Sunday, January 17, 2016

Pope Celebrates New Jew View in Synagogue

A New Day Dawns in Jewish-Catholic Relations.

As you will recall, the Catholic Church recently released a document, "The Gifts and Calling of God are Irrevocable," that explicitly says Jews are free to blow off Jesus and still be saved in some "mysterious" way the drafters didn't even try to justify. (Everybody else is only implicitly free to blow off Jesus and still be saved.) But they did get a really cool photo op. [Update: this document is not magisterial and its views are not binding on Catholics. It is merely a statement from the Commission on Religious Relations With the Jews, as clarified here. Nonetheless, it has been trumpeted as a significant achievement.]

"It was a tough negotiation. In the end we had to give up Jesus. But isn't this picture awesome?"

If you ever read that Jesus came first to the Jews, that the Church replaced Judaism in any way, or that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, or that Jews needed to convert and be baptized, or that the Twelve Apostles' tireless efforts to proselytize Jews (only St. Paul was fishing for Gentiles) was carrying out Christ's intention for his people... how shall the Bear put this?

The Bear going all Revenant
over this one.
Well, the Bear, being faithful to the Church, says, "Bunk!" You hallucinated it. Jews have always been on their own track to salvation and need nothing from the Church, thank you very much. Do not raise contradictions like: "If Jesus was not the Jewish Messiah, then who was he?" Or, "Why did Jesus come to the Jews in the first place if he had nothing to do with them? Why not start big with the Romans?" Or, "Why was St. Paul so absolutely desperate that his people accept Christ?" Or, "Why was Jesus crucified under a sign that read 'King of the Jews' for the crime of claiming to be that?"

The Bear doesn't want to hear any whining about doctrine being changed before our eyes, or impossible to reconcile theological contradictions. Suck it up, Catholic!  Beside's it's a non-magisterial document, so only the Church's teaching and practice will change, not its, er, doctrine.

We have always been at war with Eastasia.

Pope Francis visited the Great Synagogue of Rome Sunday, the third Pope to have done so. He said we must exercise "maximum vigilance" and early intervention to prevent something like another Holocaust. He laid a wreath to mark where Jews in Rome were rounded up by Nazis, while Pope Pius XII did nothing to help, as the Bear has heard from some quarters. Which is probably why his sainthood has been vetoed. (But, as a loyal son of the Church, the Bear is satisfied with V2 giants like St. Pope Paul VI, and you should be, too.)

Pope Francis said, "The Church, while professing salvation through faith in Christ, recognizes the irrevocability of the Covenant." He also called them "Our elder brothers and sisters." At least he didn't play peek-a-boo pectoral.

A good time was had by all.

The Bear admires Pope Francis for adopting a brave stand against future Holocausts and taking the gutsy move of ignoring the impossibility of reconciling his own Church's faith with what he is willing say to sell his new pan-religious love cult. With any luck, by the time he's made concessions to satisfy the Zoroastrians, there will still be something recognizable left of Catholicism. The Church has way too many beliefs as it is. Paring them down to a few simple phrases we can actually remember would be a good thing. Like, "Mercy." And, "I believe in love."

The Bear held his nails and his hammer in his paws for a long time tonight. He thought about the Orthodox mission a mile away from his home. Sure, the Ecumenical Patriarch and Pope Francis enjoy slobbering over each other, but that's going nowhere. Orthodox are never going to change their faith to be relevant, or politically correct, or ecumenical or to satisfy some group. They're never going to deny Christ.

The Bear just can't afford to think about this too much.

The hammer and nails are meant for moments like these, when they're the only thing keeping the Bear in a Church which holds the titles to all the buildings, but little else. What other beliefs is Pope Francis willing to sell out while everyone pretends beliefs don't change? God help us, we're going to find out.

But for one more Sunday, the Bear will use that hammer to nail his foot to the floor in front of his favorite pew in a Catholic church. Whatever that means.


  1. “We are not baptized into the hierarchy; do not receive the Cardinals sacramentally; will not spend an eternity in the beatific vision of the pope. … Christ is the point. I, myself, admire the present pope [John Paul II], but even if I criticized him as harshly as some do, even if his successor proved to be as bad as some of those who have gone before, even if I find the church, as I have to live with it, a pain in the neck, I should still say that nothing a pope (or a priest) could do or say would make me wish to leave the church, although I might well wish that they would leave. “

    — Frank J. Sheed

    1. Why, please tell me, should I want to stay? I need as many reasons as possible. Is it really the will of our Lord that we stay at this time? Sometimes I think that by staying I am supporting this pope and his evil designs.

