Wednesday, November 16, 2016


The Bear is still adhering to his writing duties, which means the ephemeris is necessarily neglected. He is really pumped about the changes in Judging Angels that are downplaying some of the annoying romantic "tennis match," and ramping up the Thriller in Psychological Thriller. Now the reader is given far more straight dope as to the nature and significance of the threat, and the main characters are revealed as part of a much bigger story. Frankly, there were some caricatures that were just not original or interesting.

One big change is that an original urban fantasy mythos is established, which unfolds as the chapters go by. You think you've read about possible angels or demons in a fictional setting? Think again, sunshine. There were some cards that were never really played before that really needed to be. Commitment, commitment, commitment. The Bear is committed to each character in all their unambiguous depth, committed to motivation, and committed to a satisfying ending that leaves plenty of room for further exploration.

I know you have included my brother in your prayers, and I appreciate it. We did not get the trial we were hoping for, and are proceeding with conventional treatments. I know this is going to be rough, but I am maintaining optimism.

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  1. It's a time for trust Bear, trust. It's not easy, but keep remembering the end for which we were all made. We are all little pilgrims on our little journey, and please God, may we all end up in paradise with our Lord and Savior. The sacraments for your dear brother, bring it up if he hasn't. Laugh as often as you can, relax as often as you can, keep your faith, write your book, and hang on. God bless all of you.


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