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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Scientists Say Goats as Good as Dogs

[You know we have a goat named Badger, right Badger?] We might not go that far, even here at Bear Manor, where goats have been known to run up and down the stairs, jump on the bed and curl up for Bible reading. But we have always known that goats are sadly underrated as companion animals. They each have their different personality, are people-oriented and love to play. Perhaps that is why in the history of Zoar, we have never eaten one of our goats.

Sheep are incredibly stupid, smelly and unkempt. When Our Lord prefers sheep to goats, perhaps it is His way of saying, "Humans really need My help."

But according to scientists, goats behave much like dogs, can learn to use tools and are far, far superior to sheep.  And goats are always smiling.

"Hello there! We're in the Book of Joshua. It is a dandy story. Care to join us?" (Javert)


  1. " Perhaps that is why in the history of Zoar, we have never eaten one of our goats."

    SO happy to hear this!...you are a big softie after all :)

    (Javert couldn't possibly be any cuter....well, maybe if he was Deuce. Those ears make him look like the flying nun.)

    1. You know we have a goat named Badger, right?

  2. What a sweet little goat! And what a satisfied smile he has. He's happy.

    1. Goats are adorable. And they have a built in smile. And they can read, too.


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