Thursday, May 5, 2016

THIS Is How Zombiepocalypses Get Started

Bioquark Inc. and Revita Life Sciences have announced  that they have received permission from an International Review Board to bring 20 corpses in India back to life using stem cells to repair brains.

That's all fine and dandy, but what happens when these mute and shuffling reanimated corpses need more brain cells? Without doubt, they will be driven to consume the brains of the living.


  1. You mean this is for real? I thought it was an idea for a reality show. It might be a tad boring just watching 'scientists' in the lab jabbing needles into dead brains, but once they get one or two dead people on their feet it might get more interesting.

  2. The real problem is that they do not appear to planning on working on corpses. Rather on "brain dead" patients.

    From the press release:
    "However, once humans transition through the brain death window, currently defined by the medical establishment as “irreversible”, they are technically no longer alive, despite the fact that human bodies can still circulate blood, digest food, excrete waste, balance hormones, grow, sexually mature, heal wounds, spike a fever, and gestate and deliver a baby. It is even acknowledged by thought leaders that recently brain dead humans still may have residual blood flow and electrical nests of activity in their brains, just not enough to allow for an integrated functioning of the organism as a whole."

    It isn't just "thought leaders" that question whether "brain dead" is really dead. If the soul hasn't left the body, you are not dead yet. This has been brought up by Catholic doctors and expounded on by Bishop Bruskewitz several years ago. There are very serious questions about the legitimacy of vital organ donation.

    1. Hey, you're messing with my Zombiepocalypse headiline now, buddy ;-) Brain dead, corpse, still a serious potential for zombies. And what you said, too.

    2. I'm still trying to get my Chipmunk head around 'thought leaders.'

  3. Cool! They can start a Bollywood Walking Dead series based on this. The music/dance numbers should be....interesting.

    Seattle Kim, Walking Dead fan


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