Friday, March 18, 2016

Paris Devout Muslim Terrorist Captured, Another Sniped

Fox News

Police in Belgium have captured one of the devout Muslims who carried out terror attacks in France, Salah Abdeslam. Another tango, Mohamed Belkaid, was iced by a sniper.

The Bear hopes they conduct an effective interrogation of this POS and wring out of him everything he knows. 

Sarcasm has been overdone in these matters. References to "the religion of peace;" and "misunderstanders of Islam;" have become trite. We need to speak clearly.

Putting Things In Perspective?

Those who want to "put things in perspective" tell us that the overall average of dying in any kind of terrorist attack worldwide is 1 in 9,300,000 (9.3 million). They go on to say, "you're 13 times more likely to die by a dog bite, etc."

That misses the point. There should be zero deaths in western nations from Islamic terrorists. The way to achieve this is to have zero Muslims. It is foreseeable and preventable threat. And it's not just the actual attacks, but the fear they cause. That's why they call it "terrorism." But western nations' death wish is a fact. They know that Islam is a death cult. They know that Muslims will consider themselves Muslims, not Frenchmen or Americans. They accept the fact that a certain number of their citizens -- small, to be sure -- will be murdered at random. This is the acceptable cost for whatever benefit they imagine they are obtaining by importing Muslims.

Americans, Homeland Security is YOU

There is no point for the Bear elaborating on the wickedness of Mohammedanism, or the fecklessness of our leaders. Statistics won't mean a whole lot when it's your church that is being shot up. 

You are our nation's first line of defense against terrorism. That means suspicion, alertness, and a plan when in the presence of a suspicious-looking Muslim. If your nose catches something not quite right, go with your instincts. What is the escape route for your family? What will you do if you see a gun? A concealed carry permit ought to be as common as a drivers license. What you call paranoid, Bears call survival instincts.

The Bear has survived every threat imaginable in 1300 years. Bear be damned if he's going to be killed by some Muslim.  He's had just a whiff of sarin gas during Gulf War I, but technically our guys released it. Whoops. Even so it belonged to Muslims. They used small arms and RPGs against his son in Afghanistan. (One RPG landed in his tower -- the one the Afghan "Allies" didn't seize -- during the Fight for the FOB. It didn't go off. He was calling on St. Michael the entire time he exchanged fire with Tower One. That kid's a walking miracle after all he survived.) 

Islam is a False Religion that Has Nothing to Do With Christianity

And Muslims do not worship the same God as we do. It is blasphemy and a flat out denial of Christ to say they do. St. John would go so far as to say Muslims are antichrist. What of those so-called Christians who have such a pathetic need for the approval of men that they are willing to deny Christ to demonstrate agreement with Mohammedanism? Bear knows what St. John thinks. Don't let that go unchallenged.


  1. Muslims are incapable of taking an oath of citizenship in good faith. They therefore should not be admitted to long term residence in the US.

  2. If Muslims do not worship the same God as Christians, it is because of a failure in worship, not a failure to reference God.

    If I say the moon is made of green cheese, I am wrong precisely because I am successfully referencing the moon. Islam which successfully references God is blasphemous, Islam which does not is merely wrong about some things.

    I had written a bit more here, but then I remembered that Zippy had already pretty much said everything I did, only better:

  3. Some European news sites reported that riots broke out over the arrest of Abdeslam;it turns out that he's been living rather openly in that community since he fled to it after the Paris attacks -- AND NO ONE TURNED HIM IN.

    Does anyone think that fact plus the riots over his arrest will be enough to open the eyes of the European politically-correct?


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