Saturday, September 3, 2016

Why Hillary's Emails are a Bigger Deal Than You Think They Are

The Bear Knows His Classified Material

First, bona fides. The Bear served in the 265th Army Security Agency Company (now called something else, he is sure) an XVIII Airborne Corps asset attached to the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division. He held a Top Secret Crypto clearance. His MOS was 98G (now has a different designation) for Arabic Linguist Voice Intercept.

What he mainly did was run around in the woods of Ft. Campbell, Kentucky doing radio direction finding and voice intercept while pretending other Screaming Eagles were some sort of Arabic-speaking enemies. In other words, tactical Electronic Warfare.

He used to joke that no Arab enemies invaded Kentucky on his watch. Nowadays, that doesn't seem so funny.

We called that sort of intelligence SIGINT. As you may have guessed, it stands for "signals intelligence." Some SIGINT can be further designated Special Intelligence. That means the very fact that we are obtaining it is a big secret, because the enemy might change things so it would become unavailable to us.

Then there is HUMINT: "human intelligence." (The Bear always got a cheap laugh out of that.) This is particularly tricky. It comes from a person with access to stuff we want to know who passes intel along to us. Like special intelligence, we don't want the people we are spying on to know about our guy on the ground. If the Bear has to explain why, then you have a bright future in Hillary Clinton's administration.

You are Never Careless With Intel. NEVER.

"My Precious!"
The Bear is at a loss for words on how to say this. You do not - repeat, do not - treat this stuff casually. There are rules. You follow them. Anyone with a Top Secret clearance knows this. This isn't a slip-up. This isn't carelessness. It is a gross dereliction of duty. It is willful and wanton, to use the legal phrase for the state of mind that is worse than mere negligence.

Hillary Clinton deliberately put our ability to gather intelligence, and the lives of our people on the ground in jeopardy. In 2012 there was an email about a "green on blue attack."

That was the year the Bear's son was downrange.  He was an 11 Bravo, a paratrooper with the 82nd. He still amazes me. (His brother, too, who was a Korean language version of his dad.) He was attacked by Afghan "allies" the very first night in the FOB, with loss of life, including his sergeant and his teammate. The email happened to be about an October attack, and his attack was on March 1st. Even so, this is too close to home for the Bear.

Hillary's Selective Amnesia: Whitewater All Over Again

Hillary Clinton, when interviewed by the FBI, remembers nothing, of course, Again and again, she says, "I don't recall." It's deja vu from the Whitewater investigation. In the Bear's experience as a lawyer, people who pretend to suffer selective amnesia are lying. The Bear remembers Rush Limbaugh's Paul Shanklin song about her brain being "Jello" from way back then.

She cannot be president. Folks, this isn't even close. The Bear gets it. You don't like Trump. He's an ass. It doesn't matter. At least, not to the Bear. The Bear is outraged by this, because he appreciates how inexcusable and dangerous Hillary Clinton's mishandling of Top Secret material was.

He thinks about his son downrange, depending on people in government to keep his secrets.

Then the rare blue light shines in his eyes, and if you were to see him, you would never think of him as an adorable clown again.

Hillary Clinton must never be POTUS. She has completely disqualified herself by deliberately mishandling classified material. Forget that she will probably get us into another unnecessary war, consolidate the socialist state, and make a new Supreme Court. She has demonstrated a fundamental disregard for proper handling of the stuff that our national policy and war fighting depends upon.

You just don't do that. Ever.

The Bear reads this over and realizes he has not communicated the gravity of this matter. It is not just another scandal. Hillary didn't give a damn about the safety of my son, and many other sons and daughters. Not about our national security. Do you really want to see her president because you can't hold your nose and vote for Trump?


  1. Oh, I can damn well vote for Trump without even holding my nose....he'll be a LOT easier to vote for than McCain was.

    A ham-sandwich over hillary. And truth be told; Trump has the potential to surprise...positively.

    The holier-than-thou, sanctimonious never Trumpers would rather have (and will facilitate) the harlot of Revelation having her hand on the wheel. Mundabor had a
    GREAT post on it.....

    1. Susan: I totally agree. Trump is the last chance we have to maybe pull this country out of the mire. What the nevertrumpers won't accept is that we have a moral obligation to do whatever it takes to make sure that a demon like Hellary (oops! Freudian slip) does not get elected as she is in league with Soros and that bunch. Soros son Alex waits in the wings to be the Antichrist to Francis' false prophet. At 31, he's at the right age. Watch him, folks.

    2. I truly believe the harlot of revelation is the current hierarchy of the false Vatican 2 church. That being said, Hillary is definitely the harlot's handmaiden.

  2. Hillary doesn't give a damn about anything. That said, maybe for the first time, we'll have an election where the presidential candidates drop out or are removed and the vice presidential candidates run.

  3. Trump maybe an ass to many of us, but our military people seem to think he likes them. And the small acts of kindness he has done for some of men in uniform makes me like him.

    1. My military sons, including the one who was downrange, are ardent Trump supporters. I have to back them up on this. They've earned more than one vote each.

  4. The picture here looks either like HRC is doing her imitation of a chipmunk, or she just took a right hook.

  5. Hillary is repugnant to the nth degree. Will be voting for Trump to remove her treachery from high places.

    1. Then you are voting for an arrogant immoral lunatic and as King 1- Kings 4 teaches us, a King or a POTUS who is immoral will result his Kingdom/Country being punished.

      The Evil American Empire is collapsing and as it does we can seen more starkly how, like a third world country, laws do not apply to the powerful

    2. We are not voting for a king. If you read the OT carefully, you will learn that specifically KINGS were not God's plan, and were only given because the Hebrews wanted to be like other nations. We are in a totally different situation, and I doubt we have ever had a president who was a paragon of virtue. So yeah, Bear will vote for Trump.

    3. If president equals king this country should have been punished 200 years ago. Washington was a Mason. Jefferson was a fornicator, Jackson was in a bigamous invalid marriage, Polk was a drunk, and FDR, JFK and LBJ were adulterers.

  6. Question: does treason require intent?

    1. Probably. But I imagine recklessly compromising Top Secret material does not. Certainly lying to the FBI (what they wound up getting Martha Stewart on) is good for a few years. Needless to say, that won't happen.

    2. Other army intel types on the blogs maintain that her compromising of SCA material was a crime, intent or no. So does Levin, who knows from the law on that score.

      So yah, they have her ass on lying AND security violations.

      The money question: will Trump's AG prosecute?

  7. Why in the world would they indict the nominee of the Democrat party? DOJ is run by what party? It is more likely that I will become Pope than Hillary Clinton will be indicted. Have they appointed a special prosecutor? (I don't know.) That would be the first step. Even then they can wash it in front of a grand jury.

  8. American Exceptionalism is proved by the candidates, Clinton and Trump, who are examples that America is always producing exceptional candidates who once they are elected (or even before) are excepted from compliance with the law.

    Nixon said that whatever he did was legal/constitutional because he was the executive and Barack has gotten away with breaking the law continuously and yet voters are smitten with the Constitution and other positivistic progressiveness

  9. Do note that the Rove Republicans would ALSO be quite happy with Hillary as president. After all, she is a One World Government type, just as they are. And she is nothing more than Jeb!, but with the pair of balls that he never had.


    is what the Democrats, the Rove Republicans, and the Media want to be next president of the United States.


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