Saturday, May 7, 2016

Woodland Creatures Creative Cooperative Film Project

This is a dry communique from the Bear to the Woodland Creatures. If you read it closely to the end, you may have sufficient dedication to be a part of the Woodland Creatures Creative Cooperative. (In a sense, you already are, if you comment -- the Bear has the best commenters in the Catholic ephemera.)

Moderation is on. All communication regarding subject project shall be done by private channels. Sorry, but it is not appropriate to do serious work via combox. Also, taking the trouble to email demonstrates a certain level of interest that may be greater than a comment.

This is the last communique from the Bear on this topic until he is prepared to say whether he's got enough collaborators, or not. 

In your first email, please state the specific contributions you feel you are willing and able to make. Everybody has something to contribute, as you can see:
  • creative team member (working with the Bear and others in shaping the tone and message of the video)
  • research (requirements: strong search fu, and a dogged determination to find what you're looking for)
  • legal (yes, the Bear is a retired criminal defense lawyer, but someone with intellectual property experience would be useful, and take one more burden off the Bear)
  • publicity (should have experience in writing news releases, social media marketing, and -- unless someone else brings this skill to the table -- the technical knowledge to publish the video in all appropriate sites and formats)
  • editing (some experience using iMovie)
  • music (different ways this could be handled; let's first look for someone who can write and perform an original piano/synthesizer score that fits the final cut.)
  • administrative assistant to the executive producer (be able to keep tabs on communications, schedules, tasks -- in other words Bear wrangler; previous experience with Bears preferred, or at least experience in similar jobs; proficiency with creating and managing groups using Gmail required)
  • lots of videographers (a digital camcorder is necessary, and the willingness to supply needed footage, use standard release forms for all subjects, and transfer all rights to the Bear)
See what the Bear means about all the things that need to come together to proceed? This is a serious undertaking. It's going to take hard work to see it through.

This project is a proposal, not a promise. Right now, expectations of any sort are premature. Unlike this ephemeris, this is not a one-Bear project. Many things are out of the Bear's paws, chief among them being how many woodland creatures are willing to contribute their time and talent to this venture.

As of now, there is no guarantee that this idea is even going anywhere. See above paragraph. See last paragraph.

The Bear will not release anything that does not meet high standards in both content and production values. The St. Corbinian's Bear brand may be disreputable, but the Bear has artistic integrity! In other words, if this gets done, it will be awesome.

IMPORTANT: Please do not start shooting video yet. First of all, the Bear is not even sure what we will need, earlier thinking out loud notwithstanding. Second, and more importantly, the Bear cannot accept any videos without a formal release signed by the subject. These will be made available at the appropriate time.

Why do this? There are many reasons. The most obvious is to provide an authentic creative counterpoint to the dubious "prayer intentions" released by Pope Francis on a monthly basis. Perhaps less obvious is leveraging the film into broader publicity that can more directly broadcast our message. It is also a proof of concept for Catholic cooperative filmmaking by amateurs linked by nothing more than an ephemeris. Team members will gain experience and develop skills they may use in future projects.

And, generally, anything with talking Bears is fun.

Please consider writing that email. We shall take it from there. Let's give it two weeks. If we can't assemble a complete team by then, it's probably not going to happen.

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