    2. Even as the Bear contemplates the same question, the inescapable fact is that the Catholic Church is where Catholics belong.

      But we must not make the mistake of ignoring the facts. I'm just too tired to list all the problems again, but here is the real source of the tension.

      If the Church were not supposed to be protected from jettisoning truth and teaching not only error but nonsense in order to win the praise of non-Catholics, we would not have a problem. Then we really could wave our hand and say, "Oh, well, those bad old prelates are really making a dog's breakfast of the faith, but what do you expect? I feel cozy because I'm in the right place."

      And of course a huge load of error and nonsense is that Jesus is not the Jewish Messiah, and the way to salvation for Jews is to in fact reject Jesus Christ.

      This isn't just nicey-nice with the Jews so Francis can buff his tolerance credentials and sell his pan-religious love cult, this strikes at the heart of Christology.

      If Jesus isn't the fulfillment of the Jewish prophecies, and isn't the Messiah, and one need not be baptized and received into the Church for salvation if one belongs to some special group, then the Church has found the thread that unravels the whole Christian faith and is pulling on it.

      If, on the other hand, Christ is the fulfillment of Jewish prophecies, did meet with Moses and Elijah, was the long-awaited Messiah, then how can the Church teach that he really didn't have much to do with the Jews, lied about being the Messiah, and so the Jews don't need him? Let alone that God would maintain the Old Covenant side by side with the final, and superior, New Covenant?

      Either the indefectible Church was wrong in the past or it is wrong now. The problem we have to solve is how do we reconcile indefectibility with the clear teaching of not only error, but nonsense, in a matter as important as who Jesus Christ is?

      I don't know the solution to the problem. Some people have solved it by shrugging off every occupant of the seat of Peter since Pius XII as an antipope. That essentially hits the restore point to 1958.

      Others have given up on the Church entirely and have gone into schism or something close to it, and yes, I'm talking about the SSPX. If you're looking for liturgy, teaching and general moral authority to someplace other than the plain old Roman Catholic Church, if you're not in schism it's by a fig leaf. We know that wouldn't work in a marriage.

      Or we could just be "good Catholics" and believe heart, mind and soul in the Church of five minutes ago. In other words, whatever the latest thing from Rome is, that's what we believe. Yes, your Holiness, we misunderstood Christ completely until your pontificate. Yes, your Holiness, we must devote ourselves to reversing global warming. Yes, your Holiness, Christianity is one religion among many, each of which is as good as the other for salvation.

      Is it possible that indefectibility only guarantees that the Church will not continue to teach error in faith or morals? That it will always self-correct when perturbed by mistaken individuals?

      Or does it mean that we must take into account the entirety of the faith when considering indefectibility? (Which sure puts a lot on the faithful!)

      Does indefectibility mean that only actual doctrines count, and that the Church can otherwise teach or practice any stupid thing it wants as long as it isn't infallible? (But the faithful are still led astray.)

      It is hard to escape the conclusion that with Vatican II there was a sharp snap from what came before, which was never repaired by any subsequent pope.

      In the meantime, the best answer is to put your head down, nail your foot to the floor in front of your favorite pew, and die there, even if the Church seems to be crumbling around you. Extraordinary faith is demanded of us.

    3. Frank Sheed was a modern day prophet. He and those like Chesterton and Tolkien and Lewis rose up at the opening of this growing apostasy and gave us clear, pure truth to hold on to in dark days.

      I agree with your statement 100%. And the takeaway for me is, the Church does not begin and end with Pope Francis. All previous generations of Popes and Saints and Catholcs are every bit as alive and participants in our current day's Church as we are. Christ lives today. So does His Bride, composed of many many sanctified members. Truth lives in them, the Body. We can only hope and strive to participate in that faithfulness.

      When our Pope leaves the road, the Faith, they remain on it. I look to them as signposts to Truth. Our Pope has left the road. He is a sinful man, like us, but unlike us he has left the Faith. That is a personal judgement we are all called to make in fear and trembling..We must pray for him because his judgement will be great and souls are being lost on a truly epic scale because of him. But we (I) must not follow him down his chosen paths.

