Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Journalists," Please Don't Waste Bear's Time


If you're not going to talk about Pope Francis, then, please, do not waste the Bear's time with your ideas about anything going on in the Church today.

Yeah, it's great to talk about Australian priest, Father Tattersall standing up to the idea of an Australian synod. He wrote this, and more:

As in the case of the Synods on the Family, it will be carefully prepared and conducted so as to exclude - or at least marginalise - any views that do not conform to the clich├ęd expressions of worldliness that pass for insight and compassion, in a tired restoration of a Church adrift in the 1970s…. Any doubt about this should be dispelled by a keynote address recently delivered by Bishop Vincent Long (newly advanced by Pope Francis to the Diocese of Parramatta), who is always attentive to prevailing trends:

Whose creature was the Synod on the Family that Fr. Tattersall is so critical of? Who made Vincent Long a Bishop? Bishop Long who wrote this endless, loopy message?  (Warning, the Bear would rather have burning thorns stuck in his eyes before re-reading it.) If the Bear were Pope do you think he would appoint someone like that as a bishop?

It's the one person some who imagine themselves to be "journalists" will not mention. To those people, the Bear says, gently, you can make yourself look like journalists, but if you draw a line beyond which you will not go to reach the truth, you are decidedly not journalists. The Bear respects your scruples. But you do understand they disqualify you as a journalist, do you not? If you are really a journalist, how would you not understand this?

The Bear recently wrote how Pope Francis was irrelevant to him. A "journalist" whose scruples prevent him from writing honestly about Pope Francis, who is, journalistically speaking, driving much of what is so wrong in the Church, is doubly irrelevant to the Bear.

In truth, it is the Bear who is a journalist, or, more properly, a commentator, even though, as a Bear, he does not look anything like one. He does not have a degree in theology, but did earn a living as a small market radio news director. (He did not win any Emmys, however. He's not sure Bears are allowed to.) You think credibly delivering a farm report on pigs is easy?

The Bear would rather have his salmon delivered in small amounts from loyal friends, rather than someone writing a big check. Because if that were the situation, the Bear would totally write whatever some millionaire told him to. Just being honest; Bears have no scruples. The Bear's studio is wherever he puts his laptop down. His staff is a yorkie named Buster who contributes a bit of moral support to the mission. And Red Death, who contributes by not killing the Bear. Every day.

That's it. Which is probably why SCB is admittedly such a pathetic and slipshod example of an ephemeris. But the Bear will follow the evidence wherever it goes, and comment on it as honestly (and entertainingly) as he can. The Bear believes you know that, and that's probably why you're here.


  1. Wow! What a colossal windbag they have Down Under in Bishop Long. Can you believe the length of that piece?! Talk about deluded and out of touch. The man is a snivelling grovelling sycophant.

    The very saddest thought is that some of the flock may still be feeling guilty if they are not going along with the Francis church program.

    I believe in a hard labor camp for prelates like this. Twenty years? That ought to do it, no?

    1. Bear spent much time in Russia. Suitable agricultural employment would be found on state beet farm in Australian desert for most bishops. Oh, such bishops would resign first, of course.

  2. Tell us again Bear, what is it that Bishops actually do? It appears to me that the job is basically ceremonial and administrative with a strong emphasis on funding various causes. Teaching of Catholic doctrine seems to have disappeared.

  3. I couldn't get past the 2nd paragraph...Approval by Bishop Long of Bergoglio's "leadership" threatened to bring my three cups of coffee back up and I fled.

  4. Will the liberals be the catalyst in the formation of our childrens conscience? How scary is that? When moral law is totally subjective is it really a law anymore, or is it just a guideline or ideal? When prelates of the church abdicate their teaching roles does that they abdicate their position? When will this narcissist leave the papacy (credit to Anne Bancroft who hit the nail on the head).


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