Sunday, May 22, 2016

It Finally Happened: Bear Snaps

Never Trust a Bear for Anything But Honesty

The Bear thinks we should just form a
single religion named 3GAR and be
done with it. Since we worship
the same God, after all.
Never trust a Bear.

Or, rather, never trust anything about a Bear except his honesty. He is a walking warning sign that flashes, "I am an enormous animal designed to kill you." That's honesty you don't find in humans. There are many sad accounts of a reliable performing Bear suddenly turning on his trainer and killing him, apparently for no reason. But there are no accounts of a Bear lying.

Or tolerating lies.

During his homily, Father, with the three-eyed Mercy Monstrosity behind him, on this, Trinity Sunday, said that Jews and Muslims worship the same God we do.

Now the Bear knows why he said this. It sounds nice, and tolerant. And Pope Francis the Wonderful talks like that. He has no doubt often heard the phrase, "Three Great Abrahamic Religions." He probably doesn't even notice the incompatibility between the stark and terrifying arbitrary aloneness of Islam, and the Holy Trinity. If he does, it is not important. Not set against the imperative of the Franciscan Pan-Religion Love Cult.

Besides, everyone knows this is Father's thing.

But the Bear doesn't care. It's still a lie, and a damned lie at that. And on Trinity Sunday.

Bear Walks Out

You can never trust a Bear. The Bear doesn't even trust himself.

So he got up and walked out. An involuntary mutter that included a very, very bad word may have preceded getting up and walking out. The Bear was not making a point. It was just in everybody's interest that the Bear remove himself. (By the way, May is Bear Danger Awareness Month.)

Getting shot with a tranquilizer dart is no fun. Okay, you get a great body high. (Bears are honest, remember.)

Tearing Down the Church Brick By Brick

The Church has the very best foundation. But the liars are pulling the Church down -- "brick by brick," as it were. Perhaps the source of our frustration is that we all want to fix this Church. But has it ever occurred to you that there may be no fixing? Is it such a stretch to conclude that the Church we see can never recover? Is there a realistic path back to the Church of 1958? No, there is not. Too many things have changed. It's a different world, with different assumptions, most of them hostile to Catholicism.

And there have been too many lies, repeated too often, and believed by sheep who really can't be blamed, and believed by many knaves who should know better. Truth is the last thing many prelates worry about.

Then there are fools like us, who educate ourselves and fall in love with a lady we saw in an old photograph. It's hard to let go of such a fond fantasy and admit that our sweetheart died some time ago after a short illness.

The Blooper Reel of the Church

Maybe something bigger and beyond our understanding is happening.

The foundation is the very best. You won't live long enough to see the glorious temple of truth and light that will one day again rest on that foundation. You can only look out through the crack in the door of your lifetime and see just a bit. A handful of popes, some worse than others.

We don't live in the highlight reel of the Church. We live in the blooper reel. Nothing but clowning, pratfalls, fluffed lines, and falling flats. We can't do anything about that. Let's be honest. Pope Francis did not mess up the Church. A messed up Church picked a Pope Francis.

The Bear wonders if we are so focused on what kind of Church we want, we're not willing to give God room to rebuild the Church according to His own design. (And, no, the Bear does not mean some new syncretistic Church according to man's design, as this statement would mean coming out of a liar's mouth.) It's natural enough to set our own ideal. After all, we know what was working within living memory of many of us. Maybe what is coming will look like what has been. Maybe it will look like something even better.

But the Bear expects the Catholic Church as we know it will come to an end, even if it retains the real estate. It is even now buffeted by the black winds it has conjured. However, in a twist on the parable of the house built on sand, the foundation will remain, while the church of lies will be swept away. The Bear truly believes this. You probably won't live to see what happens next. It will not be the work of man, at least not man alone.

Something Wonderful

The Bear thinks of the film 2010, the sequel to 2001. Astronaut Dave Bowman from the original movie makes enigmatic appearances to different people.

Heywood Floyd: What? What's going to happen? 
Dave Bowman: Something wonderful. 
Heywood Floyd: What? 
Dave Bowman: I understand how you feel. You see, it's all very clear to me now. The whole thing. It's wonderful. 

What is going to get us through this crisis is the confidence that something wonderful will happen. With us, without us, after us, is not up to us. We'll fight where we can, and walk away when we must. But this battle is not ours to win. The Bear believes this simple realization might be the key to sanity.

At any rate, it makes the Bear feel better.

But in case anyone feels depressed, here's a movie of a baby goat (Stormy) discovering her legs.


