Tuesday, January 31, 2017

And so, it begins.

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And so begins the only part of writing that is not fun. Not visit to great aunt Mamie's not fun, but throwing up wasps while having jumper cables clamped to whatever is clampable not fun.

The edit. You know, where another person takes your blood, sweat and tears and gargles them while looking for a reaction. When even the mightiest Bear must submit to someone else fooling around with his manuscript. "Here. Bear knows it sucks. He'll just go sit in the corner and sob loudly. Don't mind poor old Bear."

It happens to every writer. It is for the best.

It doesn't mean a Bear has to like it. But it also means the Bear can say it really is coming soon. The Bear is not so deluded as to think his first novel cannot benefit from editing. And at this point he doesn't care much if a coloring book ("Buy extra red crayons, kids!") is slipped between the covers.

(Beta readers, you are still important! Please?)

1 comment:

  1. You are funny Bear. You may thank God for the opportunities to practice humility.
    Thanks for letting us know the staging of this process. Stay in the corner! I want to read this book.


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