Friday, October 7, 2016

The Lemming Pontificate

The Problem With Leftists

It is the nature of leftists of all stripes to see pathology everywhere. Everything they see is broken. From big institutions like the Church. (Actually, bigger things - like the planet.) Then on down to the family, and individuals. It's all wrong, to leftists. Well, that's okay. No job is too big for leftists. Global warming? No problem. Leftists can fix the whole planet. Church? What a mess! But they can fix that, too.

Look at Pope Francis. He looks at the Church and sees a mess to be cleaned up. Why no one before Francis the Benevolent and Merciful PBUH tackled all these problems is a mystery. The Church even had the crazy idea that it was ultimately about getting as many people into Heaven as possible.

Well, that's all wrong.

Clearly, the Church is about "accompanying," and "dialogue," and "integration." Practically it is about this life, not "pie in the sky when you die." So, remarks by the Pope - which should be inspiring and precious to Catholics -  are reduced to meaningless buzzwords at 30,000 feet. Foot washing? All wrong until Francis came alone and made it inclusive. Marriage? Negotiable. Communion? Whatever.

Good and brave people died to defend truths that Jorge Bergoglio thinks of as mistakes, or trivial matters. This how leftists think. How they operate.


Through accompaniment and dialogue, the dialectic is integrated and we walk together. Walking, always walking.

To where are we walking? It does not matter. As long as we are walking together. Whatever did we do before Francis the Humble Grandiose came along to change the way we, as Catholics, speak? To fix everything? The man seems to have serious psychological problems and zero insight.

A normal person would think, "Okay, I'm Pope. My job is to faithfully pass on the Tradition." Only, Francis is not a normal person. He is a South American crackpot leftist who thinks, "What an opportunity to recast a 2000 year old holy institution into My image. And while I'm pursuing this grandiose scheme, I'll keep saying how humble I am." Humble? What a joke.

Commemorating Martin Luther in Sweden on Halloween encapsulates the Franciscan pontificate.  On October 7th, we celebrate (we, as in real Catholics, not the man we are given to understand is the Pope) the Battle of Lepanto. It staved off a Muslim invasion. (Francis would have made Don John break up the Christian fleet and turn it into shelters for the "migrants.)

And the month ends by the Pope kissing Martin Luther's butt on behalf of you and the Bear. Just everybody let's pucker up and get it over with, right? To Francis, there is no such thing as truth. There is only the Photo Op. The Sound Byte. Another "Look at me!" moment. He's like a spoiled child. The Bear would be willing to wager that if someone in his inner circle were to write a tell-all book, it would be a humdinger.

But to Catholics, Francis continually puts the question: "What is truth?" The answer is, there is no truth. There is only dialogue. Integrating. Accompanying. He has had to introduce a new Catholic vocabulary to express his lies.

And recently, he said "if Jesus was here today..." Why, what do you know! He'd be just like Me! You see, Jesus was limited by his time, and didn't understand the importance of accompaniment, of integration. Of walking. Aways walking together. Just put the truth to the side and walk.

The John Lennon Imagine Pontificate

That about says it all. Just walk. Just accompany. This is our John Lennon Pope. Imagine there's no Heaven; it's easy if you try. Does Francis really believe in Heaven? The Bear has no idea. But he for sure believes in global warming. Just walk. Don't look where you're going. Just walk.

The Bear tells Pope Francis that he is a Bear, not a lemming. Please, do not use the language of lemmings around Bears. It is unsafe. The Bear and his beloved woodland creatures are not lemmings. We don't walk off the cliff with you because walking is somehow a good in itself.

Just remember. He cannot change one, single, solitary truth of the Roman Catholic Church. We happen to have a Pope we cannot trust. What do you call a Pope we cannot trust? A lot of things. Certainly among them is "a bad pope." Call him whatever you want. Just don't trust him.


  1. Good one Bear. You sometimes wonder about writing about the pope. I tell you it does us good. My husband and I just laughed about something that is often very painful and relentlessly upsetting. I think Hillary White's name for him is my favorite thus far, "Pope Humblebrag".

