Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Thank You and Prayer Request

The Bear thanks the readers of this ephemeris for their unusual generosity. It makes a material difference to a 100% service connected disabled veteran on a pension. Just as importantly, it makes a difference in morale. People putting their money where their mouths are tell the Bear that he is doing something right. Bears enjoy making people happy.

Recently, a man made a extraordinarily generous gift. The Bear thanks him again. Some people have set up $10 a month automatic payments. Others toss $25 worth of the finest salmon to the Bear on a regular basis. Whatever the gift, the Bear is always happy to be remembered.

The Bear tries to keep up with sending thank-yous, but must admit he has not been as diligent as he should be in that department. He is confused about who he has thanked. His life has been consumed of late by the - what's the word - ambitious epic novel Judging Angels. And then there is Twitter, which is apparently essential to publicizing said novel. And last, but not least, there is this SCB ephemeris, which remains his first love.

The Bear has a neurology consult soon. If anyone wants to pray that the Bear does not have some horrible disease, he'd appreciate it. But God's will be done.

It's good to see brand new names in the combox. But it is wonderful for me to see the longtime creatures of these enchanted Woodlands, over which the Bear rules as a benevolent despot.


  1. I don't give to get thanks, I give because I love. (Now try to break that 50 yo habit my mother- God rest her soul - drilled & pounded into me about writing thank you notes!! so I know what you mean agggghhh)
    Thank YOU SCB for the gift of yourself in your writings.
    God be with you at the doctors.

  2. Will be praying for you Bear and sending salmon from time to time.

  3. Prayers to St Dymphna and St Vitus going heavenward for your intention.

    You are a dancing bear, no? Ever do the St Vitus dance?

    Seriously, praying your neurology consult findings are benign.

    Thanks for lighting up our lives.

    1. There is every reason for optimism, since I am on three different medications that can cause tremor. So, hearing horses, not zebras, hopefully. (Umm... horses.)

  4. I know you don't expect thanks. But people used to be raised to send a thank you note.

  5. nevermind about the donation link. I found it immediately after clicking "pubish". I enjoy your blog though I must admit I am a casual reader. Still it is good and you are indeed doing good things.


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