian do, if a small part of the Church has cut itself off from the communion of the universal Faith? The answer is sure. He will prefer the healthiness of the whole body to the morbid and corrupt limb.”


    Disease has crept
    Along the branch
    Rotting from within

    A pestilence
    And blackened stench
    Mold that smells like sin

    And in a crook
    On branch near Vine
    There are some plants who sit

    Preferring Vine
    Accepting branch
    Their leaves and stems are split

    But years ago
    A faithful farmer
    Grafted growths to Vine

    Broke from branches
    Twisted cracked
    "These shoots I know are mine."

    And to this day
    Forever more
    To Vine these stalks adhere

    Branching churches
    Priests and schools --
    Glistening grapes appear!

    1. I wish I could compose poetry the way you do so effortlessly, Long Skirts.

      Do you remember that in 2012 Pope Benedict XVI rather surprisingly declared the mystic Hildegard of Bingen to be a saint?

      In her book 'Scivias' (to which Pope Benedict XVI referred) St. Hildegard prophesied of The Five Epochs of the Church, the last being "The Epoch of the Gray Wolf". (To my mind coincidentally evocative of Pope Benedict XVI's exhortation: "Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves.")

      It is worth a read and reflection, particularly in respect of the birth of the Antichrist.

      Peace to you and yours.

  5. I hope the Pope and his entourage are able to avoid the hordes of Muslim marauders who are enriching the Swedish populace with their colorful brand of Diversity. A bit off topic, Standards & Poors are downgrading Catholic Poland's credit rating, taking their marching orders from Angela Merkel's EU and the media for daring to say "No" to Muslim invasion, er, I mean immigration.

  6. The Pope has the opportunity of reaching out to both Lutherans and Muslims while in Sweden. While he's at it Francis could host a slave auction to raise funds for the migrants. Not only would he be raising much needed money, but he would also be showing his multi-culti bonafides. I call it a 2fer.

  7. When we use the word "reformation" in such a context, it should always be in quotation marks.


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