      Leave the Church? Never! Because only the Catholc Church transcends this evil time and place and gives us refuge from the storm. Look to the past, and have hope in the future. It leads surely to Jesus.

    4. Lewis was in many ways admirable, had many good things to say, and was on the whole more wise and insightful than most men.

      But, well, it was Lewis who came up with "mere Christianity," as if such a thing could make any sense apart from the Church. Read Lewis, by all means (especially his fiction), but we would do better to encourage a certain amount of caution regarding his works than extolling him as a "modern day prophet" and lumping a schismatic in with Tolkien, Chesterton, and Sheed, all of whom died visibly in the arms of the Church.

  2. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and give you peace despite all of this. I pray for the same for me.

    1. AMEN!
      And...we must not pull out the nail because the Lord needs to find us faithful when He returns.
      And...if every one would watch/read "The Scarlet and the Black", it would help with the erroneous thinking that Pope Pius X11 was lax in his assistance to the Jews. Anyway, this is making me pray "harder" for the conversion of all souls to the love of Jesus, Son of God, the Christ.

    2. Yes, I've seen that, with Gregory Peck and Sir John Gielgud IIRC. I have no doubt why he's blocked, and I believe he did well under difficult circumstances.

  3. Hopefully, some good Bishops and priests will ignore this papal nonsense and hope and pray for a better day. And another thing. We believe God is even more disturbed about this than we are.

    1. For some reason, I'm thinking of the the putrefying corpse of Staretz Zosima in The Brothers Karamazov. It was an unexpected trial with no real answer.

  4. Lord, to whom should we go? You have the words of everlasting life.


  5. PIUS

    Brer bishops
    Brer priests
    And brer people of god
    Love the new Rite
    Think the old Rite is odd.

    Brer mother of ten cried,
    "The old's tried and trued."
    Brer people of god cried,
    "Chill out
    Take a lude."

    Brer priest said,
    "Ms. Brer have a coke
    Serve with me
    And together we'll create
    A two Rite harmony!"

    With these words
    Brer mother got sick
    And threw up
    So brer priest urged her, "Go!
    If you can't drink our cup."

    "So you're urgin' I go?"
    And her head she did scratch,
    "Jus' please don't throw me
    In no Pius the
    Tenth Patch!!"

    But brer priest
    Flung brer mother
    Out the door shut the latch
    And forced her to land
    In a Pius the Tenth Patch.

    So mostly the
    New Rite is given the nod
    By brer bishops
    Brer priests
    And brer people of god.

    But high on a hill
    Brer mother of ten
    Is singin' and kickin'
    Her heels
    Up again...

    "I was born and raised
    In a Pius the Tenth Patch
    Known as the Catholic Church
    And there still ain't
    No match!!!"

    ...and they're NOT is schism

    1. Indeed. Would schismatics pray for the Pope at each and every Mass? The fact is, the SSPX never broke from the church. Instead, Rome shunned and ignored them in the hope they would just fade away with time. (Of course the opposite happened.) The worst Rome can say about them these days is that they're "irregular" -- a euphemism for "we don't know what to do with you."

      BTW, I've never been associated with the SSPX. Never assisted at one of their liturgies. In fact, not long ago i shuddered at the mere mention of those crazy "Lefebvrists". But the past three years have convinced me Lefebvre was right. I was wrong. (How wrong? See Ross Douthat's recent talk for First Things.)

      Bear, you say it's hard to deny that V2 brought a sharp break with the church's tradition. Isn't it time, then, to drop the b.s. against the society, recognize them as fellow Catholics and join them in the fight against modernism in the church?

    2. I am copying and saving your stuff. Thanks for it.

    3. I recognize them as fellow Catholics. I recognize that they are making much more sense than the Church. I do not recognize them as a substitute for the Church, no matter how meritorious. When they say one should not attend a "Novus Ordo Mass," but should stay at home and say a rosary, no one will convince me that is not evidence of schismatic mindset. Now you have a choice. Listen to the Church who says the new liturgy is just fine, or listen to the SSPX, who says it's an abomination before God. The Liturgy!Sorry, that is arrogating to themselves the authority that belongs to the Church or no one at all. They have put themselves in that position, not me, whether they pray for Pope Francis or not. (And, really, do they have a choice in their situation?) They are doing an excellent job of fighting Modernism in the SSPX. The Church? Not so much.