  1. Mr. Bear,
    The true and glorious church still exists in the catacomb called "Tradition." In an FSSP parish you will never hear heresy from the pulpit. You will never see a polyester vestment. You will never see a guitar or hear awful hymns. You WILL encounter a reverent Mass every time, orthodox priests and solid catechesis. I respectfully suggest you do what I did, and remove the nail from your foot and move to an FSSP or ICK parish. You will not regret it!

    1. I recently attended a ICK mass in a beautiful baroque church. I didn't follow along, I just sat up front and drank it in. It was wonderful. The Bear would never have to walk out of that Church, he is quite certain.

      The problem is, it's in The Big City, two hours away from the woodlands. That long a trip is hard on the Bear, plus gas, you know. And the Bear is not sure the other members of the family would care to join him, since they are not as high strung as the Bear.

      But the Bear does not doubt that is a legitimate solution for those for whom it is available.

      Maybe SSPX is right after all, and staying away from a bad Mass is better than being scandalized and demoralized.

      But Bears are very stubborn. That's my Church. The Bear was married there. He expects his body to rest there when he dies. If it was any good, he wouldn't need to nail his foot to the floor. After today, it is obvious that he needs longer nails.

    2. The last time I walked out of Mass was after a priest sermonized that the epistles of St. Paul were not infallible, and the Apostle was simply blathering on in a culturally-conditioned manner that we no longer have to accept. I was shocked enough to stay frozen in my seat until the sermon was over, somewhat in the hopes that he would correct himself before he continued.

      Somehow I managed not to walk out of a Mass celebrated during the first Franky Synod, wherein the priest opined how happy he was that homosexuals and adulterers would soon be welcomed to the Eucharistic Table. He also began opining about the Bad Old Days when old church ladies would clack their Rosaries against the pews, so I immediately pulled out my Rosary and began to pray it while he was preaching. Good times.

  2. I moved 300 plus miles, from Western Washington to North Idaho. After I buy some rural property I intend to convince my grown kids to move here.

    Our parish would love a talking bear!

    1. We live in North Central Washington - a bastion of ultra-liberal, protestantized "Catholicism" - with God's grace, we may be moving to North Idaho soon. A talking faithful Catholic Bear would be most welcome.

    2. Start taking up a collection to install your Bear in Idaho ;-)

    3. Maybe you should consider a visit. You too, Otto!

    4. I understand Nebraska is also ultra conservative. They have NO altar girls, NO Eucharistic mininsters, most diocese celebrate the TLM along with the NO Mass, but they celebrate the 'ad orientem' Mass, and they crank out hundreds of priests from the seminaries every year. But....that said, Nebraska is in the middle of the country, so impractical for some.

    5. NDIdahoCatholic--it looks beautiful there! (A bit pricey though.)

  3. Once we come to the realization that the battle is "not ours to win," we cannot escape the question: then, whose is it? The answer: Mary Immaculate's. Only as Her instruments can we do what God needs from us. If it got Father Maximilian through Auschwitz, it can get us through this.

    1. Yes, I think, or at least I know this is true in my case, that many people become frustrated and angry when they yield to the noble impulse to fight for the Church. The Bear has never advocated this, because (a) the Church that we see is not long for the world; and (b) God has a plan for something wonderful. We can't win in any conventional sense. We can keep our swords oiled and our horses fed until the God of Hosts calls us to arms with Archangel Michael's trumpet!

    2. Justina's comment and Bear's reply is why this is my favorite ephermeris to read. Deo gratias!

  4. On this point, Vatican II is less than precise, and instead opts only to say positive things. At BEST what can be said about Muslims is that they are in the same boat as the Syrophoenician Woman.

    What is more egregious than saying that Allah = God is the perpetuated lie of the Abrahamic Triad. If one goes down that path, there are a lot more than just three that can claim to be decedent of Abraham. Jesus had a few choice words about those who claimed to have Abraham for their father but were not actually following Abraham.

    Walking out? Almost have a few time. I cannot, because I wouldn't go quietly. Ever try to get a spooked bird out of a room?

    You are right, a messed-up Church picked Pope Francis. But to acknowledge that we cannot fix it, isn't to give into despair. Rather it is to refocus instead on doing what we can where we are with what we have been given.

    And where you are, at least for this moment, is a blogger with a bearish ephemeris. Do what you can.

