Friday, September 16, 2016

Rudolph Allers: Difficulties in Life

Just a book note. As the work on Judging Angels is winding to a close, the Bear is actually do a little reading. He has started on a book commenter "J" kindly gave him a the enormous St. Louis Area Catholic Blogger Convention. (Unfortunately, we forgot to invite any other ephemerists, but had a delightful time between us and our ladies.)

Rudolph Allers "Difficulties in Life" is being experienced first of all, as a good, wonderfully ancient, hardbound, book, still with its jacket, with the aroma of authenticity (literally). Allers was Catholic, and one of Freud's original group, who eventually parted ways. He was a mentor of Hans urs von Balthasar.

So far, all the Bear has read about is how children have an intuition about people that adults have lost, except when it comes to others' flaws. The Bear will say more about the book when he is finished with it.

The last time you met von Balthasar on this ephemeris was in connection with the curious photo of St. John Paul II with Valentin Tomberg's Meditations on the Tarot sitting on his desk. von Balthasar had written a forward / afterward (depending on edition).  (You can use the search function to find two articles on this.) von Balthasar remains controversial, because he seemed to cautiously advance things like Universalism, mostly with plausible deniability. His view of Christ's descent into Hell departs from traditional Catholic understanding.

von Balthasar was much influenced by a woman who converted to Catholicism at 38, Adrienne von Speyr. The Bear would call what she did "channeling," but admits to not having read any of her enormous volume of writing. In any case, the theologian was a favorite with both JPII (who selected him for Cardinal) and B16.

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  1. That is intriguing. I did not realize Allers and von Balthasar had any connection. I suspect the Cardinal-elect went his own way after his mentorship by Allers, just as Allers did after learning what he could from Dr. Freud. I read far too much of von Balthasar after my conversion, and wish I could forget it all. Allers I hope to remember for many years to come.

    The little lady sends her best to you and to Red Death.


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