Friday, January 22, 2016

Just Go to Pewsitter UPDATED

The Bear doesn't even know where to start today. Lutherans knowingly given Holy Communion with Vatican approval. Pope Francis officially changing the rules so everybody gets their feet washed, including women and young children, and young women. [EDIT: having commented on the way many young women dress for Mass, the Bear doubts this will necessarily be accomplished with the decency a moment's thought concerning wardrobe would dictate.] To the pure all things are pure, but the Bear can't help feeling creeped out. Norway making Muslim immigrants take a class on how not to rape women.

[EDIT: So, what is in the mind of priests who give the Body and Blood of Christ to people who aren't in communion with the Church, haven't prepared to receive worthily, believe what they are receiving is only bread and wine, and are, in point of fact, heretics? The answer is easy. A mania for Christian unity (a hallmark of Modernism), especially on the eve of the big Reformation Ball where all the bishops, both Catholic and Lutheran, will gayly waltz wearing their finest gowns. At the end, they'll repeat three times, "I believe in Love" while clicking their heels together and the Catholic Church will dissolve into rainbow sherbet and run into all other religions, just like in the Pope's Jesuit Love-Cult video.]

This caught the Bear's eye, though, at Eponymous Flower.
Curial Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, said on June 23, 2015 at the Europe Forum in Bilbao, the Pope had confided to him on 18 June in Santa Marta: "I know that there are many blogs against me."  It was a statement that he could only make from information provided by others. 
Perhaps he pores over a translation of St. Corbinian's Bear ephemeris late every night. A Bear can dream, can't he? [EDIT: that sounded mean. The Bear has no idea how bewildered and hurt Pope Francis might possibly be at his age. He's not an enemy, and the goal isn't to somehow hurt him. He's more like a computer virus. "ATTENTION! YOUR CHURCH HAS BEEN INFECTED WITH THE FRANCIS VIRUS. TYPE: TROJAN HORSE. THREAT LEVEL: HIGH." He may just be doing what he was programmed to do. It's not personal, Holy Father. It's strictly business.  He's not going to change no matter what he hears about in some blog. If anyone has ever dealt with old people, they know they don't change.]

A comment from Andrea Torinelli, apparently some sort of sycophantic journalist at the Vatican, made the Bear burst out laughing. He complained that ephemerists find something to criticize Pope Francis about every day!

Well, dress me up in a tutu, put me on a unicycle, and call me Caroline the Dancing Bear!

Why the Hell does Senor Torinelli  think that might be? Pope Francis must schedule daily outrages a year in advance! And on some days two or three! Ephemerists aren't choosing to devote huge chunks of their precious days making up stuff about the Pope.

And then there's Cardinal Koch, behind the awful "Gifts and Calling of God Are Irrevocable" Jews don't need Jesus press release, that the Bear has written extensively about lately. He slammed the SSPX for objecting to the disastrous policy toward the Jews. He questioned whether they could even be called Catholic, because they did not show due obeisance to the Jews. In this the Bear is with the SSPX. As for Cardinal Koch's infamous press release, which throws Jesus (and the Jews, for that matter) under the bus, the Bear has printed out a ream for suitable use in... nope. There are questions the Bear will not answer, so long as there is injustice in the world. Anyway, it is non-magisterial agitprop.

Is the Bear antisemitic? Of course not. He has no interest in what one group of humans think about another, or of him for that matter. 

He will say this, however. They have dressed him up in a tutu, put him on a unicycle, and called him Caroline the dancing Bear. So you probably shouldn't take anything he says too seriously.


  1. The Pope has no power or authority to the extent he is not aligned with Jesus Christ and His Eternal Church. None. When he, sitting on the August Seat of Peter, claims power he does not have and acts against the clear teachings of God Almighty, there will be consequences in this life and in the next.

    To the extent that he IS in alignment, he is revered and venerated as Christ's visible representative on earth. The full power and force of heaven are behind him. Christians kneel before him, but they actually see Christ. Pagans fear him, but they actually fear Christ and the powers of heaven arrayed with Him.

    I am at peace with my judgement of this man and his cadre. Holy Mother Church FAR exceeds Jorge Bergoglio and the political players of the day. She cares about Saints, in high places or low, and Saints are always essentially the same from age to age.

    1. In reference to the antisemitism charge, I read the thoughtful post by Fr. Cadiet (SSPX) on the topic, "The Gifts and Calling of God Are Irrevocable". A more thoughtful, learned commentary on salvation to the Jews you will not find. He and his Society hope the Jews will be delivered from hell and saved for all eternity. Pope Francis, Cdl Koch and that cadre are happy to let them all die in their unbelief.

      The real anti-Semite is the one wishing and working harm to the Jewish people, and it is most certainly NOT those who wish Jews to be in heaven as God most obviously intended them to be, (weeping for them in their unbelief which remains unchanged after 2,000 years).

      The real problem is not antisemitism but simple basic unbelief within the Catholic Church.

