Thursday, September 1, 2016

Why Bear Loves Canon212 Aggregator

Why is best Catholic News Aggregator now. Hilarious link near top: "2000th Vortex: 8 years of 'tackling devious, cunning, evil-minded, weak churchmen who rolled over to the culture, didn't have the mettle for fighting' (and weren't Pope Francis)."

Love the dry sense of humor. Note: if anyone can't tell this site is not despite the illustrative image at the top of the article, you should probably not be on the internet. That will be the least mistake you'll make.

St. Corbinian's Bear: 1,132 articles in three years: wasting Catholics' time with lame attempts at humor, slipshod essays, irresponsible agitprop, shameless begging and tiresome promotion of his dubious novel, Judging Angels, a Catholic psychological thriller due out this Christmas. 


  1. "...and weren't Pope Francis."


    Seattle kim

  2. Amen!! What a complete farce that organization has become!

  3. Keep writing, Bear! Ha! A writing Bear! And one who uses a computer to boot!


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