    1. As a lawyer, I would say Lumen Gentium is all dicta and no holding. Seriously, in order to bind people to a belief, you must tell them exactly what to belief in a succinct and understandable manner. Yes, everybody gets their moment in the spotlight, then at the end it's all "but despite all the encouragement we've given everyone to stay with their, er, incomplete religions, Satan is probably going to slurp your soul up like chicken soup." I hate Vatican II document for their gaseous, lengthy, imprecise, compromise nature. Vatican II churned out more pages than every preceding council in history. I cannot bring myself to take them seriously. Another reason I'm a bad Catholic, I guess.

      Do you imagine it's exactly subtle when an 800 lb Bear cursing like a sailor under his breath tries to extract himself from the middle of a pew while the attack circuits hardwired into his ursine brain are starting to activate?

    2. I made the mistake of taking Vatican II for my MA as the dead last course long years ago. That act pretty much guaranteed that I will never teach anywhere.

      Vatican II is the product of a bunch of prelates who were not on the same page to begin with. So it got wordy. As bad as the document can be, there are ignored tools in there for the laity.

      No, I don't imagine that it was subtle when you extracted yourself. I don't know if it is courage, but I wish I had more of that. Though if I ever left, quietly and quickly are words that no one would use to describe the events of that day.

      (Dominus Iesus is a correction to some of the missfirings of various documents of VII concerning the relationship of the Church to other belief systems. It helps.)

  5. I'm so sorry Bear. Perhaps a different rite would help? The Chaldeans were nice enough to take us in. Understanding that the Isis has been slaughtering them for two years, they know the difference between the God of Christians and the god of the Muslims.

    1. The problem is that Bears tend to live far away from Big Cities where there is a variety of rites from which to choose. There is an Orthodox Antiochian Mission within walking distance. But been there, done that.

      But what I'm seeing is "trickle down heresy." When Francis sneezes, the Bear's parish catches a cold.

    2. Yeah, that's every Latin rite parish by me and I'm not far away from the big cities. One of the first things that happened after the election of PF was my very trad parish flipped to being "Rebuilt/CCR"
      Long time parishioners were literally shown the door, like the Pastor pointing to the door as he gave direction to the last trad parish in the diocese, 45 minutes away.
      I'm heart goes out to you.
      I don't understand why sexual sins are being given the big Okey dokey, but I can't want iPadre on Sunday and visit Jesus through the week.

  6. A reason to stay.....


    Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity....

  7. I agree with Ever Mindful. I am there for Jesus. I know He is there present in the Eucharist, even if Fr. Preist decides that it is "his" Church. As long as the consecration is performed correctly, He is there. That is all we need. My family and I attended a circus church yesterday while traveling....I just keep my heart and eyes on the Tabernacle and the Crucifix. This is a time for testing for all of us.

  8. Bear--Glad you get your "bearishness" up once in a while. It surely will make some folks think, but of what we can't be sure.

    On the future. Don't know about the "something wonderful" business. I think the next phase in the Church's gradual descent into hell will be a massive tribulation as predicted at Fatima and Akita. As Christ descended into hell before His resurrection, perhaps, so will the Church. Parallels are fairly in the mysterious ways of the Lord.

  9. Did you ruin your shoes? Did your feet bleed? (The old nail your foot thingie...)

    I hear ya, man. God bless you.

  10. That says it all, doesn't it Ever Mindful? Offer it up, Bear. Jesus is suffering with all of us who endure blasphemy.

  11. Just go to Mass then if you must with rosary in hand and ear plugs in. Pray your rosary throughout, get Comunnion and leave. I would try to get to a Latin Mass for confession and Communion at least once every 6 weeks. Sounds like it will be a true sacrifice to get there. Offer that up.

    Seattle Kim

    1. May I suggest an ipod with some good Gregorian chant on it. Makes the NO "festivities" go much faster.

  12. The Church of 1958 is dead and buried. Having gone through a bitter crucifixion for the past 40+ years, it is now reposing in the tomb awaiting its resurrection in God's good time. Almost certainly not in our life-time. We must simply watch, pray and occasionally beat the crap out of the odd heretic, just to stay in practice.

  13. I moved 300 miles to a new diocese and parishes. Good Novus Ordo with a TLM on Sundays. It cost. When traveling over the weekend, attended FSSP parish. Wonderful, beautiful church and perfect homily.

  14. Re: JXIII & V2
    He opened the window and influenza.
    We're all sick.

  15. Every now & then I must visit Orwell's Picnic to calm myself down.
    Living down the road from Norcia......exploring the Italian countryside.
    Although I am so blessed here in the belly of the beast NYC to have St Agnes Sunday TLM for years, and now Holy Innocents, a full tilt traditional parish. I go there for Holy Days, Easter Vigil in old form, etc...


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