Saturday, March 19, 2016

Author's Note on "A Bear's Lent"

First of all the Bear thanks the small, but loyal audience that has perhaps enjoyed his memoirs from the mid-8th century. Each one is intended to illustrate one or more lessons. The author hopes that you, with Bear in this account, are wondering about the motives of each of the characters.

The last one or two episodes might be a little heavy on the exposition, but there are important facts that are most economically addressed by characters speaking. The action will pick up in "Commend Your Souls to God, Our Doom Approaches Part 2."

The setting is historically accurate for 741 A.D. right down to the route chosen and the politics.

Making a saint a character causes the Bear to pause. But he believes some liberty is allowed with characters, and no disrespect is portrayed or intended.

The remainder of this chapter of the Bear's adventures will be presented in real time. It will end Easter.

If you've enjoyed "A Bear's Lent," please consider tossing a fish to the Bear, who has put a lot of time into researching and writing it. If not a fish, a kind word, perhaps. It is just possible the Bear's adventure may be continued to its climax in Rome.


  1. I can't wait!
    Asking the hubby to toss a fish.

  2. Bear, you're as sweet as the honey you surely love.


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