    2. I have not read that piece but your summation of the issues is spot on. What is merciful about encouraging the rejection of the Savior?

      Up is down, Down is Up. Good is Bad, Bad is Good. Catholics are Protestant...

      The world turned upside down.

    3. Cardinal Koch simply wants the approval of men. He would sell his soul for a photo op (and may have). However, this is a press release from a Commission. It is not the teaching of the Church. Of course, it will be trumpeted as such. Ask yourself. Why this huge announcement in a non-magisterial document? Because the Holy Spirit deprived them of the guts to do it up right. And, besides, they know it doesn't matter. A photo op is as good as an ex cathedra definition of truth, to the world. Everyone is happy. No Church doctrines were harmed in the making of this photo op.

    4. I agree in terms of the long view; God's view. From our perspective though, they are actively working harm in this way: they are severing the People of God from the Living Vine. They present false political programs as the gospel and attach them to a non-!living thing; while God and His Church offers them life in the Eternal Church as branches of the True Vine

      Yes, the Eternal Church remains unscathed. But the living, who Jesus calls, are taken away.

  2. None of this surprises me of course, the arrogance though that gets o my nerves. The rule change only goes to show us the Pope KNEW he was not following church liturgical law...It would have been no big deal if he changed it year one when he was elected Pope, now it's just a sign of arrogance from him....But hey, since the laws no longer matter, who cares....Do what one wants....God help us all.

  3. Bear, it would be a high honor to be on Francis's enemies list.

    1. Until they get around to Googling what Bears think of his pontificate, that is unlikely to happen.

  4. How far are we now from the Abomination of Desolation of which the prophet Daniel (and Our Lord) spoke?

    Then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger wrote, commenting on the second temptation of Jesus in his 2004 book ‘On the Road toward Christ Jesus’ (referring directly to Vladimir Soloviev’s ‘A Short Tale of the Antichrist’),:

    “And a phrase of Soloviev’s is illuminating: The Antichrist believes in God, but in the depths of his heart he prefers himself.”

    May I toss into the mix a certain inference the late Malachi Martin made in 1999 in respect of a future pope and the unfolding of the Great Apostasy?

    Martin intimated that it had come to him through a reliable source that there would be a future pope either directly under the control of Satan or possibly possessed. He suggested the precise wording (I think he was alluding to the undisclosed portion of The Third Secret of Fatima) leaves room for one or the other reading.

    Martin suggested it would all play out within 20 years of his (Martin's) 1999 statement.

    1. I've got some little books I bought from a gentleman in Canada that have transcripts of interviews with Malachi Martin. I've never decided how credible he was. I don't think I've ever read an account of any man so steeped in mysteries and contradictions than Malachi Martin. He did know how to pique the imagination, though, which of itself, is neither a good nor bad thing.

  5. I take some rest in CCC 675. It may sound bizarre, but I do. If such evil simply blindsided us I would be shocked unto despair I think, but the fact that the CCC itself seems to describe what we are experiencing puts me at ease of sorts. God is still in control. There are still those who have not bowed to Baal.

  6. Having spent time in the protestant purgatory of New England, ABS recognises that, for quite some time, we have had the Catholic version of Congregationalism in praxis but now it is being formalised.

    ABS now lives in the Palm Beach County Franchise of Dead Dioceses, Inc. America and he can attest to the fact that Catholic Congregationalism is alive and decadent down here as well.

    Our Shadow Church is a mystery in that its praxis, although ever changing, is tedious, dull, and boring.

    If we have to endure Masonry (Our Pope and Our Cross advances ideas entirely sympathetic to its principles) why can't we have a Pope who wears a Fez, gets liquored-up, and drives around wildly in on elf those tiny cars one sees Shriners driving around in parades?

  7. "He's more like a computer virus. "ATTENTION! YOUR CHURCH HAS BEEN INFECTED WITH THE FRANCIS VIRUS. TYPE: TROJAN HORSE. THREAT LEVEL: HIGH." He may just be doing what he was programmed to do. "

    Anti- virus download recommended: (Interview With Cardinal Burke):

    "We know what the Church teaches and we hold firm to that.”

  8. I wonder if there comes a time when following the various advices, counsels, permissions, and admonitions of a particular Pope effectively places oneself outside the Church.

    1. That's a sad thought, isn't it. It has to be happening, that people are being so led astray, or at least, the sheep are being allowed to wander into such dangerous pastures, that they would be lost.
      Not to mention the crisis of faith for many, the longer he is in the chair.

  9. If it leads to breaking union with the Church's teaching, yes, we most hold fast to clear doctrine and not mix it with anyone's personality that might suggest otherwise through unclear, twisted, distorted, and surprising ways. If one wants to jump off the cliff of catholism, they will end up a snake, hugging the earth, eating the dust of the world's filth, are's is a garden to walk and fellowship with our God.

  10. YOu know, I think I had one or two posts with this very title this past year or so. There's not much to add. The news speaks for itself. Painfully, tragically.

    God have mercy on your sinful people.


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