    4. And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the only reason they are not in the Church because they refuse to accept Vatican II? I mean, they could sign a document saying they accept Vatican II every jot and tittle, and be in the Church by next Sunday, right? So what do you call a group that maintains an independent existence and refuses to accept a council of the Church? So the argument isn't about how right SSPX is doctrinally, it is what is their warrant to speak for Peter. No one here believes the Church is being led further into the weeds that I do. There is nothing Pope Francis won't do or say to further his diabolical dream. I am not ready to logically resolve this quandary outside of the plain old Catholic Church. But I am utterly baffled on how to do so inside the plain old Catholic Church.

      The old paradigm no longer works. It is no solution that "you must look at the whole Church." That's not what indefectibility says, and places an unreasonable burden on the faithful. How is indefectibility working if Francis is teaching the opposite of what the Church has always believed today?. Indefectibility is our guarantee that the Church never teaches wrongly in faith and morals. We can't say, "Oh well, so the Church isn't indefectible today, but it was last Tuesday, or in 1956, or 1563."

      It's like a married couple. Their mutual promise is to belong exclusively to each other. You can't say, "Today, the intern looks rather appealing, I think I'll take her to a motel over lunch. But judge my marriage by all the years I was faithful."

      So again, the simple solution is to say, "Pope Francis is a wise and holy man who is changing things under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to meet the challenges of a new age."

      Or, "Pope Francis is an antipope, so whatever he says doesn't matter."

      Between those extremes the only resolution I can see is that he hasn't actually come out and formally taught a heresy on behalf of the Church. He inclines, he feints, he whispers, he makes off-the-cuff remarks, but even the New Jew View is not a magisterial document. (They've learned they don't need magisterial documents to change belief and practice.) Perhaps that's the best indefectibility we get today.

    5. For me it is not the median between two extremes. It is the straight line of Truth that leads directly back to the source of Jesus Christ.

      So with respect to the SSPX, or any issue in any day (Novus Ordo etc), just personally apply the well formed conscience to the topic: IS this or is it NOT on the line.

      I have gone from rejecting the SSPX, to qualified acceptance, to a belief that they are the engine that will one day drive the return to Churchwide faithfulness. They accept and love the Pope; pray for him.. They, like me, merely reject his current path. They, like me, are faithful to the Church in full; not just a current slice of it. They are defenders of the Magisterium. That speaks for me.

      For me personally, my judgement is confirmed increasingly every day. It is a fearful thing to judge the Pope and the Hierarchy to be in error. I'm just a tiny cog, but even so, God demands I make a judgement about things for myself and on behalf of my family. I have, and I do not take that lightly, believe me. Nor do I say that with anything less than utmost sorrow. But still with full confidence that redemption is at hand and evil doers will not prevail.

      I hope I live to see that day.

    6. We've had our say on the SSPX, in a regrettable suspension of this ephemeris' only rule, to wit: it is about the plain old Roman Catholic Church. I trust we can all abide by it in the future.

  6. Hang in there, Bear! We're in this thing for the long haul.

    Catholic Traditionalists were saying all throughout the pontificates of Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI that the crisis would deepen.

    Indeed, it has.

    My opinion is that things will get much worse and we will see things in the Church that we never thought possible.

    But we have the examples of many Catholic saints. They held true to the Faith, regardless of the consequences.

    Padre Pio, the Little Flower, Pope Pius X, Saint John Bosco, Saint Faustina, on and on.

    They were not wrong, and neither are we.

    Saint Faustina on Hell:

  7. Well, one thing is, Pope Francis seldom if ever even uses his ordinary magisterium. You cannot teach novelties and claim you are exercising your ordinary magisterium. What Francis doesn't get is that he's the Pope, not Big Brother. We don't have to believe anything he feels like saying just because he's the Pope. This is one way the Church protects itself. And, of course, the same for his ridiculous sermons.

  8. Great stuff, Bear! Great s-t-u-f-f! You did however posit the following:

    "With any luck, by the time he's made concessions to satisfy the Zoroastrians, there will still be something recognizable left of Catholicism."

    May I suggest that that which remains will be the Bingo game at the local parish hall every Monday night starting at 7:30.


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