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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bears Will Come Into Your House For You

If Bears live nearby, you should not have a pet door. Sweet dreams.


  1. Notwithstanding that he might be able to rip the door off, that Bear is pretty vulnerable to a baseball bat.

    I may be old school being that I believe negative reinforcement still has its place.

    1. This poor little black Bear was probably lured to the neighborhood by people putting pet food out. The proper response is to rap it on the nose with a rolled up newspaper and say "No!" in a firm voice.

    2. Oh, that's just semantics. Newspaper is just wood in a refined form. And we know how bad it is for the planet to refine natural products. That's what led to pet food in the first place.

      Much better to go all natural with a wood bat. And it's in the "Spirit of Laudato Si", and reusable nearly indefinitely.

      If the bear had not succumbed to the vice of sloth in obtaining easy food, or the vice of curiosity, he wouldn't be in that position. It's good for him to experience a little redemptive suffering.

  2. O, you people are so mean!!!!! Just look at that face! Look at those big brown eyes! This bear has the same look my dog gets when she wants a treat, and Daddy has already given her one.
    Barbara (aka Chipmunk)

    1. Little red riding chipmunk, these big eyes are all the better to see you with. These big teeth...

    2. It is a trick of human psychology to look at a Bear and think, "OMG, he's so adorbs." This looks like a little black Bear who got his head stuck because he smelled food inside and wasn't smart enough to know his body wouldn't fit through. Bears and humans don't mix. Period. It ends badly for the Bear, and occasionally for the human. At best, he probably ended up being tranquilized, tagged and dumped in some strange part of the woodlands.


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