Friday, August 19, 2016

To Men of the West: "Yell Allahu Akbar and Cut Your Own Throats"

What's the DSM-5 Code for Islamism?

All apparent terrorist attacks by Muslims are now routinely attributed to some sort of vague mental health issues. And without any evidence, either. But it's the template for all stories now. Now, that's some fine journalism.

There is no such thing as Islamic Terrorism. Muslims pose absolutely zero threat to the West.

The real problem is homicidal maniacs with possible mental health issues. Sure, they all seem to be Muslim, but that has nothing to do with anything. Statistically, it will average out soon enough.

The Bear did a lot of murder cases. One thing he never got to fly was an insanity defense. These guys yelling "Allahu Akbar" as they hack or shoot people are never going to be found legally insane. They are planning and executing terrorist attacks according to instructions and inspiration of Muslim leaders. There's nothing insane about it. Evil, yes.

Oh, Dear. The Bear Once Again Isn't Feeling Very Sorry for Humans

Malignant Pansyism. The men of the West have it bad, and there's scarcely one in a thousand who does not have a fatal case. Once again the Bear is trying to generate some sympathy in himself for humans who don't defend their territory, don't pass on the ancient lore, and don't even breed. And now, it is becoming increasingly clear they they don't really even care if they live or die. ("But, Bear! I don't deserve to!" --- Bear: "You know something? You're not going to get an argument from me.")

Muslims Could Kill Two-Thirds of Western er, Men in a Day

Oh, sure, if they can draw breath without offending someone, they might let themselves live. But the Bear guarantees you this: Muslims are wasting their energy. If they make the [Red Death made me take out the perfect word in current internet usage for unmanly men] that the Bear sees inhabiting the cultural ruins of the West feel guilty enough about anything at all, they can tell them to do this:

"Kafir, you were insensitive about something today.  Take a knife, yell Allahu Akbar and cut your own throat." One would think, "Oh, no! I was homophobic!" Another would say, "Please forgive me, I was Islamophobic." Then there would be lots of, "I don't deserve to live. I caused Global Warming."

And you know something? They'll do it, too. Muslims could eliminate three quarters of Western males that way in one day. So, Men of the West! Throw your knives, your guns and your razor blades and rope into the rivers and seas! Foil the plot the Bear foresees!

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