  2. Thank you! And this is not cause for doubt. He is the problem. Prelates are the problem. The faithful are not. We're just fine as long as we hold on to the Faith. Francis is a curiosity. If he ever says something Catholic, then I'll listen to him.

  3. "If Jesus were here today"....?

    Well, everyone knows only saps and suckers believe in that "Real Presence" thing.

  4. Thanks Bear. You have captured the "Pope Situation" brilliantly---again.

    But there is something new to report and contrast with this old fraud. This is the spiritual martyrdom of the saintly Cardinal Sarah who has lost his job by being truthful. Let Cardinal Sarah be our hero in these difficult times because in the presense of evil we need to see the light of God.

  5. I've sometimes pondered the possibility that, were Bergoglio at the helm in 1571 instead of Pius V, we'd today be performing Muslim yoga exercizes 5 times a day on our little prayer throw-rugs, fannies in the air, facing Mecca.

    1. Bergoglio at the helm in 1571...we'd Mecca
      Yes and no.

      Yes in a direct sense, but no in an indirect sense. I'm going thru a lecture series on the history of the Church leading up to the protestant rebellion thru Trent and its implementation. The problems in the Church and the political complications were astounding even by today's standards.
      Amoung other things, benefices led to men being bishops without even being ordained in some cases and commonly not living in their dioceses. In one area of Italy, priests not even knowing the formula for absolution.

      Francis would have fit in among some of the popes leading up to Pius V.

      The more I learn about Church history, the more I struggle to find any time of glory for the Church. Like Catholics in other ages we just have to deal with the problems of our age. In some aspects we have advantages: for those that want to know and hold the Faith, there is far greater access to resources, and a greater ease of mobility in finding a decent priest at a parish. Perfect? No. Sufficient? Yes.

      As Christ told St. Paul, "My grace is sufficient for you." Christ didn't say, "My grace will make it easy for you."

  6. Don't ever close your blog site! I cannot thank you enough for your insight and opinions.I could never say or opine, even in a veiled manner, about the crisis in the Church,and get away without severe, and I do mean severe ecclesiastical censure. Am I ready to face the wrath of my bishop? I could. Leave the active ministry? Perhaps; after all, I am not indispensable to God, nor to my bishop... That said, what I am scared to death about would be the possible suspension of my faculties to celebrate Mass and to administer the Sacrament of Penance (Confession). Your cartoon image is not only appropriate for how the Hierarchy sees and treats their flock, it also is a good image of how the Hierarchs treat their clerics and the attitude of the vast majority of clerics. I wouldn't mind being a greeter at Walmart,(I do that now after Mass). Humility is very good for the soul, especially for a priest, so long as I could celebrate the Holy Sacrifice in my little apt. I never dreamed I would live to see a world and the Church at the precipice of its destruction and the momentary triumph of evil. Momentary, because we know that Our Lord has already overthrown Satan,sin and death.The last chapter has already been written;read the Book of Revelation.

    1. Don't lose hope, please, good Father. Even if an unjust Bishop laicizes a priest, that priest can hear the confession of/absolve a penitent in danger of death. (I know you know this.) Things may be more complex in the case of saying the Mass. But we of the laity who are concerned about all this- we're praying for you already.
      Don't ever leave, don't ever think you're not valued. We may not find each other in this life but we're together in our Lord. Nothing can separate us, nothing, if we are in His grace, no matter what happens.

    2. Dear Father, if my words mean anything, thank you. And stay safe under protective mantle blue of Our Lady of Victory.

  7. AL Ch 8: “Accompanying, discerning and integrating weakness” is A NEW GOSPEL vs. "repent, and believe in the gospel" -
    For All the New/Novel Doctrine in #AmorisLaetitia, Let Pope Francis Be Accursed! -

  8. Disney faked the whole thing. The crew gathered them and hurled them over the cliffs. Even still, the comparison fits.

  9. Excellent analogy for the False Prophet leading the great apostasy (lemmings) and a great conclusion: "We happen to have a Pope we cannot trust." Stay true to the Catechism and find a priest or parish that you can trust.


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