Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Taking a Short Break

For once the Bear shall be brief. He's taking a short break, for several excellent reasons. Maybe a week or two. So, until he returns, the Bear sends his best. Watch the woodlands until the Bear returns.

While he's gone, if you like you can visit his official Facebook page (please give it a like) and even fight with atheist trolls, although of very low caliber, the Bear fears. It's hard to find good trolls these days.

Maybe hit the Bear's video and give it a thumbs up on Youtube.



  1. Bear, enjoy your mini-hibernation, but please come out of the den ASAP. The woods seem to be filling up with predators.

  2. Hope you have a great hiatus and come back ready to do serious damage to offenders of all that is right and good while making us laugh in the process. Thanks for all you do Bear. God Bless you and your family.

  3. May I recommend a good movie to watch while in hibernation? Grizzly Man. A true story that mixes a man and bears into an eminently sad tragicomedy; the more tragic due to the innocent life swept up in "Grizzly Man's" stupidly evil wake.

    Bears always know their place in the grand scheme of things. Man? We are frequently confused. All the best, while you rest.

  4. Me too . I am taking a break with Mr. Seattle Kim ( my husband of 29 years this June) and going camping in the Redwoods. I have mace if any of your relatives come close.

    Seattle kim

  5. I hope your breaks are restful and restorative, Bear and Kim.


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