Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bear's Prediction: Francis Will Leave Little Legacy

A rhumba of rattlesnakes. (Yes, that is what it is called.)
The Vatican may be a rhumba of rattlesnakes, but too few of them are motivated by aberrant ideology to risk a repeat of Sampson's after-dinner show for the Philistines.

Bear predicts there will be the usual polite language when Bergoglio go-goes, but inside, most prelates are going to be saying, "Boy, did we elect the wrong guy. How could we have been so stupid? Let's get back to normal ASAP before the Bear hops a tramp salmon freighter and cleans house, but good."

The Bear does not think the institutional Church enjoys turmoil. Nor does it wish to court schism, however small the risk. And, who knows? Perhaps there are 10 righteous men in Sodom-on-the-Tiber.

The next pope will be a reliable Italian. This whole darts-at-a-map thing has not worked out very well. His job will be to settle the hens down after that fox Bergoglio is gone. The era of the magisterium of the sound byte will be over. Everybody has seen what a disaster it has been.

Nobody likes to be made fun of incessantly.

There will be the usual suspects agitating, but the Bear repeats, institutions do not enjoy chaos. The mainstream plus the faithful will out-vote the cardinals of questionable orthodoxy.

The Bear does not think Bergoglio was voted in over a desire to extend Holy Communion to divorced and remarried persons. The Bear thinks he was elected to be the outsider that would fix things. Perhaps he even ran for pope on that platform. "I'm from Argentina. And if there's one thing that Argentina is known for it is fixing problems with institutions."

Bergoglio is a little man. He has done what many little men have done when given a big office. He has strutted around like Generalissimo Peron while telling us descamisados how humble he is. The last thing the next pope will want to hear is, "...carrying on the reform of the Church begun by Pope Francis..."

There is a contrary scenario, however. While the institution does not enjoy turmoil, it enjoys popularity. If Bergoglio is perceived to be a populist who made the Church relevant again, we might get someone similar in style. Even so, the Bear still has to believe orthodoxy is going to count at the next conclave.


  1. From your pithy lips to God's ear.
    We certainly hope you are correct, but who knows, maybe the Good Lord will return this summer and we will have no further need of these little men.

  2. I agree, but he will leave an anti-legacy. He has caused a big mess in the Church and ruined many institutions within the Church.

    Recovering from this ruin is a whole lot harder than it is to cause the ruin. Add to this the Church's reluctance to issue an "anathema sit" or criticize a Pope and you'll likely have a follow up Pope that will try to rehabilitate Pope Francis and leave all the destructive new Cardinals like Kasper and Cupich in place to continue their damage.

    This assumes that Pope Francis isn't able to rig the next Papal Election the way he rigged the synods and we don't get Pope Francis 2.0.

  3. Bergoglio was declared a heretic since 2010 in Argentina. The Modernist Mafia San Galo knew him very well. Bergoglio studied in Germany his thesis Kasper had already tried to introduce several times the same heresy. Bergoglio was chosen to do the dirty job, he is the new Judas Iscariot.

  4. Very good Bear. Have you considered that Bergoglio may be the last Pope? Remember St. Malachy predictions.

  5. Pope Francis has been increasing the amount of Cardinal Electors from outside of Europe. Will these Cardinals really elect an Italian Pontiff if they are weary of Rome?

    Owl also doesn't see orthodoxy as being high on the priority list for the Cardinal Electors. How many, right now, speak and agitate for a mildly orthodox stance? Owl believes that the most important criteria will be stability and a humble spirit, the exact opposite of Pope Francis.

    Owl doesn't see a return to a centralized Church within Owl's lifetime. The gravitational pull is currently away from a Rome being the rule of orthodoxy and orthopraxy. Things have been shifting towards ethnic/national orthodoxy/orthopraxy for some time now, predating V2. But this is also the push and pull of the reality of Catholicism's unity in plurality (as opposed to the protestant democratic model of plurality in unity).

    The problem of Pope Francis is that he is exasperating the problem of people ignoring what Rome has to say. Thus, dropping an orthodox man into the position isn't going to instantly fix the problem.

    The challenge, for the faithful, is to strive towards holiness and orthodoxy first within their families and then work on building up the orthodoxy/orthopraxy of their own parishes.

  6. Rhumba of rattlesnakes...truly, you learn something new everyday.
    I fear the dance step used by Bergoglio and his handlers more resembles a soothing foxtrot as they tickle our ear with reports of an updated flatter wider road to paradise.
    Our pope has the cocksure demeanor of a man who doesn't have to be on the lookout for his own hide. Someone else, unseen, already has this covered. This is what accounts for the boyish daring so frequently showcased by our popular media and strongly contrasts him with prior poniffs always laden with solemnity from the burdens prudence imposes. It's like, those cross bearers just get to be a bit much after awhile...
    Pope San Francisco throws care to the wind because his devotion, his inspiration, is with some shining globalist agenda that is utterly alien to catholics truging through the vale of this fallen world. With difficuly do we expend ourselves in piety as we grow in holiness and thus be transformed from children of perdition to children of the One True Living God. Catholic piety is all we have in order to keep the our eyes on the path of Salvation and stay away from snares of the Enemy.

  7. I'm hoping against hope for Cd. Sarah (or an even greater longshot, Bp. Schneider), but every day that goes by, and every new apostate appointment by 'francis', makes that (short of divine intervention) a pipedream. How's that for a run-on sentence?

    You outta have a contest!....who can come up with the best, longest, coherent, topical, instructive run-on sentence.

    (obviously, badgers have a bit of an attention deficit issue :(

    ....OH look!...a chicken!.....


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